Volunteer Festival Japan 12 nov 2011 ( Presentation)


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The use of IT for Promoting Volunteering in Brazil www.volunteerfestival.jp

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Volunteer Festival Japan 12 nov 2011 ( Presentation)

  1. 1. Volunteer Festival The use of IT in the Promotion of Volunteering Online Volunteering Fernanda Bornhausen Sá
  2. 2. http://www.synergos.org/bios/fbornhausensa.htm Founder and president of Voluntarios em Ação Institute (IVA), a non-profit organization based in Brazil. Has had extensive experience on multi- stakeholder partnerships, having held key positions in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. Holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the Federal University of Santa Catarina, and an MBA in Global Administration from the State University of Santa Catarina. Fernanda Bornhausen Sá
  3. 3. Voluntarios em Ação Institute
  4. 4. IVA was created in 1998 by a steering committee of experienced local professionals, and its board is composed of leaders from the business, public, and social sectors in Brazil. The mission of IVA is to mobilize and engage volunteers and provide training to volunteers and NGOs, thus promoting the culture of volunteerism among Brazilian population.
  5. 5. Start of volunteers and organizations registrations Capacity Building - Training for volunteers and NGOs Consolidating IVA’s work after 10 years of activities Idea of establishing an organization to attract volunteers Consultation with NGOs to check the viability of the Project March 1998 May 1998 July 2008 June 1997 November 1997 The Path of IVA STARTING A NEW STAGE AT IVA
  6. 6. Most part of those wanting to become a volunteer - 90% - searched us through the internet The age group of volunteers changed substantially and now we have 76% of the volunteers registered in the ages between 16 to 40 years old. The level of instruction found in most of today's volunteers - 82% - is enrolled in college degree or higher level. Demystifies the previous idea that volunteering was a practice used by retired or unemployed to escape from boredom. 44% are employed and 28% are studying, total 72%. No longer an exclusively female activity. Male engagement increase almost 10% compared to females in the past years. Findings from 2006 about the profile of volunteers registered in IVA
  7. 7. Industrial Society Knowledge Society •Excessive consumption •Appearance •TV •Isolated Groups •Assistencialism •Changes •Imposition •Search for a conscious consumer •Transparency •Internet •Networks •Co-participation •Transformation •Construction Period of transition Years 00 XVIII to XX Century XXI Century A new Context
  8. 8. Internet in Brazil 78 million Brazilians have Internet access* 45.4 million of users regularly access the Inter net at work or at home, an increase of 10% in one year. Fonte: IBOPE Set 2011
  9. 9. Since 1999 Organizations: 28,154 Opportunities: 26,434 Volunteers: 207,399 Since 2000 Last year, 14,313 online volunteering assignments Since 1998 Organizations: 74,406 Opportunities: 58,802 Referrals: 5,052,707 Since 2000 Opportunities: 1367 Referrals: 1697975 http://www.1-800-volunteer.org/ http://www.hacesfalta.org/ http://www.volunteermatch.org/ http://www.unvolunteers.org/ Benchmarking conducted in 2006 and 2007
  10. 10. Significant reduction of costs and thereby the increase of work dimension. Ability to offer opportunities for, capacity building, training, activities and even referral of volunteers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Volunteering Profile Internet users Profile Voluntarios Online Portal Voluntarios Online Portal - Integration for organizations and individuals involved in volunteering
  11. 11. Introduce Online Volunteering in Brazil Working towards digital inclusion for the Third Sector Empower NGOs to use the Portal Attract more qualified volunteers, professionals and young people Attract first-time volunteers Empower NGOs to harness the potential of more qualified volunteers, professionals and young people Main challenges before the launch of Voluntarios Online Portal
  12. 12. www.voluntariosonline.org.br
  13. 13. “Voluntários Online Portal is a Brazilian Network that fosters volunteerism as a force for positive social change through the internet connecting Non- Profits with thousands of volunteers, while improving their digital culture skills and promoting their participation in Campaigns” Voluntarios Online Portal
  14. 14. Being present 24 / 7 on the computers of thousands of Internet users in SC, Brazil and worldwide Website with effective visibility in Google search engines To attract more and skilled volunteers; Being able to use the tools of empowerment and online library offered by the Portal; Benefits for registered Organizations on Voluntarios Online Portal
  15. 15. Opportunity to utilize the most modern tools of communication with other organizations and volunteers Be eligible to receive collaborations of volunteers for specific actions and mobilize them through the Portal To post online volunteering opportunities, attracting volunteers from anywhere in the world Having access to a large database of volunteers and may invite them to collaborate with their organizations. Benefits for registered Organizations on Voluntarios Online Portal
