5 unbeatable strategies to hire the best it talent


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5 unbeatable strategies to hire the best it talent

  1. 1. Online IT Recruiting http://eteki.com 5 Unbeatable Strategies to hire the Best IT Talent. As an IT Recruiter, getting the right candidate is the most important morsel in your plate. It can indeed be a difficult task, time consuming and prone to moments of unbound frustration. Relax. We have compiled a list of checkpoints that should make IT recruitment a breeze. These are real-world experiences, from ingenious IT recruiters just like you, consolidated for your reading pleasure. Try applying these through your next IT recruitment drive, and believe! Confidence begets Confidence- as an IT Recruiter; you must project yourself as the picture of confidence, knowledge and an absolute expert in the IT domain that you are hiring for. Experts agree that subconscious signals are easily picked on by candidates, and a lacklustre approach to IT recruitment can force you to ignore the obvious, or imagine promise where there is none. Simply put, you must really believe in the business you work for, before advertising that message out externally when recruiting. You also need to work on your communication skills if conceptualising ideas has always been a nagging problem. Bet, you already knew this. How about practising it with a bit more fervour next time around? Be an interactive, proactive bridge- Usually, as an IT Recruiter, you serve as the bridge between a Manager/Product Head etc, and the prospective IT candidate. Often, JDs are forwarded to you, with a verbal/written synopsis of the requirement and you embark on the fox hunt. How about being a bit more proactive instead? Speak to the Managers directly, ask the difficult questions and be ready to adapt your approach in line with the stated requirement. Commit in writing to what you have agreed to deliver and make sure you keep your promises. Ensure clear Visibility- Sometimes, an ingenious IT recruiter, a well-balanced job description and an exciting place to work might still suffer from a clear lack of visibility. Always ask yourself the following two questions  How visible is my brand? Can IT candidates apply for a position easily? In this age of Social Media, creating a brand image for your parent company shouldn’t be a big problem (unless your business handles secret missions for the CIA). Also, potential candidates across the generations have been attracted to the same core principals in a prospective job opportunityensure that your breadcrumbs over the online media and elsewhere are through provoking and action oriented. Get some Assist, from Job Agencies- While direct IT recruitment is a good idea, involving a bigger team of people working towards the same cause could be infinitely more time saving, relaxing and drive better results. Job Agencies are essentially the first line of filtering, and the more you filter, the
  2. 2. Online IT Recruiting http://eteki.com higher the chances to uncover real gold. However, ensure that your primary concerns of budget and deadlines are promptly met. Test Unknown Waters- IT Recruitment is getting an online makeover, a simpler, comprehensive approach that essentially amounts to outsourcing the hiring to a verified group of IT Professionals/Experts who freelance as IT interviewers. What’s better? It costs less, is quicker and produces better results as compared to the conventional methods of IT recruitment in circulation. And in a stroke of luck, we at eTeki.com are pioneering this idea. Pre-register and read all about it. There, the list as promised. Did we miss out on anything? Talk to us about it. And all the very best getting the best IT talent on board.