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Introduction to FIWARE Cloud & Context Broker


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Introduction to FIWARE Cloud basic capabilities and Context Broker, as "FIWARE primer" for new users at IMPACT hackathon.

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Introduction to FIWARE Cloud & Context Broker

  1. 1. Introduction to FIWARE Cloud & Context Broker Fermín Galán, Telefonica I+D., @fermingalan (twitter)
  2. 2. FIWARE = advanced OpenStack-based Cloud + rich library of Generic Enablers Driven by implementation Sustainability ensured 2
  3. 3. FIWARE Generic Enablers (GEs)  A FIWARE Generic Enabler (GE):  Set of general-purpose platform functions available through APIs.  Building with other GEs a FIWARE Reference Architecture.  FIWARE GE Specifications are open (public and royalty-free).  FIWARE GE implementation (FIWARE GEi):  Platform product that implements a given GE Open Spec.  There might be multiple compliant GEis of each GE Open Spec.  At least one open source reference implementation of FIWARE GEs (FIWARE GEris):  Well-known open source license.  Publicly available Technical Roadmap updated in every release.  Available FIWARE GEis, GEris and incubated enablers published on the FIWARE Catalogue. 3
  4. 4. FIWARE major differential features • Federation of infrastructures (private/public regions) • Automated GE deployment Cloud • Complete Context Management Platform • Integration of Data and Media Content Data •Easy plug&play of devices using multiple protocols •Automated Measurements/Action Context updates IoT • Visualization of data (operation dashboards) •Publication of data sets/services Apps •Easy support of UIs with advanced web-based 3D and AR capabilities •Visual representation of context information. 4 Web UI •Advanced networking capabilities (SDN) and Middleware • Interface to robots I2ND •Security Monitoring •Built-in Identity/Access/Privacy Management Security
  5. 5. FIWARE Lab ( 5
  6. 6. Take the most of infrastructures while keeping costs lower and under control 6
  7. 7. VM provisioning 7
  8. 8. Gathering, publishing, processing and analyzing private and open data at large scale 8
  9. 9. Context management • Context Management in FI-WARE is about management of Context data (aka Context Information) • Context Information is always relevant to “entities”, although entities can be anything (applications, users, things, …) • Orion Context Broker intermediates between context producers and context consumers Orion Context Broker Applications 9
  10. 10. The NGSI information model Meta-data • Name • Type • Value Context Element attributes • Name • Type • Value Context Element • EntityId • EntityType “has” “has” 1 n 1 n Orion metadata: ID, location Custom metadata Electrical Regulator Node Lamps Vans Issues location TimeInstant Technicians severity batteryCharge illuminance presence electricPotential 10
  11. 11. Orion Context Broker in a nutshell Orion Context Broker Context Producers Context Consumers subscriptions update query notify notify update update DB 1026 1026 11
  12. 12. NGSI API Context Availability Management (NGSI9) • Register context sources (registerContext) • Search for context sources (discoverContextAvailability) • Subscribe to context sources availability notifications (subscribeContextAvailability, updateContextAvailabilitySubcrip tion & unsubscribeContextAvailability) • REST API (XML & JSON rendering) • Additional “convenience” operations to ease some operations Context Management (NGSI10) • Update context information (updateContext) • Query context information (queryContext) • Subscribe to context information notifications (subscribeContext, updateContextSubcription & unsubscribeContext) 12
  13. 13. Context Broker Resources for developers • Quick Start Guide – • Single entry point: the FI-WARE Catalogue – – “Enablers” tab – “Data/Context management chapter” – Search for “Publish/Subscribe Context Broker - Orion Context Broker” • Direct URL: org/enablers/publishsubscribe-context-broker-orion-context- broker • The core manuals are linked from “Documentation” tab 13
  14. 14. Envisioned target Smart City platform IoT Broker & Config (from sensors to things) actuators Open Data 14 CEP Inventory • Smart city platform as a Data/Knowledge Hub • Non-intrusive, open to third parties CKAN Big Data Context Broker Accounting & Payment & Billing IDM & Auth Short-term historic data BigData Processing Data Quering/Action, Publish/Subscr Open Data publishing Real-time processing BI ETL RULES DEFINITION TOOL OPERATIONAL DASHBOARD KPI GOVERNANCE OPEN DATA PORTALS Service orchestrator Context Adapters Management IoT Backend DeviceManagement measures / commands IoT/Senso r Real Time Media Stream Processing Media streams City Services GIS Specific Enablers Generic Enablers
  15. 15. FIWARE Catalogue ( 15
  16. 16. FIWARE University ( 16
  17. 17. Thanks! Join us!