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Lecture 3 31.3.2011


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Bodily Interaction Lecture Notes
by Ferhat Sen
Aalto University,
School of Art and Design
Media Lab

Published in: Education
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Lecture 3 31.3.2011

  1. 1. Bodily Interaction Lecture 3, 31.3.2011 by Ferhat Sen
  2. 2. Two Paths for Kinect• OpenKinect (libfreenect)• OpenNI/NITE
  3. 3. TUIOKinect• simple hand gestures using the Kinect• depth filtering method• blob detection• sends control data based on the TUIO protocol (based on OSC)• libfreenect by the OpenKinect• Mac Only, needs to be compiled for other platforms
  4. 4. TUIO
  5. 5. OpenNI2TUIO• uses OpenNI• skeletal tracking method• sends only active hands• thru TUIO protocol• sends it to localhost on port 3333. to change: modify the code and compile.• Mac Only, needs to be compiled for other platforms
  6. 6. KinectCoreVision• Depth Filtering Method• Finger tracking (fingertip detection)• Not robust yet• Sends through TUIO
  7. 7. KinectTouch• multitouch pad out of any surface• depth filter• touch pad area can be defined manually.• touch points are mapped to TUIO cursors
  8. 8. pix_freekinect• uses libfreenect-OpenKinect• Tilt Head• change Led Color• get RGB (not worked on mine)• getDepth (not worked on mine)• getIR(not worked on Mine)
  9. 9. Receive TUIO in PD• sessionID cursorID xPos yPos xSpeed ySpeed acceleration• Pure Data:
  10. 10. Skeletal Tracking in PD• on monday :)