City of the future


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City of the future

  1. 1. City of the Future Fernando Bustamante L.
  2. 2. Cities Today: Problems with cities today that need to improve: • Pollution • Overcrowded of vehicles and people • Unsustainable growth • Inefficient administration and use of resources • Stress to inhabitants
  3. 3. My Vision • I envision a smart city, where sustainability and environment friendly policy’s are amongst the main objectives. Technology play`s a very important role, but the main agent of change must start from ourselves. Smart Communications Smart use of space Sustainability & Enviroment Friendly City of the Future No discrimination Smart Transport
  4. 4. Sustainable: Cities will be able to take the most out of the enviroment, using power generated from sun, water, oceantides, wind, etc.. They will not disturb nor disrupt their enviroment, and be self-sufficient.
  5. 5. Recycling and use of resources • Recycling would be extended to every activity involving use of renewable resources. • The use of non-renwable energy would be extremly limited. • Paper will be replaced by digital re-usable paper.
  6. 6. Real time communications • Technology would help every citizen and enterprise to be informed in real time of a series new and infos: – Bicylce availabilty, Metro and bus exact timing, Holographic cell phones, House information (security related, bills, room tempurature), Direct contact between supermarket and home supplies, etc.. – Real time logistic info about supply needs and production states. – Every transaction will be digital, with new security measures to ensure a safe transaction. – Online Interviews…
  7. 7. Smart transport • Examples: – Public transport 80-90% of city transport. – Space elevators – Teletransportation – Air cruisers • All these examples point to a better use of resources and efficient transportation. • No more traffic jams and exact timing for destination desired. • Instant teleportation for extreme distances.
  8. 8. Smart use of space: • Underground parks. • Self-sustainable buildings • Vertical use of space, instead of expanding horizontally.
  9. 9. No discrimination, global country: • Helped by technology an globalization there would be a developed sense of a world community. • People would better understand their role and the color of your skin wouldn`t matter.
  10. 10. Conclusion In the future we will live in cities that have learned the correct use of natural resources respecting the enviroment in which we live. Sustainability will be a relevant driver when building any social, commercial or industrial structure. Recycling will be mandatory. Efficient public transportation will be the rule. Cities will have a much better interaction with its community and other cities. Cities of the future will be great places to live in. As the society turns older more respect and facilities will be in place to improve life quality.