A letter to the women on Malolos


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A letter to the women on Malolos

  1. 1. A letter to the Women of Malolos<br />
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  3. 3. December 12, 1888 a group of twenty young women of Malolos petitioned Governador-General Weyter for permission to open a “night-school” so that they might study Spanish under TeodoroSandiko.<br />But they will be teach under senorita Guadalupe Reyes quoted writing in the article.<br />Let us be reasonable and open our eyes, especially you women because you are the first to influence the consciousness of man.<br />Remember that a good mother does not resemble the mother that the friar has created, she must bring up her child to the image of the true God, not a black mailing, grasping God, but of a God who is our father of all.<br />A letter to the Women of Malolos<br />
  4. 4. Awaken and prepare the will of our children towards, honorable, judged by proper standard, dear judgment, clear procedure, honesty in act/deed, love for the fellowmen and respect for God.<br />Teach them that life is full of thorns and thistles.<br />The duties that woman has to perform in order to deliver the people from suffering are of no little importance, but be they as they may, they will not be beyond the strength and stamina of the Filipino people.<br />The power and good judgment of the woman of the Philippines are well known, and it is because of this that she has been hood winkled, and tired and rendered pusillcinimous, and now her end slavers rest at ease, because so long as they can the Filipino mother a slave, so long will they be able to make slaves of their children.<br />
  5. 5. If she is maiden, the young man should love her not only because of her beauty and her amiable character, but also an account of her fortitude of mind and loftiness of purposes.<br />Open your children’s eyes so that they may guard their honor, love their fellowmen and their native land.<br />
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  7. 7. <ul><li>Rachelle Bacudio
  8. 8. In this novel Dr. Jose Rizal open our mind and eyes what happen in the year of Spaniards, women of Malolos is very brave the fight for their right and own good also to their native land.
  9. 9. JessaTelan
  10. 10. For my reflection Rizal found out that the god command is different from that the priest that piety does not consists in prolonged kneeling long prayers, large rosaries soiled scapulars but in good conduct clean conscience and right thinking.</li></ul>Reflection of the group <br />
  11. 11. <ul><li>Toni Ross Jorge
  12. 12. The letter to the women of malolos wakes the Filipino’s mind. Especially to the mother. They knew that every women have a power to be a model to their children and they can be a responsible person. And the women who wants to study, they can send it now on school by their parents because they fight for their right for a good education.
  13. 13. Kenesis Cesar
  14. 14. The article of Rizal “ The letter to the women of Malolos “ gives priority in giving good education to youth. It also impost that women special mother have a big power in molding youth to be a responsible one Rizal also gives challenge to the women to open the mind of the youth in their time to know really what is happening in our country before Rizal gives also hint to women of malolos on how to teach in educational term, emotional term, and religious term to the Filipino youth. In this article women of malolos Mother to be a good role models to its children.</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>CharivicArticona
  15. 15. We know the woman of malolos have big responsibility in their family. That being a woman you’re the one will do the responsibility in your house. But the woman in malolos the y want to help to our country to have a freedom.
  16. 16. Ferdinand Esterado
  17. 17. The letter to the woman of malolos giving good education especially to the mother. They have a big responsibility to their child. They are the model on hot to be a good person.</li></li></ul><li>A letter to the women of Malolos.<br />
  18. 18. Past Lesson<br />
  19. 19. Rizal in 19th century<br />
  20. 20. Kenesis Cesar<br />Rachelle Bacudio<br />JessaTelan<br />Toni Ross Jorge<br />CharivicArticona<br />Ferdinand Esterado<br />Members of Group 7 I-C ACSC<br />