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The elements


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The elements

  1. 1. The Elements<br />Helium He Lithium Li Hydrogen H Sodium (Natrium) NaBoron B Carbon C Silicon Si Calcium (Lime) Ca<br />Beryllium Be Fluorine F Neon Ne Sulfur (Brimstone) S <br />Phosphorus P Nitrogen N Aluminum Al Potassium (Kalium) KChlorine Cl Argon Ar Magnesium Mg Iron (Ferrum) Fe <br />Bromine Br Oxygen O Manganese Mn Copper (Cuprum) Cu <br />
  2. 2. The Elements<br />Cobalt Co Nickel Ni Chromium Cr Lead (Plumbum) Pb<br />Zinc Zn Krypton Kr Rubidium Rb Silver (Argentum) AgIodine I Platinum Pt Cadmium Cd Tin (Stannum) Sn<br />Cesium Cs Barium Ba Francium Fr Antimony(Stibium) SbBismuth Bi Arsenic As Strontium Sr Tungsten(Wolfram)WRadon Rn Xenon Xe Polonium Po Gold (Aurum) Au <br />Radium Ra Uranium U Mercury (Hydrargyrum or Quicksilver) Hg<br />