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Teacher Communities iTEC


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itec Closing conference.

Published in: Education
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Teacher Communities iTEC

  1. 1. Fernando Rui Campos, National Technical Coordinator, Ministry Education and Science - Portugal. Teacher collaboration community 1 iTEC Closing Conference – 27 may 11H30 Brussels
  2. 2. Global iTEC project community Country Global Global 2 iTEC Team (EUN website) NPC Pedagogical Coordination NTC Technical Coordination National teacher communities Country
  3. 3. Piloting cycles 3 Pre-pilots 3 Participatory Design Groups April 2011 March 2014 iTEC Piloting cycles - Portugal 11 5 Case study+ WidgetStore c.s. 3
  4. 4. Training and support • For each piloting cycle, face-to-face and online training • Moodle Community • Organised by piloting cycles: resources, forums – pedagogical and technological (support, experience sharing, resources, tools, classroom planning • Interaction by e-mail, Skype, phone 4
  5. 5. Access to new resources and Learning Ativities iTEC digital Tools 5
  6. 6. Portuguese community – an example Face-to-Face Moderation Support Resources Learning with teachers Online meeting 6
  7. 7. Specific communities NTC Local Support & Technical Leadership Teachers’ Guidance Widgets community Blog A case study from the Widget Store pilot 7
  8. 8. Specialized communities - Widget Blog Context: Classroom examples 8
  9. 9. Pedagogical Forum iTEC Community 2784 visits 1) 120 themes 1) – Categories developed by Lisbon University; 2) The letter size is proportional to the number of occurrences 9
  10. 10. Technical Forum iTEC Community (C4) 577 visits 1) – Categories developed by Lisbon University; 2) The letter size is proportional to the number of occurrences 1) 16 themes 10
  11. 11. Portuguese iTEC Website 11
  12. 12. Cycle 5 teachers websites improvements Teachers revisits their colleagues websites 12 70 Learning Activities inserted in the Composer tool. 50 websites made by the students as a final produt from the iTEC activities: Teachers NTC PTC National teacher communities
  13. 13. Teachers support to students website 13
  14. 14. Student outputs Maths Widget 14Websites Lists -
  15. 15. Science – experimental work example Student outputs 15
  16. 16. Next Steps DGE has an extended Moodle-based community of practice (not public for now), where resources, experiences, best practices will be shared DGE intends to create a group of 5 iTEC ambassadors, in each Local Education Authority Update iTEC national website: Tools and Resources on Scenario Development Environment and Composer DGE intends to work with 4-5 ICT Competence Centres to provide training for the future iTEC teachers and with 5 national representatives of the Teacher Training Centres for the same purpose (CPD) DGE intends to develop an iTEC MOOC DGE intends to deliver up to 3 webinars 16
  17. 17. For further information The work presented in this presentation is partially supported by the European Commission’s FP7 programme – project iTEC: Innovative Technologies for an Engaging Classroom (Grant agreement Nº 257566). The content of this presentation is the sole responsibility of the consortium members and it does not represent the opinion of the European Commission and the Commission is not responsible for any use that might be made of information contained herein. WEB: EMAIL: 17