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Projeto "Uma escola para a saúde" que representou portugal do V Fórum Europeu de Professores inovadores da Microsoft na Croacia

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Vct a school_for_health

  1. 1. Teacher Planning Final Products Presentation in PowerPoint. Questionnaire and results. Website. Transversality Proposal of articulators among different subjects; Rules The project will be developed in groups of 3/4 elements. Estimate number of lessons: 12 lessons of 90 minutes. Registration in the tables or in the forum. Guide lines General guide of the project. Tables Formation of the groups. Planning of the tasks. Registration To send the table with the planning of the tasks to the place which is proposed in the Platform e-learning. Documents 1. Teacher Student Guidance Group formation Planning of the Transversality Guidance Work
  2. 2. Project OverviewLearning Areas Technology of Information and Communication (TIC) or (ICT) Levels 10th Form Description As a teacher in the area of TIC, I proposed the participation in this school project to my students. The topic “A School for Health” embraces several areas, namely health, sexuality, nourishment, the use of psychoactive substances, sports practice, among others. Objectives To promote the education for health using the ICT . To use methodologies which favour the acquisition of competences and skills that value the experimental dimensions of the school work to promote individual and group entrepreneur capacities. To develop skills in the use of ICT. Software Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft FrontPage, Blog, e-learning platform and Internet. Resources Guides lines, books, research in the Internet, contact with institutions, questionnaires, photographs, debates and information sessions. Authors Fernanda Ledesma, D. João II Secondary School– Setúbal - Portugal Class and School
  3. 3. Teacher resources Research Search for information in Internet, books and others. Collect information in local institutions (Health Centres, Hospital, Associations, among others). Attend information sessions about the topic in or out of the school. Tips Guide line: How to organize the work. Guide line: How to research. Documents 2. Teacher Guide line: How to Guide line: How to Guidance research organize the work
  4. 4. Teaching Resources Presentation To build an electronic presentation in the Microsoft PowerPoint. To consult the rules in order to elaborate the electronic presentation in the guide available below. Estimated number of lessons: 3 Registration At the end of each lesson it is necessary to register the activities developed by the group in the forum of the e-learning platform. Documents 3. Teacher Guide Line: guidance Electronic Presentation
  5. 5. Teaching Resources Questionnaire Before the activities it is necessary to consult the guide line to prepare the questionnaire. To work out the questionnaire using the Microsoft Word. To hand in the questionnaire to the school population. To process the data in the spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel). Estimated number of lessons: 4 Registration At the end of each lesson it is necessary to register the activities developed by the group in the forum of the e-learning platform. Documents 4. Teacher Guide line to de Guidance questionnaire
  6. 6. Teaching Resources WebSite To operate a scheme for the web page in the Microsoft FrontPage. When all the groups finish the proposal of the web page, a poll will be carried out to select two of them, which will have the purpose of: make public the Project “Wireless Challenge“ to the community. organize all the projects of the class and all the school community under the heading “A School for Health “. the pages will be made public through the site of the school. Estimated number of lessons: 5 Registration At the end of each lesson it is necessary to register the activities developed by the group in the forum of the e-learning platform. Documents 5. Teacher Guide line of the Guidance FrontPage
  7. 7. Evaluation Evaluation Accomplishment of all the steps of the Methodology of the Project Work. Organization, attitudes and behaviour of the group in what concerns the development of the work (task sorting, active participation of all the elements of the group). Research (gathering, processing and organization of the information). Creativity and aspect (harmony of colours, characters, effects, etc). Oral presentation. Correct use of the applications. To assess your work, go to the e-learning Self-assessment platform and solve the quiz: Self assessment.Hetero-evaluation Each group will register the evaluation of the projects of the other groups in the diary of the e-learning platform.
  8. 8. Research and Final work Sites to the works E-learning Platform: Sites: Blog: with articles and results of the questionnaire about drugs. Some Works Psychoactive Questionnaire - Sports practice Questionnaire - HIV/AIDS substances Sport practice Sport practice
  9. 9. The project of the school in the contest “School initiative, teachers and lap tops”promoted by CRIE, proposed to spread a general dynamics called “WirelessChallenge”, under the topic “A School for Health”.The lessons to the development of the project can be sequential or along the schoolyear. Fernanda Ledesma ( PQND , group 550, ICT Coordinator Website: Platform: