Two Months Out of the Box- takes the Center Stage


Published on has completed 2 successful months- the learning curve was worth the walk. Check out what we learned from you, the IT Recruiters and Expert IT Professionals. Thanks for the faith, and stay tuned.

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Two Months Out of the Box- takes the Center Stage

  1. 1. Two Months Out of the Box- eTeki takes the Center Stage. Yay! ETeki is two months old. The core idea of bringing together IT Recruiters, expert IT interviewers and letting them run their experiments on consenting IT candidates, has brought in the expected, overwhelming responses. Thank you. If you aren’t part of the revolution yet, Register Now. Ask us anything!! (Let loose the Sherlock in you)… Quite naturally, adapting to a brand new online interview platform was always going to look away from the main track. As a diligent IT Recruiter, this would be an excursion outside your cosy, comfort zone. You posted us some amazing queries at as well as praised us for simplifying the erstwhile ‘complicated’ IT recruitment process with the simpler online interview idea. Sample this- How is it going to save me money? It does save money, in a number of ways. Avoid building costly infrastructure to conduct IT interviews that tests individual skills of the candidate, avoid redirecting in-house experts from existing tasks and run them through the monotonous, repetitive interview process. Ultimately, a bad hire can be a costly mistake too. Can you guarantee that the IT candidate that I hire through eTeki will be better than what I could unearth conventionally? That’s a very firm ‘YES’. The screening method are more detailed, the parameters on which the candidate must qualify are supervised by a certified domain expert, the onus is to not merely qualify a candidate but ensure that the said applicant has the logical mind to apply his/her knowledge in real world scenarios. These things are difficult, if not impossible, to ascertain and establish in a traditional ‘sit down’ IT interview. What’s the catch, what’s eTeki’s business model? Well, eTeki is merely a platform that brings together the IT Recruiter and the expert IT professional/interviewer. However, eTeki is also committed to making this a simple, indulgent and scalable experience for everyone involved. We earn our dough by charging a miniscule percentage over the price charged by your selected expert IT interviewer per interview. A Conclave of IT Experts- Sharing knowledge, networking and bringing in the moolah! The online interview concept works very well for the IT professional/expert in you. Possessing a unique technological talent, a deep insight into the workings of your specific domain and the instinctive problem solving skills, makes you an ideal partner to an IT Recruiter who is looking to hire a good candidate. As a freelancing ‘IT Expert for hire’ you put your immense talents to unearth the apparent and latent skills of a candidate, who has been assigned to you by the IT Recruiter. Did you follow that??
  2. 2. Apparently, you did. Over 10,000 certified IT experts are now part of eTeki. And just like the IT Recruiters, you peppered us with some interesting questions too. I can only afford to give two free hours per week to conduct interviews. Does that work? Of course, it does. The duration specified by you is the ‘only’ time that you freelance on eTeki, with no imposition or rule in place demanding a set number of hours per day/week. An IT Recruiter who finds your profile matching his requirement, the time factor upto his/her liking and is at ease with your quoted price per interview will definitely contact you over eTeki. Do I have to pay anything to enlist myself as an IT expert on eTeki? Nope. You quote a price per interview, your availability and sit back tight. The services of eTeki are available to you for FREE. Creating real value, through innovation… The road before eTeki is long, and many milestones peek out of the thick haze of persistence. Thank you, for making our effort a success- and stay tuned for the many new solutions, yet to come.