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Fermata is an Italian word and means to hit the right musical chord to get the right music. As a boutique consulting firm the team at Fermata Consulting supports small and mid-sized business owners to take the right business/strategic decisions at the right time. The team engages to draft the required documents and lay down a fundable plan thereby, working closely in guiding its clients to get funding ready.

While working with various businesses, the team at Fermata observed gaps in their organization structure at the entry as well as middle level. At the entry level there were skill gaps and at the middle level the manager's need to learn and understand higher level tricks of trade to take the business to the next level. The team at Fermata saw this as an opportunity to address the human resource growth capacity needs of growing businesses. Post lot of brain storming and internal discussions, ProfessionalHub (ProHub) as a training vertical was conceptualized in the year 2012. ProHub addresses the training needs of Enterprises as well as Colleges. More about ProfessionalHub is available at

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Process consulting,12.8.13

  1. 1. Process Driven Improvements for MSMEs Offered by 1
  2. 2. Fermata - Enabling Success at Each Level 2007 2012 :Consulting : + :Trainings : 2
  3. 3. * Produce / manufacture goods * Employ plant & machinery * Investment (INR): > 25 Lakhs & < 10 Crores Understanding MSMEs - (MSME Development Act, 2006) 2013PDI-Corporates 3 Micro Small & Medium Enterprises Manufacturing Enterprises Service Enterprises * Render / provide services * Employ equipments * Investment (INR): >10 Lakhs & < 5 Crores
  4. 4. Role of MSMEs 2013PDI-Corporates 4 How Important are they?
  5. 5. Challenges faced by MSMEs 2013PDI-Corporates 5 1. Banking finance (inadequate, untimely) 2. Limited capital and knowledge 3. Non-availability of suitable technology 4. Low production capacity 5. Ineffective marketing strategy 6. Constraints on modernization & expansions 7. Scarcity of skilled labour at affordable cost 8. Hurdles with Government agencies
  6. 6. How processes can help? 2013PDI-Corporates 6Provide insight of activities to management Make ‘system’ function & not person oriented Reduce ‘fire fighting’ Get ‘repeatable’ and ‘consistent’ success Plan proactively Improve continuously
  7. 7. When to improve processes? 2013PDI-Corporates 7 DON’T WAIT FOR Enterprise to grow ‘unmanageable’ (people & sales) Customer to enforce systems Fire fighting to occur OR continue
  8. 8. Benefits to MSMEs 2013PDI-Corporates 8 Improved quality of products and/or services Improved customer satisfaction Repeat Orders Improved business performance Sales Profit Expansion
  9. 9. Process Consulting – Service by Fermata Process Gap Analysis  Study existing processes (documents, interviews)  Compare with the required process framework (standards, models)  Identify the industry’s best practices  Prepare the gap analysis document Process Definition  Prepare and/or update the processes and related artifacts (templates, checklists, guidelines, forms)  Review the processes, obtain users feedback and approve the processes Implementation  Pilot the processes and carry out corrections  Implement on full scale (institutionalization) 9
  10. 10. Fermata’s offerings 2013PDI-Corporates 10 Certification TUV Rheinland Process Funding Business Plan Funding Plan ImplementationProcess Gap analysis Process definition Document Adequacy Certification Feasibility study 10
  11. 11. Sample of Consulting Services • Agricultural Sector – Plant in Ethiopia • Plastic Industry • Finishing School in Banking Domain • Industrial Engineering Space • Financial Plan for Bank Loan • Growth Model for a Restaurant • Telecom Service Space • Telecom Hardware Space • Mobile VAS Space • Telecom Education Space 11
  12. 12. Training Offerings 2013PDI-Corporates 12  Customer Facing Skills  Service Culture  Personal Effectiveness Skills  Project Management  Technology  Quality  Finance
  13. 13. At Your Service 2013PDI-Corporates 13 E-mail: Phone: +91-934 294 2171 +91-990 136 6375 +91-988 065 5481