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Goals Spanish II 2010


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Spanish II goals for the year
12 units

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Goals Spanish II 2010

  1. 1. Spanish II UNIT Standard Topics Topic example Unit 1 MIS AMIGOS Y YO Functions Introducing yourself Hola! Soy… First step and others Este es…. Describing people Que haces…? Talking about what Que te gusta…? you and others do Saying what you like Me gusta/ no me gusta and don’t like Second step Grammar Present of TENER Tengo , and other verbs Adj agreement who share the same Present tense of regular irregularity. verbs Me, te , le , nos, os, les Indirect object pronoun Third step Vocabulary Vocab list attached Vocab list U1 Culture The euro Andalucia Planning evening activities in Spain Cafeterias y bares
  2. 2. Spanish II UNIT Standard Topics Topic example Unit 2 UN VIAJE AL Functions Talking about how you Me siento EXTRANJERO First step are feeling Estoy… Making suggestions and responding to them Que te parece si.. Que tal si… Saying if something has already been done Ya + past …? Asking for and Second step offering help Me puedes ayudar a… Describing your city or Mi ciudad es… town Grammar ESTAR The pattern Preterite of –ar verbs ie, ie, ie, e, e, ie Present of QUERER Third step The multiple meanings Present of PODER of poder Vocab list U2 Vocabulary Vocab list attached Culture Extended family living Andalucia together Celsius and metric units system Barcelona Donde te gustaria vivir?
  3. 3. Spanish II UNIT Standard Topics Topic example Unit 3 LA VIDA Functions Talking about your Me siento COTIDIANA First step daily routine. Estoy… Talking about responsibilities Que te parece si.. Que tal si… Complaining Talking about hobbies Ya + past …? and pastimes Second step Me puedes ayudar a… Saying how long something has being Mi ciudad es… going one Grammar Reflexive verbs How to recognize a E to I stem change reflex verb. VESTIRSE How to conjugate them Third step Adverbs ending – Compare –ly with – mente mente DO pronouns DO: lo, la, los, las Expressing “ago” Hace+ 3 anyos + que Vocab list attached Vocab list U3 Vocabulary Culture Profesion Mexico House hold chores Aburrido de tu rutina?
  4. 4. Spanish II UNIT Standard Topics Topic example Unit 4 ADELANTE CON Functions Asking for and giving Creo que LOS ESTUDIOS! First step opinions Me parece que Giving advice Que te parece si… Talking about things Que tal si and people you know Making comparisons A es mas…. Que… Menos/que Second step Making plans Tan/como Grammar Obligation Deber Conditional as Deberias… obligation The uses of ser and Third step estar: food, location, Ser vs estar description Conocer vs saber Uses of conocer and DO pronouns saber Vocab list attached Vocab list U4 Vocabulary Culture School levels in Mexico Mexico Education system en Cost of university latin countries education
  5. 5. Spanish II UNIT Standard Topics Topic example Unit 5 PONTE EN FORMA! Functions Talking about staying Que haces para estar.. First step fit and healthy Seguir una dieta… Telling someone what to do and not to do Deberias Por que no….? Giving explanation Queria ir pero me sentia enfermo Second step Grammar Prêt of DORMIR Dormi, dormiste, Prêt of PODER durmio,… Prêt of verbs –er –ir Pude, pudiste, pudo,.. Informal commands Canta! Salta! Irregular informal Ven, pon, sal, haz commans Third step No me siento bien Reflex verbs with emotion Vocab list U5 Vocabulary Vocab list attached Culture Snacks and foods Texas Flyers and radio ads
  6. 6. Spanish II UNIT Standard Topics Topic example Unit 6 DE VISITA EN LA Functions Asking for and giving Sabe donde.. CIUDAD First step information Relating a series of Primero, luego, mas events tarde , para finalizar Ordering in a Me podria… restaurant Me gustaria… Second step Se, sabes, sabe,.. Grammar Present tense of saber Saber+ skill or hability Saber vs. Conocer Conocer+ data, info Prêt forms of pedir, servir, traer Third step Pedi, pediste, pidio Sirvio, serviste, sirvio Trajo, trajiste, trajo.. Vocab list U6 Vocabulary Vocab list attached Culture San Antonio Birthday celebrations Cumpleanyos feliz song in sp
