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Simulado para a certificação SCRUM Master

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  • 17 - Essa pergunta não segue os fundamentos do scrum. itens podem ser adicionados na sprint sim, desde que o PO revise com o Dev team sobre o tamanho do item e se esse item não atrapalhará as metas da sprint. 28 - Resposta do gabarito errada. SM não é um lider e sim um facilitador. Ele é o mestre do Scrum e não dos recursos. Não existe hierarquia no scrum team, existem papeis diferentes trabalhando para atingir as metas da sprint. 29 - Resposta do gabarito errada. A reposta certa mencionada se refere a Retrospective e não sobre a Review.
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Simulado Scrum master

  1. 1. Simulado: Professional Scrum MasterObservações: este simulado é simples exemplo do exame de certificação doProfessional Scrum Master Recomendações: 1) Leia o Scrum Guides 2) Faça este simulado em 1 hora 3) Score necessário para passar é 75% de acertos (ou seja 23 questões certas)Questões:1) Why is the Daily Scrum held at the same time and same place?a) The place can be named.b)The consistency reduces complexity.c) The Product Owner demands it.d)Rooms are hard to book and this lets it be booked in advance.2) A Scrum Master is keeping a list of open impediments, but it is growingand he/she has been able to resolve only small portion of theimpediments. Which three techniques would be most helpful in thissituation?a) Prioritize the list and work on them in order.b) Alert management to the impediments and their impact.c) Arrange a triage meeting with all other project managers.d) Discuss the absence of management support with the Team.e) Tell the Product Owner that Scrum isnt working.f) Consult with the team.3) The reason the Scrum Master is at the Daily Scrum is:a) To make sure everyone answers the three questions in order of seniority.b) He or she does not have to be there; he or she only has to ensure the Team has a Daily Scrum.c) To write down any changes to the Sprint Backlog, including adding new items, and tracking progress on the burndown.d) So he or she knows what to report to management.4) The timebox for a Daily Scrum is?a) The same time of day every day.b) Two minutes per person.c) 4 hours.d) 15 minutes.e) 15 minutes for a 4 month sprint, proportionally less for shorter sprints.
  2. 2. Simulado: Professional Scrum Master5) What does it mean to say that an event has a timebox?a) The event must happen at a set time.b) The event must happen by a given time.c) The event must take at least a minimum amount of time.d) The event can take no more than a maximum amount of time.6) Which of the below are Scrum roles on a Scrum team?a) Teamb) Usersc) Customersd) Product Ownere) Scrum Master7) Scrum does not have a role called "project manager."a) Trueb) False8) Team members volunteer to own a Sprint Backlog item:a) At the Sprint planning meeting.b) Never. All Sprint Backlog Items are "owned" by the entire Team, even though each one may be done by an individual team member.c) Whenever a team member can accommodate more work.d) During the Daily Scrum.9) What is the primary way a Scrum Master keeps a team working at itshighest level of productivity?a) By facilitating team decisions and removing impediments.b) By ensuring the meetings start and end at the proper time.c) By preventing changes to the Backlog once the Sprint begins.d) By keeping high value features high in the Product Backlog.10) Which technique is the LEAST productive way for the Scrum Master toensure that the Team communicates effectively with the Product Owner?a) Monitor communications between them.
  3. 3. Simulado: Professional Scrum Masterb) Act as a go-between for them.c) Teach the Team to talk in terms of business needs and objectives.d) Teach the Product Owner about the technologies employed during the Sprints.11) When multiple teams are working together, each team should maintaina separate Product Backlog.a) Trueb) False12) The CEO asks the Team to add a story to the current Sprint. Whatshould the Team do?a) Add the story to the current Sprint without any adjustments.b) Add the story to the current Sprint and drop a story of equal size.c) Add the story to the next Sprint.d) Inform the Product Owner so he/she can work with the CEO.13) The maximum length of the Sprint Review (its time box) is:a) 2 hoursb) 4 hours for a monthly Sprint, proportionally less for shorter Sprintsc) As long as neededd) 1 day14) The Product Backlog is sorted bya) Small items at the top to large items at the bottom.b) Safer items at the top to riskier items at the bottom.c) Least valuable items at the bottom to most valuable at the top.d) Items are randomly arranged.15) The Team should have all the skills needed to:a) Complete the project as estimated when the date and cost are committed to the Product Owner.b) Do all of the development work, but not the types of testing that require specialized testing, tools, and environments.c) Turn the Product Backlog it selects into an increment of potentially shippable product functionality.16) Who has the last say on the priority of the Product Backlog?