  17. 17. The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme is the UN organization that contributes to peace and development through volunteerism worldwide. UNV contributes to peace and development by advocating for recognition of volunteers, working with partners to integrate volunteerism into development programming, and mobilizing an increasing number and diversity of volunteers, including experienced UNV volunteers, throughout the world. UNVolunteers – First Portal Partner
  18. 18. Enabled detailed study on Online Volunteering; Added new expertise and diverse professional experience; Enabled significant approximation with registered NGOs; Allowed a greater and better use of the Portal by NGOs and volunteers. Results of this partnership
  19. 19. Aiming to systematize the dissemination, implementation and consolidation of concepts, ideas and experiences related to volunteerism in Brazil and worldwide CVs of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Parana and Santa Catarina, operating since 1997 on the promotion, dissemination and recognition volunteering have joined forces and created the RBV REDE BRASIL VOLUNTÁRIO(BRAZIL VOLUNTEER NETWORK). Rede Brasil Voluntário Brazil Volunteer Network
  20. 20. The RBV has a great partner to the UN Volunteer Program - UNVolunteers who supported its creation from the beginning and is a partner in their work and annual event – Semana Brasil Voluntário – SBV since 2008, helded the week of International Volunteer Day. In 2011 RBV is committed to celebrating the Decade of Volunteering, as established by the United Nations, through a schedule of events and actions, such as: Advertising campaign "The Planet is Volunteer", International Conference to be held in December/2011, a national surveying on volunteering, which will draw a volunteer profile in Brazil, as well as the number of people involved in this work and the type of activity developed. Rede Brasil Voluntário Brazil Volunteer Network
  22. 22. Main Numbers of the Portal Visits 732.647 Registered Volunteers 36.918 Registered Organizations 507 Volunteer Opportunities Chosen 16.937 Online Volunteer Opportunitie Chosen 12.315 Onsite Volunteer Opportunitie Chosen 4.623 Number of States w/ Registered Volunteers 26 States + DF Number of States w/ Registered Organizations 18 States + DF Number of Cities w/ Registered Volunteers 1.829 Number of Cities w/ Registered Organizations 193 Number of Campaigns to Mobilize Volunteers made by the Portal 37 Portal operates in 33% of the municipalities of Brazil
  23. 23. Age Groups & Gender16 to 19 years: 11% 4.210 20 to 39 years: 71% 26.281 40 to 59 years: 16% 4.210 60 to 79 years:2% 554 Age Groups Female: 68% 25.127 Male: 32% 11.685 Gender
  24. 24. Schooling Level & Profession High School + Tech School: 24% 8.780 University degree + Post Graduation: 76% 28.138 Schooling Level Student: 16% 5.879 Employee: 83% 30.529 Retire: 1% 510 Profession
  25. 25. Performed volunteer work before Yes: 39% 14.420 No : 61% 22.498
  26. 26. 26.82% 2.92% 55.39% 1.46% 9.91% 3.50% Assistência Social Cultura Educação Preservação do Meio Ambiente Saúde Esporte Acting Field of our Registered Organizations
  27. 27. 23.19% 11.02% 2.89% 0.14% 1.74% 8.47% 3.23% 17.00% 32.33% Divulgador Tradutor Blogueiro Webdesigner Professor Pesquisador Conteudista Voluntários p/ ajudar campanhas de doações Outros Major Volunteer Opportunities Chosen
  28. 28. Public Schools registered in the Portal and their numbers 6.25% 12.50% 56.25% 18.75% 6.25% Hometowns Public Schools Não Informado Biguaçu/SC Florianópolis/SC Palhoça/SC São José/SC
  29. 29. Public Schools registered in the Portal and their numbers 1.79% 15.18% 83.04% Schooling level of volunteers in Public Schools Ens. Fundamental Ens. Médio + Curso Técnico Ens. Superior + Pós Graduação
  30. 30. Public Schools registered in the Portal and their numbers 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 15 |-- 21 21 |-- 27 27 |-- 33 33 |-- 39 39 |-- 45 45 |-- 51 51 |-- 57 57 |-- 63 Age Groups of volunteers in Public Schools
  31. 31. Public Schools registered in the Portal and their numbers 26.15% 21.54% 7.69% 44.62% States of origin of volunteers in Public Schools SP SC RJ Outros 19 Estados
  32. 32. Range & Presence
  33. 33. On July 15, 2009, the Online Volunteering Portal completed a year of existence and to commemorate this date, we were presented with a story on National News: Recognition
  34. 34. On October 21, 2009, the Online Volunteering Portal was featured in Veja magazine: Recognition
  35. 35. Voluntarios Online Portal in Social Networks Social Networks are increasingly important for Voluntários Online strategies of action, as instruments for organization and articulation of individuals towards our cause They help us identify daily, new and better ways of activism, displaying ideas and innovations, together with a significant support to spread our cause of volunteerism for social change at a global scale.