  8. 8. Spanish II UNIT Standard Topics Topic example Unit 7 Functions Cuando era pequenyo.. Talking about what CONOCES BIEN TU you used to do PASADO? First step Me gustaba… Saying what you used to like and dislike La vida era.. Describing what La ciudad era, people and things were No habia.. like Juan era tan alto Second step Using comparisons to como… describe people The imperfect tense of Saltaba, saltabas, .. Grammar –ar –er –ir verbs The imperfect tense of Comia, comias, comia,. IR and VER Spelling change of o to Iba, ibas, iba,… Third step Veia, veias, veia.. u and y to e to avoid vowel repetition Era, eras, era, .. Imperfect of SER to describe people and habia things The imperfect of HAY tan + adjective/adverb + como Vocab list U7 Vocabulary Vocab list attached Culture Public services in Latin El caribe American cities Dichos y proverbios
  9. 9. Spanish II UNIT Standard Topics Topic example Unit 8 Functions Describing a past event DIVERSIONES First step Saying why you couldn’t do something Iba a ir pero tenia… Iba a ir pero no pude Reporting what someone said A dijo que la fiesta estaba bien. Grammar Adjectives with – Second step ISMIO/A Superlatives El mas grande del Verbs with mundo. prepositions Using MIENTRAS in the past Dije, dijiste, dijo, Third step Prêt of DECIR dijimos, dijisteis, .. Vocab list U8 Vocabulary Vocab list attached Culture Holidays and festivals El Caribe in Spanish speaking countries
  10. 10. Spanish II UNIT Standard Topics Topic example Unit 9 DIA DE MERCADO! Functions Asking for and giving Perdon First step direction Me podria decir..? Asking for help in a store Sabe donde…? Talking about how Me queda bien/mal clothes look and fit Bargaining in a market Rebaja, caro, ganga Second step Grammar Formal commands with usted, ustedes Vengan, No hagan, Compren! Vocab list U9 Vocabulary Vocab list attached Third step Culture Clothing and shoe sizes Los Andes Expressions for shopping Machu pichu Mural art
  11. 11. Spanish II UNIT Standard Topics Topic example Unit 10 CUENTAME! Functions Setting the scene for a Erase una vez que se First step story era…. Continuing and ending a story Luego.. Entonces,… Talking about the latest news Reacting to news Second step Grammar The preterite vs. the Llovia, cuando el imperfect principe llego. Prêt of oir, creer, leer, caerse Oia, oias, oia,.. The preterite and the Creia, creias, creia,… imperfect to tell a story Third step Tenia, tenias, tenia… Prêt of TENER Vocab list U10 Vocabulary Vocab list attached Culture Weather map of Bolivia Los Andes A Chilean folk tale An Ecuadorean legend Calvin and Hobbes comic strip
  12. 12. Spanish II UNIT Standard Topics Topic example Unit 11 NUESTRO MEDIO Functions Describing a problem AMBIENTE First step Talking about Preocuparse por.. consequences No tener interes en Expressing agreement and disagreement No creo que Talking about No pienso que obligations and Second step solutions Hay que… Grammar Negative words No, nunca, nada SI clauses in present Ninguno, jamas tense Nosotros commands Hagamos, donemos Third step Vocab list U11 Vocabulary Vocab list attached Culture The rain forest California Environmental Sand Diego and programs Tijuana
  13. 13. Spanish II UNIT Standard Topics Topic example Unit 12 VERANOS Functions Exchanging the latest Te has enterdado de PASADOS, First step news que… VERANOS POR Talking about where VENIR you went and what you Donde fuiste? did Que hiciste? Telling when something happened El sitio fue… Second step Saying how you feel about people Ahora quiero.. Voy a… Describing places Saying when you’re Pienso… + inf going to do something Grammar Review of regular and Third step irregular verbs in prêt tense The subjunctive mood Review of imperfect tense Vocabulary Vocab list U12 Vocab list attached Culture Baja California Interviews California Calvin and Hobbes comic strip