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Conventions of a horror


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This is a presentation I created to describe the typical conventions of the genre 'Horror'

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Conventions of a horror

  1. 1. What is genre?a class or category of artistic endeavour having a particular form, content ortechnique.
  2. 2. I will be writing about the typical conventions of the genre ‘horror’Some examples of horror consist off• Pyscho• The shining• The exorcist• Wolf Creek• The decent• Saw• Texas chainsaw massacre
  3. 3. Typically a horror film is made to try and ‘scare’ the viewer,however in some situations it does more. Horror films alwayshave one basic theme which the plot revolves around. Suchas: Psychological, religious, monsters (supernatural), Gore orin some circumstances a true story. These movies all havesimilar incentives: To try and frighten and shock us, to invokehidden fears, cause dread and alarm and often end in aterrifying, shocking finale.
  4. 4. There is always some sort of lead character, in the cases of horror movieswhich involve murder, this character is often the survivor.The villain/killer/monster of the film often has a trade mark technique.Whether it is the way in which he kills his victims or the weapon he usesto do it. For example in ‘Jason’ or ‘Freddie vs. Jason’ Jason always has ahockey mask and a machete alternatively Freddie has metal claws and ablack and red striped jumper. This can often lead to some history of thecharacter. Similar to many different genres, horror usually functions witha Protagonist and an Antagonist. Typically the Protagonist is the victorof the epic battle which gives provides the audience with a catharticexperience.
  5. 5. Typically a small isolated town or village, any dark, ominousplaces which make the characters isolated and alone. Oftenthere are places which have some sort of history, such as ahouse where a family was murdered. Horror films can often beset in forests or woods as well, this creates can be effective as itcreates an atmosphere of no civilisation. For example ‘TheBlare Witch Project’
  6. 6.  Camera angles are very important to make a horror film. Different angles create different atmospheres. For example a handheld shot can prevent the audience from seeing what they want to, this can make the killer/monster much more scary when it is finally revealed. For example ‘Paranormal Activity’ POV shots allow the audience to see from the killer/monsters perspective, an e example of this is when we can see the monster looking at the victim, however the victim is oblivious. Extreme close ups can be used to connote the fear on the protagonists face, alternatively they can be used to show the rage of the antagonist.