  4. 4. Simulado: Professional Scrum Mastera) The Stakeholdersb) The Teamc) The Scrum Masterd) The Product Ownere) The CEO17) Since no new work can be added to a Sprint, what is the appropriatecharacteristic of the Sprint Backlog during the Sprint?a) The Sprint backlog never changes.b) The Sprint Backlog can only change with the approval of the Product Owner.c) The Sprint Backlog is defined based on the work necessary to build the selected Product Backlog items.d) The Sprint Backlog is created during the Sprint Planning meeting and should not need to be changed afterward.18) An organization has decided to adopt Scrum, but management want tochange the terminology to fit with terminology already used. What willlikely happen if they do so?a) Without a new vocabulary as a reminder of the change, very little change may actually happen.b) The organization may not understand what has changed within Scrum and the benefits of Scrum may be lost.c) Management may feel less anxious.d) All answers apply.19) A burndown chart tracks?a) Accumulated cost on a project.b) Work remaining across time.c) Accumulated business value delivered to the customer.d) Individual worker productivity.20) What is the role of management external to the Scrum Team?a) To continually monitor staffing levels of the Team.b) To monitor the Teams productivity.c) Management external to Scrum has no role.d) To identify and remove people that arent working hard enough.
  5. 5. Simulado: Professional Scrum Master21) Who is on the Scrum Team?a) The Scrum Masterb) The Product Ownerc) The Team (of developers)d) All of these answers are correct22) At a minimum, what is necessary to start a Sprint using Scrum?a) Release plan and budget.b) Executive sponsor and technical lead.c) Team space and team rules.d) Vision and Product Backlog.e) All are important but none is essential.23) Who should know the most about the progress toward a businessobjective or a release, and be able to explain the alternatives mostclearly?a) The Product Owner.b) The Team.c) The Scrum Master.24) Who is required to attend the Daily Scrum?a) The Teamb) The Scrum team.c) The Team and Scrum Master.d) The Team and Product Owner.e) The Scrum Master and Product Owner.25) The timebox for the complete Sprint planning meeting is?a) 4 hours.b) 8 hours for a monthly Sprint, proportionately less for shorter Sprintsc) Whenever it is done.d) Monthly.26) What is the maximum length of a Sprint?a) Not so long that the risk is unacceptable to the Product Owner.b) Not so long that other business events cant be readily synchronized with the development work.
  6. 6. Simulado: Professional Scrum Masterc) One calendar month.d) All of these answers are correct.27) What is the recommended size for a Team (of developers) within theScrum Team?a) 3 plus or minus 1b) 7 plus or minus 2c) 9 plus or minus 2d) 15 plus or minus 328) Scrum Master is a management position?a) Trueb) False29) Which statement best describes the Sprint Review?a) It is a review of the teams activities during the Sprint.b) It is when the Scrum Team and stakeholders inspect what happened during the Sprint and figure out what to do in the upcoming Sprint.c) It is a demo at the end of the Sprint for everyone in the organization to provide input on the work done.d) It is used to congratulate the Team if it did what it committed to doing or to the Team if it failed to meet its commitments.30) Team membership should change:a) Every Sprint to promote shared learning.b) Never, because it reduces Team productivity.c) As needed, while taking into account short term reduction in Team productivity.d) Just as it would on any development team, with no special allowance for changes in productivity.
  7. 7. Simulado: Professional Scrum MasterGabarito:Questão Resposta Certa1 B2 B3 B4 D5 D6 A, D, E7 A8 B9 A10 B11 B12 D13 B14 C15 C16 D17 C18 D19 B20 C21 D22 E23 A24 A25 B26 D27 B28 A29 B30 C