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Quadra Neutra


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socio-environmental responsibility action.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Quadra Neutra

  1. 1. WHAT IS CARBON EMISSION? All daily activities cause some form of carbon emission: driving a car, flying, using the air conditioner, and many other things. So, tons of carbon are released into the atmosphere, increasing the pollution and causing gigantic climate changes. CARBON NEUTRALIZATION Carbon neutralization or compensation consists on performing environmental actions of the same proportion to compensate for the impact caused by the emissions of greenhouse gases released into the environment.
  2. 2. WHAT IS THE ROLE OF QUADRA NEUTRA? Through an association with certified companies in the carbon market, Quadra Neutra ensures full consulting services in conceiving, developing, and adapting projects to neutralize the emission of gases, allowing interested companies to acquire carbon credits. These carbon credits work as currency in the clean market, generating revenue for reforestation, soil recovery, and river cleaning projects. CERTIFIED NEUTRALIZATIONS All projects that receive the neutralization certificate from Quadra Neutra are proven to be carbon neutral since they are compensated by environmental projects already in place, complying with the Kyoto Protocol and UN regulations. We are affiliated with the Chicago Climate Exchange, Gold Standard Foundation, Social Carbon Registry, and other Carbon Market regulatory entities.
  3. 3. WHERE DOES QUADRA NEUTRA ACT? • Neutral Magazine Does your company have an internal newsletter, a promotional magazine, or any publication that involves graphic print production? It is possible to neutralize it without interfering in the work quality. • Neutral Fleet Imagine how much carbon can be neutralized applying our project to you vehicle fleet. It means more balance to the planet and it is more economic than neutralizing your entire company. • Neutral Events Promoting your next event following a neutralization project is a great idea. With the Neutral Project stamp, your clients will know of your concern about the environment and the planet. Learn more about each one of these projects and include your company in a practical and legitimate socio-environmental responsibility action. Call Quadra Neutra and schedule a visit: 55 11 3071-2705.