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Story Work6


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Story Time III

Published in: Travel
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Story Work6

  1. 1. My business trip to Germany
  2. 2. Many time ago, I had to travel to Germany to make business with a sales company
  3. 3. First I had to go to the International Airport. I were there 3 hours before my flight.
  4. 4. In the airplane, the attentions were just excellent
  5. 5. When the airplane arrived, I had to go to the customs agent, he asked me for my passport and checked all my documents.
  6. 6. After I passed the customs agent inspection, I went to my business mate that were waiting for me
  7. 7. She invited me to take a tour in the city with her, obiously I accepted it inmediately
  8. 8. We went to the Berlin city tour buses, and then the tour began.
  9. 9. We went to the Brandenburg Gate, The Reichstag, The new Holocaust Memorial and The Berlin Wall.
  10. 10. My business mate taked me to drink a beer at Oktoberfest festival.
  11. 11. All the people at Germany are kind and warm.
  12. 12. I was just thinking, how they did to become a good nation after the second world war? It is hard to imagine how the city were just in ruins and the people rebuilt it again.
  13. 13. After the tour, I went to the Concorde Berlin Hotel
  14. 14. The last day I stayed in Germany, I closed the business with the company.
  15. 15. Unfortunately my trip ended and I had to return to Mexico