  36. 36. The concept of plurality and networks popularization constantly guides us, fostering the building of broad coalitions and integration of new groups that identify with our cause. Our main audience in social networks is a new generation of youngsters with ethics and commitment that help them as individual agents achieve changes by getting together in these networks. Original features of civil society engagement are being completely remodeled by these new information systems. Voluntarios Online Portal in Social Networks
  37. 37. Our Facebook, Twitter, Youtube channels, and Blog, have a crucial role in the ways we mobilize our stakeholders’ chain. Today, we increasingly recruit volunteers and integrate Non- profits through these channels, disseminate our campaigns and create connections between people and causes, as visibility of volunteering opportunities keeps growing. Voluntarios Online Portal in Social Networks
  39. 39. Apart from the intermediary between volunteers and organizations, IVA is concerned with the training work of everyone involved, so that organizations can rely on skilled and motivated volunteers, ensuring the sustainability of our actions in the community. Training & Capacity Building
  40. 40. One of IVA’s goal - working for digital inclusion of the Third Sector and train volunteers to conduct a more qualified work. Online Volunteering Training - a platform for distance education courses that enables NGOs and volunteers from Brazil and worldwide to receive training on issues related to voluntary and third sector. Training & Capacity Building
  41. 41. Initial training for volunteer Training for Managing Online Volunteers Training for Social Projetc Development Training for Social Projects Management Training for Força Voluntária Project Capacity Building
  43. 43. Tragedy in the Itajai Valley with hundreds of people homeless and more than a hundred deaths; Volunteers from all over Brazil and daily online updates of municipalities demands; Over 1,800 volunteers were recruited ; The mobilizing force of the internet made the difference. November 2008
  44. 44. Learning: The rain took a lot away, but also left many lessons  IVA realized it had a role to play  Prior knowledge of other experiences: Help in Disaster - www.1-800-volunteer.org
  45. 45. Força Voluntária - Campaign Campaign created with collaboration from teachers and students of Advertising at the Estacio de Sa University, in Santa Catarina:
  46. 46. Scope and capillarity in social networks Força Voluntária - Campaign
  47. 47. Força Voluntária - Guidebook Creation and production of the Força Voluntária Manual:
  48. 48. FORÇA VOLUNTÁRIA Project The Project main goal is to mobilize, organize, and train groups of volunteers to act in disasters situations in Santa Catarina. More than 900 registered volunteers 4 groups established 6 groups in formation 10 onsite trainings 3 online trainings Statistics:
  49. 49. Conclusion • Disasters are inevitable. We need to learn about them so we can give better answers to the affected populations. We must warn them to minimize its consequences. • Volunteers can help make that come true. It was proved in 2008 that trained and prepared volunteers can make all the difference.
  51. 51. ORGANIZATION OPPORTUNITY TYPE OF OPPORTUNITY SUMMARY OF THE ACTIVITY Arayara Education Institute “NGO Trainers” Online and Onsite A group of volunteers that, at long distance, are being trained to mobilize and register several organizations in Brazil so they can use the Portal as a tool to recruit volunteer and promote their projects. Victor Meirelles Museum Translator Online Through the Portal the organization recruited two online translators to translate documents and chapters from a book. The result was the publication of a book. INAPE Institute Astronomy and Space Research Graphic Designer and Cartoonist Online The Organization receives the help of volunteers to create the visual identity for their office supplies and a mascot figure to be commercialized in order to ensure financial sustainability of the NGO. Support Group for HIV / AIDS Prevention from Criciúma – GAPAC Online Promoter Online Through the Portal the organization works with online researchers. Their job consist in sending materials to the Organization so they can publish new information on a daily basis, collaborating with HIV / AIDS prevention.
