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Display Advertising Trends


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Last trends in Display Advertising formats from the creative and technology view, related to Ad Efectiveness (impact, response, branding, engagement, dynamic, mobile and video)

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Display Advertising Trends

  1. 1. Display Advertising Trends Last trends in Display Advertising formats from the creative andtechnology view, related to Ad Efectiveness (impact, response, branding,engagement, dynamic, mobile and video)
  2. 2. A short introduction!The Publisher The TechProvider The MediaAgency The Creative The Customer
  3. 3. The PublisherThey open spaces in their websites to sell advertising space.An individual or entity selling online advertising space, including portalmedia planners, webmasters and other ad networks.
  4. 4. Creation of templates. Uploading advertisements and Rich Media. Trafficking ads according to differing business rules. Targeting ads to different users, or content. Tuning and optimization based on results. Reporting impressions, clicks, post-click & post-impression activities, and interaction metrics.Advanced functions as Frequency capping or Ad Targeting and optimization. The TechProvider
  5. 5. The MediaAgency
  6. 6. The CreativeAgency
  7. 7. DisplayAdvertising Formats
  8. 8. Display Advertising Formats- by Position/dimensions- by Behauvior- by Features- by Verticals- by Publishers- by Tech Providers
  9. 9. by position / dimensions - MPU/Square - Leaderboard/Megaboard - Skycraper - Rectangle - Page Specific - Layer - Wallpaper/Takeover
  10. 10. by behauviorPreestitials/Interstitials Popup Expandables Video Layer/Floating Pushdown MPU Pushout preroll Sidekick midroll Glider postroll Rising Stars
  11. 11. by features
  12. 12. by Verticals Automotive, Banking, Beauty, Charity, Consumer, Consumer electronics, E-commerce, Education, Energy (OIL and Gas), Entertainment, Fashion, Fast-MovingConsumer Goods, Finance, Food and beverage, Government, Healthcare,Insurance, Internet, Luxury, Manufacturing, Media, Music, Online, Real estate, Retail,Sports, Technology, Telecommunications, Transportation, Travel, Women
  13. 13. by publishers (Spain)Want to see more publishers?
  14. 14. by Tech providersWeboramaDoubleClickFlashtalkingAdFormPiximediaMediaMindYahooAOLCollectivePointrollFireflyvideoCanvasSpongecellAdMotionAdConionMedialets
  15. 15. Standards?
  16. 16. iabIAB Releases New Standard Ad Unit Portfolio >> iab The New 2012 Portfolio
  17. 17. iab 2012 Portfolio
  18. 18. UAP Universal Ad Package
  19. 19. RichMedia Guidance
  20. 20. iab Display Rising Stars >> iab The New 2012 Portfolio
  21. 21. iabRising Stars >> iab Rising Stars Display Ad Units
  22. 22. Beyond the Click: Key Metrics- Universal Interaction Rate: IAB Rising Stars Working Definition: Universal Interaction Rate refers to the number of times user’s mouse enters frame of ad and is active (not par The percent of users who purposely enter the frame of an ad continuously for at least 0.5 seconds or more- Universal Interaction Time: The average amount of time users spent on the ad IAB Rising Stars Working Definition: Universal Interaction Time is defined as the average length of a time that a user’s mouse enters frame of ad and is active (not parked) for 0.5 seconds or longer and ends when the mouse leaves the ad frame, or at 60 seconds, whichever happens first.Conclusions:- Rising Stars Get More Interaction Than Standard Ads- Users Spend Twice as Much Time With Rising Stars Ads- Users Take Less Time to React to Rising Stars Ads- Users Spend 32% More Time Viewing Rising Stars Ads- Consumers Spend More Time on the Page Viewing Rising Star Ads- Users Generally Like Rising Stars Ads
  23. 23. iab Mobile Rising Stars >> Mobile Rising Stars iab units
  24. 24. iabIAB Mobile Rising Stars Judging >> Mobile Rising Stars Ad Units
  25. 25. iab ukFuture Formats Award 2012 - The Entries >> iab uk Future Formats Award 2012
  26. 26. iab ukFuture Formats Award 2012 - The Finalist >> iab uk Future Formats Award 2012
  27. 27. MeasuringAd Efectiveness
  28. 28. Impact
  29. 29. ViewabilityTrends and insightsplacementonline media mixAwarenessConsiderationChoice - Purchase IntentAd Awareness, intent to purchase- Connect with the truly qualified- Scale across the web- Deliver impact without noiseAd Relevancy to Page ContentIntrusiveness of AdClick is the wrong metric for measuring ad effectiveness Viewable Impressions: Viewable impressions entered the lexicon in 2012. It is a way for advertisers tounderstand not only where their ad was served, but where it was actually viewable. A lot of work is stillbeing done to figure this metric out to make sure that we can measure this for each ad served. The IAB isstill working on its SafeFrame initiative to ensure that ads served via iframes can be counted. Looking aheadonce these challenges are addressed, we can expect to see billing implications—where advertisers wouldonly be billed for viewable impressions.
