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Ferhat karadağ 20110717

  1. 1. 20110717SUBJECT:MİCROSOFT
  2. 2.  Microsoft windows, graphical user inte rfaces and visualmessages, approaching, run programs, eliminating the need toissue a command such as the writing on the keyboard, Microsoft Corporation has developed a family of operating systems.
  3. 3.  MİCROSOFTUnlike the first operating system, MS-friend program you can workon Windows at the same time a large number. Windows is the most widely used desktop operating system market. In 2002, thewindows the owner of the worldwide desktop market share ofapproximately 97.46lık%, 89% of this level of statistics shows thatthe month of April 2006. This area is currently the most serious challenge Linuxtur
  4. 4.  The last member of his family to month January 30, 2007 piyasWindows Windows Vista.
  5. 5.  Microsoft Windows family of operating systems, MS- DOS environment, for more on the former IBM PCstarted out as a graphics layer. Modern versions are based on the newer Windows NT kernel Windows 32-bit and 64-bit Intel and AMD processors will run on the older versions of the DEC Alpha, MIPS R4000, and PowerPC architectures, the working
  6. 6.  Used by the IA-64 Intel Itanium processors, and then release of the AMD64 architecture, presented versions of Microsofts current operating systems that support them. Modern 64-bit Windowsfamily, Windows XP 64-bit Edition for IA-64 systems, WindowsXP Professional x64 Edition for AMD64 systems, and consists ofWindows Server 2003.
  7. 7.  Enhanced version of Windows for mobile devices, referred to as the Windows CE family, true 32-bit operating system, ARM,StrongARM, XScale, and M IPS processors, Intel works. Is available in versions running on Windows NT, XP, and embedded in Jenin.
  8. 8. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen
  9. 9.  Microsoft. NET Framework, through various distribution channelsavailable to Windows users on a Microsoft Windows component.These distribution channels include the Microsoft Update Website and the Microsoft Download Center. This component is installed on some new computers
  10. 10.  Popular Electronics (Popular Electronics), date d January 1, 1975showing the Altair 8800, Bill Gates, after reading the number ofnew micro- computer MITSnin (Micro Instrumentation an d Telemetry Systems), creators call, offered to introduce the programming language BASIC for the system
  11. 11.  Gates had neither interpreter nor an Altair system, but still in DEMO 8-week period before he and Allen developed the interpreter. MITS Altair BASIC interpreter DE MO worked andagreed to distribute. Gates left Harvard University to MITSinAlbuquerque, New Mexico moved and founded Microsoft there.
  12. 12.  Allen Gates, Microsoft for the first time without a hyphen in the name of a letter written November 29 and 26 November 1976, an official trademark in 1975, was used. November 1 1978, Japans first international company "ASCII Microsoft" was the title of
  13. 13. • January 1, 1979, Albuquerque şiket Bellevue, Washington moved to his new home. [22] Later, as CEO Steve Ballmer, Bill Gates, who will follow the June 11 1980, joined the company
  14. 14.  The company restructured in 1981, the main province of June 25 in Washington, became a joint stock company (by making a changecalled "Microsoft, Inc.". As). As part of restructuring the companys chairman Bill Gates and Paul Allen, deputy president, while waschairman of the board.
  15. 15. REFERENCES:WWW.MİCROSOFT.COM AND• tr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Windows