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Explain End User Computing as phenomenon in IT Workfield - education purpose only

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End user computing feri sulianta

  1. 1. 06/06/2012 Goal • Addressing End User Computing as Increasing Phenomenon • Different kind of activities, cases and End User Computing problematic.End User Computing • Dialogue, how to face End User ComputingPhenomenon in Information Age • IT Specialist manage IT Dept. Five Main Resources Information Resources • Hardware • Human • Software • Material • Machines – (including facilities and energy) • Money } Physical • • • • IT Specialist The USERS Facility Database • Information (and data) } Conceptual • Information and data itself 1-3 Personal Information System Information System in Group Data/ Information  Hardware  User  Data Base Guidance … 1. … INPUT Y 2. … X = Y + 10 ^ 5 3. … PRINT X  Software  Procedur Data and Networking 1
  2. 2. 06/06/2012 End User Computing (EUC) as The End Users• End User : End user or client, who uses the phenomenon system information or information generated by • Environment that stimulate the user to information systems. Within organizations, resolve their own problems directly for internal users can be classified into (Ebert dan Griffin, 2003): information needs. • Staff • User such as managers, accountants • Low Level Manager and internal auditors, develop their own • Middle Level Manajer applications and use computer as an • Top Level Manajer advisor or specialist based on • Knowledge worker knowledge of their own How Good End User is? - Example The reason of EUC growth • They can create powerful application using OAS • IT Department less responsive in serving end user for information needs • They can manipulate OAS as ‘real database’ that you can’t imagine • The tendency of PC and hardware support are getting cheaper and can be • They can do programming just using connected easily to a server database OAS (ODBC) • Let see the example  • Availability of software which is more easily used by end users FACT Continue... • Although the company had to • Tunnel Between User’s Data to accommodate enterprise-scale Information System and otherwise information systems, there are many other pose a burden for the Department. IT. areas that have not been and is not • The need for synchronization, covered by the IT Dept the Users Adjustment, requests some data from specific needs. information systems to be managed • Users at any level have the Office separately by the users. package to assist their work (+ TOP Secret Data the which IT Person no need to know) 2
  3. 3. 06/06/2012 Masalah EUC (Romney, Steinbart, dan Cushing, 1997)EUC Risks Loss of central control Sistem dan program bisa jadi dikembangkan• Poorly aimed systems tanpa memperhatikan standar atau tujuan organisasi secara keseluruhan• Poorly designed/ documented systems Ignorance Aplikasi yang dibuat pemakai bisa jadi• Inefficient use of information documentation and mengandung kesalahan-kesalahan; tidak development melalui pengujian yang seharusnya dilakukan resources methods atau kurang terdokumentasi, sehingga dapat menimbulkan masalah dalam pengembangan• Loss of data integrity di kemudian hari• Loss of security• Loss of control 2-17 3
  4. 4. 06/06/2012 EUC Problems EUC Problems Count cont Security Threats • Problems of data access by unauthorizedRedundant resources • Users develop their own applications • Insecure data files on a microcomputer I • The fact is multiple applications can be • The user may not understand about data security shared by several users issues • The fact is hardware is replicated in several departments. • Result Thus occurred the "islands of automation" within the companyImcompatibility • Serious technical problems in microcomputer Operational Stage Computer system installation withput consider can arise when trying to use the program in problems technical aspects, such as power providers, static different system, share data with other electricity, and ventilation systems, or to operate in a data communications system The Strategic Implications of WORST CASE FOR IT PEOPLE? End-User Computing (EUC) • Levels of end users in terms of capabilities • Will ‘non IT people’ who are not - menu-level end users educated formally replace your job? – command-level end users • IT People lack of management skill, – end-user programmers softkill and social attitude compare to – functional support personnel others • EUC application considerations • Non IT People know the business – shifts workload so that end-users and information specialists’ talents are better and its process so well used – reduces communications gap 2-21 Real cases End User behaviour This what End User has done: • End User dengan Paket Office (how powerful office • How they ‘backup’ the sistem? packages are?) • End User with USB Flash Disk Drive • Mix and match software & OS • End User with Cloud Computing • Multiple antivirus to be safe • User friendly ‘Hacking’ Tool • Electical overload & UPS • End User with Internet Content • Pirated Software? No problem • End User close to the ‘BOSS’ • Thousands ‘freeware’ • End User with dangerous hobbies • End User with more access than IT Specialist • The way they use hardware : printer, • Ends User think, IT Specialist know everything buy device, maintenance dan clean hardware 4
  5. 5. 06/06/2012The Information Resource The CIO AttitudeManager -- the CIO • Business goal is a must.• Chief Information Officer (CIO) is not • Build partnerships/ties with the rest of simply a title, but role the firm• Manager of information services • Improve basic business processes• Contributes managerial skills • Communicate in business terms, not – Solves information resources problems IS jargon – Solves problems in other areas of firm’s • Provide reliable IS services operations • Be positive, not defensive 2-25 2-26 Communication Chain in EUC Reference  • Raymond Mc Leod – Management Information System • Materi SIM handout slide - Manajemen Sistem Informasi: Komponen IT Sistem Informasi. YFA – Yanuar Firdaus A.W, ST., MT. STTelkom. Specialist Agustus 2006 • Feri Sulianta. IT Ergonomic. Elexmedia computindo publishers. June 2010. • Feri Sulianta. PC EVIL. Elexmedia Komputindo Publisher. September 2009. • Feri Sulianta dan Yudhy Wicaksono. Cara Mudah menjadi Programmer Excel. Elexmedia Komputindo Publisher. February 2010. • Fajri Umbara. & Feri Sulianta. Cyber Ninja. Elexmedia Komputindo Publisher. June 2012. • http://hamrosoft.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Social-Networking- Terms.jpg • http://fm1397.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/social-japan-china.jpeg • http://www.techwireasia.com/wp- User Computer content/uploads/2012/05/Social_Networking_Users_In_Asia_May_201 2.jpg • http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_H5LBvaXZCWw/TI16ewIVGyI/AAAAAAAAEj E/G91zTRnOXrA/s1600/networks-2.jpg Education only 5