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  1. 1. OpenSource Geotagging Application Geotagging is the process of adding geographical identification metadata to various media
  2. 2. Basics ➲ Geotagging is HARD! ➲ Geo-locating an image with no information is really difficult,try it out! ➲ There are less META files with EXIF Data on the Internet than you think
  3. 3. OpenSource Application? ➲ There is a need for a OpenSource Application that helps the geotagging of Meta-Data ➲ A little example is viable on the GeoTagX website: a Here we created a geotagging application based on OpenStreetMap. The only real help is the possibility to describe a wide area, and not only a single
  4. 4. A look into the Future ➲ The future utility of a geotagging system integrated with a EXIF search engine is UBERLY immense! ➲ Try to imagine walking into CERN wearing your new AWESOME (omg i want them so much) Google Glasses, just wandering around, being able to see all the photos from the past geolocated all around you, you could “litterally” travel in time. Imagine hearing a tour of cern based on where you are.
  5. 5. Italians are first! … not. ➲ A fairly small team of italian web developers (wich i'm leading) are working to make this happen. ➲ We are trying to develop a EXIF search engine that actually works ( not like ) and create ad uniqe multi-platform application that will enable a raspberry with wi-fi connection to become a Time-Travel Machine.
  6. 6. Sadly nothing is yet out ➲ The project will seek to create a User- Friendly-AND-Helping geotagging system in order to geo-tag (with crowd-crafting [Thanks pybossa team!]) old photos,video,music without EXIF data. ➲ The second stage will be creating a EXIF Crawler for those Meta-Data files ➲ The third stage will be creating a multi- platform application wich will work on computers, mobiles, ecc. that enable you to travel into history...and present
  7. 7. OPEN SOURCE! ➲ Yes it will be Open Source, Yes it will be hosted on GitHub! ➲ YES you can contribute! ➲ NO you cannot cause we've not passed the initial fase of the project, we're still gathering ideas (any help is appreciated)
  8. 8. We Like Pizza ➲ As a wonderfull Pizza, you cannot begin a project without having a clear idea of what you want it to be in the end. ➲ With the GeoTagX Web-Site the geotagging plugin is secretly under test, in order to understand if it could be used and upgraded to a perfect/usefull version ➲ P.S. The secret to a good pizza is that you can fold it 4 times without the center breaking!
  9. 9. Thank you ➲ With all the Dream and Wishes i put upon you i told you basically nothing and hopefully a lot. Cheers, Fausto.
  10. 10. Thank you ➲ With all the Dream and Wishes i put upon you i told you basically nothing and hopefully a lot. Cheers, Fausto.