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Resume Fernanda Paulo Ramos - Oct/2013


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Business / Requirements Analyst / Product Owner / UI/UX Designer / Systems' Improvement Consultant

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Updated: Oct/2013

Published in: Technology, Business
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Resume Fernanda Paulo Ramos - Oct/2013

  1. 1. FERNANDA PAULO RAMOS Campinas/São Paulo/Brazil Contact: OBJECTIVE Business/ Requirement Analyst | Product Owner | UI/UX Designer PROFILE More than 9 years experience in IT working in the following areas: Requirements, Prototyping, Tests, Development and Leadership. Career constituted of huge companies like IBM, MATERA Systems, TM Solutions and other big customers like Banco Votorantim, CPqD, Banco Volkswagen, Bosch and DirecTV. Experience in gathering / analyzing and specifying requirements, direct communication with customers / developers and business areas, elaboration of proposals / use cases / functional and non-functional requirements document, manuals, UML diagrams (like Use Case Diagram, Activity Diagram, State Machine Diagram and others), scope control, requirements prioritization by business value, product backlog management, prototype development focused on usability, traceability matrix elaboration, support on homologation process, training, user support. Experience as Product Owner using agile methodology (SCRUM). Knowledge about User Stories, Process Mapping and Estimates using FPA. Graduated in Computer Technology at UNICAMP, Post graduated in Software Engineering based in SOA at IBTA, having done Computer Technician at ETEVAV. Certifications: IBM Certified Deployment Professional - Rational RequisitePro and IBM Rational Quality Manager 2.0 Certified. Experience with a lot of prototyping tools: Balsamiq Mockups, Mockups, Enterprise Architect, GUI Studio and Hotgloo. Knowledge about Axure. Advanced English (Reading, Writing and Conversation), Basic Spanish (only for reading). Frequent investment in many courses related to IT area.       EDUCATION 2007 – 2008 “Instituto Brasileiro de Tecnologia Aplicada” (IBTA) Campinas/SP  Post Graduation: Software Engineering based in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) (Graduated in Dec/2008) Thesis Title: Proposal of a Requirements Model for SOA applications 2002 – 2006 “Universidade Estadual de Campinas” (UNICAMP /FT) Limeira/SP  Graduation: Computer Technology (Graduated in Dec/2006) Thesis Title: Development of an application for Rotaract Clubs management (Worldwide ONG) using J2EE, Hibernate (with Hibernate Synchronizer plug-in), Struts, Tomcat (with Sysdeo Tomcat plug-in), MySQL, CVS as version control system. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (MAIN) Apr/2013 - Present “MULTINATIONAL IT COMPANY” Jaguariúna, SP Customers: "Banco Votorantim", "Banco Volkswagen", "Cetelem", "TRW", "BRINKS", "DeLaval", "Sanofi", "Cielo" and “Porto Seguro".  System Analyst => Participation on "Banco Votorantim" project as System Analyst, creating technical specifications and UML diagrams, interviewing customers, solving developer's questions and creating UML diagrams. On "Banco Volkswagen project", responsible for creating use cases, UML diagrams, prototypes using usability principles and interviewing customers to discover their needs.  Responsible for analyzing new projects, listing functionalities, questions, contacting customer, elaborating technical proposals, WBS, diagrams, use cases, prototypes and helping elaborating project schedules. Participation on pre-projects for the following customers: Alelo, Cetelem, TRW, BRINKS, DeLaval, Sanofi, Cielo and Porto Seguro.  Tools: Enterprise Architect, Greenshot, HotGloo, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Balsamiq Mockups.  Accomplishments:  1. Received a lot of good feedbacks from customers and company because of my pro-activity and ideas.  2. Sent many suggestions of improvements to MULTINATIONAL IT COMPANY. Some were accepted and implemented. Others, scheduled to be implemented soon. Page 1/ 5
