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EdRen - News from Portugal


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Presentation made at the EDRen seminar

Published in: Technology, Education
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EdRen - News from Portugal

  1. 1. News from Portugal: platforms, apps, and teachers as resource creators Fernando Rui Campos (POR) October 6, 2013
  2. 2. Repositories LRE/insafe Integration
  3. 3. Widgets - iTEC
  4. 4. USING DLR tablets Digital Learning Resources (Commercial & CC lic.) Commercial Platform with all curriculum subjects 400 resources translated and localized to Portuguese. C.C licensing Project managed by European SchoolNet:
  5. 5. iTunes U collections
  6. 6. Community of Practice Creation DLR support docs. ebook Discussion Forums Educational repositories Licensing Quality criteria Sharing Digital quality assets DLR teachers docs
  7. 7. Digital assets and Digital Learning Resources Creation DLR |Models and tools Ebooks Repositories Quality Open Licences Travell Well and LRE
  8. 8. LRE widget search – Plain and TW
  9. 9. Potentially higher degree sharing Sharing DLR in Portuguese schools L7-LRE & Widget Store [international] L6-Schools Portal [national] L5-ICT Competence Centre [regional] L4-School Moodle Platforms [school/Grouped] L3-Moodle or learning platform is organized by Department*[School department] L2-Shared Disks – Department level [discipline] L1- USB&DVD - classroom [teacher personal collection] BY-SA adpted Campos,F. •In the Portuguese public school system, the department is normally grouped by several different disciplines 1- The technologic infrastructure are referred as an example 1
  10. 10. DLR Use in Portuguese schools Quality DLR from: Quality educational assets: Exploratorium Europeana Repositories [Schools portal; LRE;OER…] Wikipedia for schools Social Assets (PICASA; etc) Use DLR Commercial Platforms and Resources Widgets/Widget Store (iTEC project)
  11. 11. DLR Creation in Portuguese schools Quality educational assets: Exploratorium Europeana DLR models; examples; Wikipedia for schools Social Assets (PICASA; etc) Creation DLR Authoring, aggregating & converting Tools ICT Support
  12. 12. Next Steps National Call for Teachers to create Open Educational Resources – Year 2014 Expanding and disseminating the Digital Learning Resources Community Microsoft Windows 8 app holding webinars, etc.
  13. 13. Thank you Fernando Rui Campos ICT in Education Unit [MoE]