  52. 52. ORGANIZAÇÃO OPPORTUNITY TYPE OF OPPORTUNITY SUMMARY OF THE ACTIVITY Irmão Joaquim Assossiation Fund Raising Organiser Online Through the Portal the organization recruited a volunteer to organize a raffle for a Brazilian soccer team jersey. The volunteer planed all the logistics and materials needed to the raffle come true. The money raised served to build a physiotherapy room that serves 40 seniors. SIPEB – Association of Popular Education and Charity Press Officer and Translator Online Develop materials and dissemination strategies for the Organization and translate all marketing materials (website, brochure, etc.) to Spanish. Voluntarios em Ação Institute- IVA Researcher for Blogs Online IVA has two blogs and a site that is updated daily thanks to materials researched and submitted by researchers volunteers.
  54. 54. Brazil is increasingly voluntary The more qualified volunteers, professionals and young people are fully open and available for volunteering The internet has a transformative potential for the Third Sector Online Volunteering is a reality in Brazil Findings after 3 years of Portal’s activity
  55. 55. Work intensively in the capacity building of NGOs to use the Portal and other tools available on the internet Continuous training of NGOs to the use of online volunteering Strengthen the strategies relationship with all audiences Publicize the importance of this new volunteer for Brazil’s social development Association with other Portals that are acting for social transformations Working in the massive mobilization of citizens and volunteers to connect in our social networks and contribute to the use of technology for positive social change. Key Challenges
  56. 56. How tecnology can help Organizations to promote social change and sustentability
  57. 57. Technology and communication as a facilitator and agent of social change has already been a subject to non-profit organizations, technology companies, professionals and volunteers in the U.S. in the past 10 years. TiB 2010
  58. 58. Information technology and internet can help nonprofit organizations to explore and build communities to leverage positive social change. Through this technology we are able to connect, share and act on behalf of a cause on global scale and speed never seen before. Why TiB
  59. 59. Technology and communication as a facilitator and agent of social change has already been a subject to non-profit organizations, technology companies, professionals and volunteers in the U.S. in the past 10 years. TiB 2010
  60. 60. International and National Speakers: Emmett Carson, Ph.D, President and CEO da Silicon Valley Community Foundation and Vyria Paselk, Senior Director, International Partnership for TechSoup Global; Lucia Delagnello – ICOM Coordinator Presentation of successful experiences of social investment of companies in Silicon Valley and other U.S. companies and multinational companies operating in Brazil, such as Google and IBM Formal presentation of the 3 Portals Training workshops for NGOs Summary Schedule
  61. 61. Media Coverage
  62. 62. There is an urgent need and an unique opportunity for initiatives that promote the digital inclusion of NGOs NGOs need tools and training to effectively use technology to gain support for their causes and organizational sustainability TiB Results and Conclusions
  63. 63. Social Good • In addition to TiB 2010, IVA has led the spread of the use of technology for positive social change in Santa Catarina and Brazil. In 2011, there were two more events: April 26, 2011: Workshop held by Microsoft, showing the tools that the company provides, free of charge, for the Third Sector organizations, with the participation of more than 100 people representing 55 organizations. 6 September, 2011: Workshop given by IBM, showing the importance of project management in organizations of the Third Sector, attended by 22 people from 10 organizations.
  64. 64. The advance of information technology and the Internet is helping people and organizations to contribute to increase positive social change. Now everyone is able to connect, share and act on behalf of a cause on a global scale and at a speed never seen before. Therefore, the Institute Volunteers in Action and the Online Volunteer Portal in Brazil are exponents of a movement that encourages the use of technology for positive social change. Social Good Summit
  65. 65. We participate in the September 2011 Good Social Summit, an event that happened in New York and provided an exchange of experiences of people from various countries in order to demonstrate how technology can be used for social change. According to Brian Gott, editor of Variety magazine, the event may be called the "Davos Digital." More than 1600 people attended the event in person, and online participation was also massive: more than 30,000 tweets using the hashtag #SocialGood and an estimated 100 thousand views of the event via livestream. In total, more than one million hours of footage were assisted. Social Good Summit
  66. 66. Voluntários Online www.voluntariosonline.org.br www.twitter.com/SejaVoluntario www.youtube.com/VoluntariosEmAcao www.facebook.com/VoluntariosOnline voluntarios.sc@voluntariosemacao.org.br
  67. 67. Fernanda Bornhausen Sa fernandabbsa@gmail.com @fernandabornsa Thanks!