  2. 2. Feb/2012 - Jan/2013 “MATERA SYSTEMS” Campinas, SP Customers: FARM Rio and Animale (e-commerce)  Requirement Analyst => Responsibilities: Gather and document requirements and business rules (diagrams creation, prototype, and use cases), scope control, test cases creation, execution, defects and improvements reporting, tutorial creation, training and support to users. Direct communication with customers.  Tools: Enterprise Architect, Screenhunter, Putty, Mantis, Trello, GUI Studio;  Accomplishments:  1. Improved usability of e-commerce's administration system  2. Received a lot of good feedbacks from customers Ago/2008 - Feb/2012 “IBM” Hortolândia, SP Customer: Bond (Internal project)  System Specialist Assess (Test Analyst) (Jan/2012 – Present) => Responsibilities: Requirements Analysis; Planning, Writing, Reviewing and Executing Tests (Functional, Integration and Regression), Report of Defects, using Rational Quality Manager, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer; Participation on Conference Calls in English weekly.  Accomplishments:  1. Improved test process by implementing best practices that helped organize artifacts in RQM for faster searches, robust metrics and project status.  2. Updated and organized the project wiki that was completely outdated and with many missing information.  3. Designed an automated process that decreased the time for requirements insertion into RQM from two hours to 20 min and that could be used by any other project. Customer: B2B Invoice (Internal project)  System Specialist Assess (Requirements Analyst) (Mar/2011 – Jan/2012) => International Project. Responsibilities: Requirements Creation, Traceability Matrix (RTVM), Use Cases, Business Rules using Rational Requisite Pro, Rational Quality Manager and Rational Team Concert. Participation on Conference Calls in English daily.  Accomplishments:  1. Nominated as “Communications Leader” in the Requirements’ Competency after showing leadership and valuable communication skills.  2. Mentor of several interns (Test subjects) and tutored by a senior Business Analyst.  System Specialist Assess (Test Analyst) (Apr/2009 – Jan/2012) => Responsibilities: Requirements Analysis; Planning, Writing, Reviewing and Executing Tests (Functional, Integration and Regression), Report of Defects, using Clear Quest, Rational Quality Manager, Rational Team Concert, Event Manager; Participation on Conference Calls in English daily.  Accomplishments:  1. Responsible for documenting test process (own initiative), enabling other team members to have some place to look when they had questions during my vacation / team changes.  2. Won a bonus of half salary because of very good performance in 2010 and 2011 (Grade: 2+  where 1 is the highest grade)  3. Nominated as “Wiki Leader” for World Test wiki – responsible for creating 90% of the pages.  4. Thirty seven (37) suggestions were sent to Rational Quality Manager team to be implemented and improve the software. If had had more time, I would have submitted more recommendations. Customer: AMS Framework (Internal project)  System Specialist Assess (Requirements Analyst) (Mar/2009 – Ago/2009) => Responsibilities: Use Cases, Use Cases Diagram and RTVM creation (Extra work – 8 hours per week). Tools: Internet Explorer, Rational Requisite Pro, Rational Software Modeler, Rational Portfolio Manager, Rational Clear Quest.  Accomplishments:  1. Good feedback received from Project Coordinator / Business Analyst for good performance Customer: IEPD (Internal project)  System Specialist Assess (Test Analyst) (Mar/2009 – Apr/2009) => International Project. Execution of activities like: Execution of Tests (Functional and Regression), Defects creation. Tools: Clear Quest, TCDB (Test Case Data Base), Requisite Pro; Participation on Conference Calls in English weekly.  Accomplishments:  1. Good feedback received from Project Manager for good performance Page 2/ 5
  3. 3. Customer: DIRECTV  System Specialist Assess (Test Analyst) (Jan/2009 – Mar/2009) => International Commercial Project. Execution of activities like: Requirements Analysis, Planning, Writing, Review, Execution of Tests (Functional, Integration and Regression), Defects creation, using Mercury; Customer Support. Participation on Conference Calls in English daily.  Accomplishments:  1. Responsible for the idea of creating / maintaining a wiki for the whole Test area where important information could be found easily, so resources wouldn’t lose time searching on the intranet.  2. Nominated as Team Leader backup. Jun/2004 – Ago/2008 “Sonda Procwork” Customer: IBM (Sep/2005 – Ago/2008) Hortolândia, SP  System Analyst (Test Analyst) (Jan/2008 – Mar/2009) => International Commercial Project: DIRECTV. Activities: Same as above.  