  30. 30. Engagement Essentially, digital advertising Engagement falls into three major buckets: cognitive, physical, and emotional. Ultimately theambiguity of the term has rendered it less useful than more concrete, descriptive definitions of types of interaction. Engagement is an important component of online advertising. Engagement includes an ad´s ability to breakthrough to capture aconsumer´s attention, and hopefully drive an attitudinal change. It is up to the brands to define their kpi´s (key performanceindicators). Engagement is usually defined as active participation with a brand message as oppose to passive. Remember: one man´sengagement is another man´s distraction, so involvement with ads and content is inherently in conflict. Engagement is previouse tometrics. We can change attitudes toward display ads 75% prefer to interact with ads on the publisher page Ad Engagement - creativity, interaction 53% prefer ads with coupons Content Engagement - Content captivating 35% enjoy seeing recipes in online ads Audience engagement - viewers contributing, wievers paying attention 26% like to take polls and quizzes 22% enjoy informational, how-to videos 25% of online users agree that a good online Three major forms of Engagement Ad is worth talking about - Cognitive - awareness, interest, intention - Physical - user initiated interaction -> click to view, click to expand Reaction to online Ad if user is interested: - Emotional - affective 60% Search some time later 57% visit Ad´s website 51% Locate retail location or dealer Cognitive and emotional engagement metrics 41% Search on product inmeditately - Reach, Awareness, Favorability, Interest, Intent, purchase 39% Purchase advertised product - biometrics, Surveys, eyetracking, heatmaps 36% Tell someone about Ad Synergy and Symbiosis:Websites and AdsPhysical Engagement metrics - Advertising is more effective on quality content sites - Reach, vievability and dwell tieme, user initiated interaction, clicks, conversions, loyalty - pixel tracking, javascript tags - Video - play rate, playthrought rate, completion rate, median video viewing time, share rates - Richmedia - display times, expansions, expansion times, interaction time/rate, form responses, game play, share rates - Mobile - Click to call, map retail location, interaction rates, click to download, click to play, share rates - SocialMedia - consumption - reading, listening, viewing - collaboration - liking, rating, voting commenting, sharing - creation - uploading, blogging, podcasting, mashups
  31. 31. Toyota Auris NG
  32. 32. Video iab video guidelines
  33. 33. Vivaki - ThePool: 9 ideas para alcanzar el formato ideal >> Vivaki, The Pool 1 - Respetar al usuario y sus decisiones 2 - Positivizar el tiempo publicitario como peaje para acceder al contenido 3 - Spots cortos, no más de 10 segundos para targets jóvenes y no más de 20 segundos para targets másmaduros 4 - Desarrollar el formato en una única pantalla sin que el usuario abandone la página 5 - Facilitar un reconocimiento rápido e inmediato de marca 6 - Publicidad como parte de contenido en el caso de los targets más jóvenes 7- Publicidad clara, directa y sencilla para los targets más maduros 8- Publicidad afin con el contenido en el caso de los hombre y publidicad afin con las aficiones del target en elcaso de las mujeres 9 - Publicidad singular y diferente que desarrolle las potencialidades del medio
  34. 34. Vivaki The Pool - Valoración Vídeo online
  35. 35. Vast 3.0 was released in July 2012 helping to open up the in-stream digitalvideo advertising marketplace, reducing expensive technical barriers—thusmaking video advertising easier. VPAID 2.0 was released in April 2012establishing a common interface between video players and ad units, enablinga rich interactive in-stream ad experience. Consuming video content has become less cumbersome, paving the way forgreater availability of content with more consumers ready to watch – andengage – in 2013.
  36. 36. Videoshopping
  37. 37. Measurement of ad effectiveness should use metrics that matter, not just thosethat are easy to measure Issue Click-through rates, which are exceedingly easy tomeasure, have historically functioned as the primary metric in display ad campaignevaluation. However, this metric does not accurately reflecting true campaigneffectiveness and in most cases should not be used. But in the absence of moremeaningful metrics that are also easy to measure, CTRs will likely continue to beused by some media planners and researchers to evaluate campaigns. Theunfortunate result of this approach is making decisions based on data that are atbest, incomplete, and at worst, misleading. Metrics Several comScore innovations in the world of digital ad measurement are pavingthe way for a future world of evaluation based on meaningful metrics. To begin,comScore research has shown that the click on a display ad bears no relationship tothe effectiveness of that ad. Next is the current shift towards a viewable/validatedimpression standard, which begins by removing from consideration the significantpercentage of digital ads that are not in view and which have no ability to deliver thedesired impact. Finally, more relevant measures of the effectiveness of digital adcampaigns are now available on a timely basis, including ad recall, awareness,purchase intent and actual sales lift.
  38. 38. Superbowl Ads key performance indicators (KPIs) or metrics that are commonly used are as follows: Media Measurements: - Media Metrics: TV, Online & Cross-platform Impressions, Reach, Frequency, GRP - Brand Metrics: Awareness, Message Recall & Association, AttitudesFavorability, Consideration, Purchase Intent, Trial, Repeat Purchase or Brand Switching, Preference, Likeability - Social Media Metrics: Social (Brand, Product & Commercial) Mention Reach, Passion & Frequency, Buzz Generation, Chatter / Comments, Consumer Engagement & Activation, Reactions, Emotional Response, Followers, Favorites, Social Bookmarks, % of Video Downloads, YouTube Views & Ratings, Facebook Likes/Fans/Friends, Twitter Followers & Mentions, Tweets (TPS -Tweets Per Second), Including Celebrity Tweets, Tweeter Conversations – Reach, Frequency & Velocity, Google+, Pins, Tumblr Posts, Tags, Shares (Amplification Rate), Stumble, Reddit - Action Metrics: Clicks, Web Traffic, Brand Searches, Lead Generation or Long-Tail, Sales, Revenue & Profits, Direct Response We should recognize the potential power (and important role) of social media and online video (which are increasingly becoming an integral part of the Super Bowl marketing mix), and no longer only rely on the historical bias of measuring big game ads mostly by media metrics (reach, GRP’s and Nielsen ratings) and old-school methodologies (panels, surveys and polls) with their associated cognitive biases.
  39. 39. Trends
  40. 40. Researchs/Insights refer to: Stats TrendsMetrics Consumer Demographics
  41. 41. Display Advertising videos on Pinterest
  42. 42. Digital Ad Infographics on Pinterest
  43. 43. Research - Insights - Mobile Display Proves Its Worth - Super Bowl Ads Call For Big Game Analytics - Display Advertising: Going Through an Awkward Stage, but Here to Stay (and Prevail) - Microsoft Engagement 2008 - Tablets & Smartphones Generate Strong Ad Engagement, According to IAB Mobile Research - Digital Ad engagement: An industry Overview and reconceptualization - IAB, ANA & 4A’s Join Forces to “Make Measurement Make Sense”—Leading Trade Groups Take on Top Industry Challenge - Iab - Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS) - Iab - The Emergence of Engagement - Iab - IAB Rising Stars Ad Units, testing attention, interaction and emotion - IAB Ad Effectiveness Study - Resource Center - IAB Rising Stars phase2 - IAB - The Multi-Screen Marketer - IAB Spain - Top Tendencias 2013 - Cómo medir la notoriedad de marca - El futuro de la publicidad online en display - Mediamind - In-Stream Video Research Report - Mediamind - 5 best practices for the web - Mediamind - The Rich and the Powerful - Mediamind - The Five best metrics for Display Advertising - Mediamind - 7 best practices for building a smart ad - Mediamind, Hassan Khan - Google - What´s trending on Display for publishers? - PointRoll - Twenty13 Trends & Beyond - YouTube Creator Playbook v3
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