System Analyst (Team Leader / Test Analyst) (May/2007 – Nov/2007) => International Project: Knowledge View. Working as Team Leader, doing activities like: Planning, Writing, Reviewing, Executing Tests (Functional, Integration (IConS, Domino and Schemalogic), Regression, Acceptance), Managing defects, giving customer support, team coordination. Participation on Conference Calls in English frequently.  Accomplishments:  1. Very good feedback received from Project Manager because of my performance.  System Analyst(Test Analyst) (Sep/2005 – May/2007) => Siebel Project. Execution of Tests (Integration, Regression, Functional and Acceptance) in Siebel. Test Cases elaboration in English. Participation on Conference Calls in English daily. CMMI Level 5 Project. Customer: Bosch (Jul/2005 – Ago/2005)  Campinas, SP Programmer Jr II (Tester) => System Tests in BES (Bosch Extranet Service), Bosch’s sales portal.  Accomplishments:  1. No defects were found on production (at this time, I didn`t know Testing process yet!) Customer: CPqD – Centro de Pesquisa and Desenvolvimento (Jun/2004 – Jun/2005) Campinas, SP  Programmer Jr II (Jan/2005 – Jun/2005) => Part of development team of a Physical Plant Management System (related to telephony and networks area) – responsible for creating some system screens using a CPqD system. Test Cases creation and System Tests execution were some of the re sponsibilities. Technologies: Java, XML, SQL, GAT (CPqD system) using Oracle as Database;  Programmer Jr I (Jun/2004 – Dec/2004) => 1 month training in Java Platform (J2SE, J2EE), Struts, Servlets, JUnit, JavaDoc, Logging. Part of development and improvements team of Taglibs CPqD project. Tests creation using Cactus for all Tags. Help in XML developed. Technologies: Java (J2SE), Struts, JSP, XML, HTML, Cactus and Maven.  Accomplishments:  1. Responsible for fixing a system that was completely broken (Taglibs CPqD) and documenting all functions on the code (the code didn`t had any documentation before). Jan/2003 – Feb/2004 “TM Solutions” Customer: Caixa Econômica Federal (Bank)  Campinas, SP Teleprocessing Technician Trainee => Remote technical support to Caixa Econômica Federal’s bank employees: Installing, uninstalling and configuring programs, systems and internet, using remote access programs;  Accomplishments:  1. Preferred attendant by some customers (that asked to be attended specifically by me on the tickets) Sep/2001 – Dec/2001  “TRS Informática" Itupeva, SP Computer Technician Internship => Technical support to customers, installing, uninstalling and configuring programs, systems and internet; bank services (paying bills, deposits, etc), sale s, website development;  Accomplishments:  1. Company would hire me, but I moved to Campinas' city. Page 3/ 5
  4. 4. VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE    Participation in IBM Competences (Requirements, Rational, Tests, SOA), assisting in the development of wikis, newsletters and communication e-mails for Requirements and Rational competence, attending lectures and events organized by the same (2007 - 2012). Currently holds the position of Leader of the Communication of Competence Requirements (2011). Active participation as a founding member of the “Rotaract Club Campinas Universitário”, that works with Rotary Club International, and develops Projects to the community, the environment and world peace. (2003 – 2005, 2011 and 2012) Teacher in a training about TTT (Test Tracking Tool) and TCDB (Test Case DataBase) for Build To Plan students project from IBM. (2008 and 2010) COURSES & LECTURES  Nov/13: UX Weekend – Edu Agni - 14 hours  Oct/13: IxDA meeting - UX and UI Design + Software development - 2 hours  Sep/13: Bootstrap - 1 hour  Jul/13: TDC Conference - Business Analysis Trail - 8 hours  Jul/13: BPM and BPMN (using BizAgi) Training - 30 hours  Jun/13: FPA – Function Point Analysis – 8 hours  Jun/13: Project Manager Academy - How to elaborate a good WBS - 1 hour  Mai/13 to Jun/13: Computer Human Interface (UNICAMP) - 24 hours  Mai/13: 3ª Business Analysis Conference IIBA® at SÃO PAULO - 8 hours  Mai/13: Project Manager Academy - Mistakes implementing Agile Methodology - 1 hour  Apr/13: Websphere Portal - 8 hours  Mar/13: SCRUM Master – Mind Master – 8 hours  Mar/13: 54º SPIN Campinas meeting – Event with lectures about Tests – SCRUM – 5 hours  Feb/13: Business Analysis 3.0 Training - eTecnologia - 24 hours  Feb/13: Automatic Report Generation with Qlikview – inQuesti – 1 hour  Feb/13: People Management - SEBRAE - 15 hours  Oct/12: Customer attendance – SEBRAE – 15 hours  Oct/12: 52º SPIN Campinas meeting – Event with lectures about Product Owner (PO) – SCRUM – 5 hours  Ago/12: "Caipira Ágil" – Event with lectures about tests, requirements, related to agile methodology – 8 hours  Jan/12: WBM (Websphere Business Modeler v7.0) – 16 hours – IBM  Oct/11: Rational Requisite Pro Training – 12 hours – IBM  Sep/11: Fire Safety Training – 8 hours – IBM  Sep/11: Lecture about Innovation – Modern Strategy in Business Management – 1,5 hours – SENAC  Sep/11: Online Course about Lean – 3 hours – IBM  Apr/11: Training about Social Media use – 1 hour – IBM  Apr/11: Collaborative Development with IBM Rational Team Concert – 8 hours – IBM  Dec/10: Process and Inspection of Requirements (SOMA Method) – 12 hours – IBM  Nov/10: Professional Attitude and Personal Appearance – 1,5 hours – IBM  Sep/10: Essentials of IBM Rational Requirements Composer – 16 hours – IBM Page 4/ 5
  5. 5.  Sep/10: Managing / Development of Requirements (Tech Friday) – 1:30 hours – IBM  Ago/10: Essentials of Requisite Pro 7.1 – 8 hours – IBM  Ago/10: Importing Excel and Word files into Rational Quality Manager – 1 hour – IBM  Jul/09: Introduction to Rational Quality Manager – 3 hours – IBM  Jan/09: Basic Principles of Automation using Quick Test Pro – 8 hours – IBM  Ago/07: PMI Introduction course – 32 hours – IBM  Apr/07: Development of basic applications using and SQL Server – 8 hours – IBM  Jun/06: Development of applications using design–patterns and Struts – 4 hours – GlobalCode  Feb/06: Development using .NET C# – 15 hours – IBM  Jan/06: Basic Principles of Automation using Functional Tester v6.1 – 15 hours – IBM  Oct/05: Siebel training – 80 hours – IBM  May/04: Java Programmer – Certification Training – 250 hours – Procwork  Oct/02: Introduction to SQL – 32 hours – UNICAMP and more… CERTIFICATIONS  26/Nov/10 – IBM Certified Deployment Professional - Rational RequisitePro  26/Nov/10 – IBM Rational Quality Manager 2.0 Certified LANGUAGES    English – Advanced (Reading, Writing and Conversation) – Schools: Yázigi, CCA, Wizard Spanish – Basic (Reading) – Self-taught Portuguese – Native (Reading, Writing and Conversation) ACADEMIC AND TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE  Softwares: DOS, Windows (9x, 2000, XP, NT), Linux (Basic), Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Outlook, FrontPage, Visio, Project), Lotus Notes, Sametime, HTML Editors, C++ Builder, Eclipse, Toad, CVS, Tomcat, Hibernate Synchronizer, Tomcat plugin, Cygwin, SmartDraw, Jude, Sharp Develop, Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Web Developer 2005, Oracle VM, Putty (Basic); Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Notes, Paradox and DB2 (Basic);  Image Treatment (Basic): Corel Draw 8, Photoshop, Microsoft Photo Editor and Picasa; Image Capture: Hypersnap, Snag–It and Screenhunter, Greenshot;  System Analysis: Data Dictionary, DER, DFD, UML Diagrams, Use Cases, Test Cases, Scenarios and Processes Specification; Tests: Planning, Creating and Executing: Functional, Regression, Unit, System, System Integration (SIT), Performance, Acceptance (UAT) and Automated Tests (using QuickTest Pro);  Tools: Enterprise Architect, Mantis; IBM: Test Tracking Tool (TTT), Test Case Data Base (TCDB), CMVC (IBM Configuration Management Version Control), Team Rooms (Planning, Writing, Executing, Defects); Rational: Requisite Pro (ReqPro), Requirements Composer (RRC), Team Concert (RTC), Software Architect (RSA), Portfolio Manager (RPM), Rose, Clear Quest (RCQ), Clear Case (RCC), Quality Manager (RQM), Functional Tester (RFT); Mercury: Quality Center, Defect Manager, QuickTest Pro (Basic);  Prototyping tools: Balsamiq Mockups, Mockups, Enterprise Architect, GUI Studio and Hotgloo. Knowledge about Axure.  ERP Systems: Siebel;  Programming Languages: Java (J2SE and J2EE): Struts, Hibernate, Tiles, Taglibs, JSP, Servlet, XML, .NET (C#), Delphi, Visual Basic, C++, C, OpenGL, Clipper, Pascal, HTML, Flash (Basic), Asp.NET (Basic), wiki; Programming Logic; UML Diagramming and Reading ;  Internet (Navigation, search, IRC Servers, instant messengers, configuring and using e–mails); Computer Network (Basic); Security (Antivirus, Firewalls and Anti–spywares); Connection (AT&T and Cisco VPN); Page 5/ 5