El cuento del envase vacilón


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El cuento del envase vacilón (The story of nice bottle)

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El cuento del envase vacilón

  1. 1. El cuento del Envase Vacilón The story of nice bottle
  2. 2. Hello friends! I am going to tell all something very important, so make sure yourears are open really, really wide…Are they open?...OK, well listen very carefully
  3. 3. On our planet, there are many things: trees and rivers, people, flowerpots andelephants, clouds, rocks, sparrows, socks and bottles. Do you know what I am?
  4. 4. Look at me very closely…I´m a bottle! And a very beautiful and elegant bottle at that!
  5. 5. There are many, millions and millions of bottles of diffrent forms… some are quite strange: we are rectangular, circular, with short or long necks, tall, fat, skinny…
  6. 6. In addition, we have writing on our chests and backs showing our names and what we contain! Juice, water, soap, cologne, soda, milk…and many other things.
  7. 7. Oh! I almost forgot: For what we contain, we have written in very small letters, something important that we should always, always read and never forget: EXPIRATION DATE!
  8. 8. But wait! We have a problem, my friends, that we need to solve. When people finish what we have stored in our belly, they throw us in the trash and mix with the leftovers of potatoes, lettuce, dirty napkins, and fish scraps… It smells
  9. 9. Bottles don´t want to be trash, we want… We want… See if say it...without making a mistake.. We want to be recycled, that´s it, recycled and… in this way we can be used again.
  10. 10. Reclycling. Have you heard of this word before? Should I explain it a little? Wellhere it goes… This word has somethig magical: To recycle is to re-use something that we thing can not be used and throw in the trash
  11. 11. I´m giong to explain this clearly and slowly. Listen carefully! In our streets there are yellow containers that are for throwing away light bottles, in other words, plastic bottles and cans.
  12. 12. After throwing us in this special container, a truck brings us to a factory where weare made into beatiful new thigns… In this way we stop being trash and we are able to be used again. And… being recycled, we can be converted into a ball, a pair of shoes, or a big fun slide.
  13. 13. But we have a ploblem. Do you know what it is? Its´s that… we cannot bring ourselves to the container alone.
  14. 14. We must be brought by kids, grandparents, moms and dads, teachers, artists,plumbers, waiters…Everyone, everyone has to put us in a bag, only for bottles, andbrind us to our special container with the yellow top where we meet all our friends.
  15. 15. So without kicking and screaming, we ask you, see us in the kitchen, in therefrigerator, or in any others place, always remenber that if you recycle us, we can be used again.
  16. 16. In this way we are ableto help the Earth to be stronger and healthier… withouttrash as beatiful as possible, and its all thanks to this magic thing that we have learned today: RECYCLE!
  17. 17. Fin
  18. 18. Los dibujos de esta presentación han sidocoloreados por los alumn@s de 6º de Primaria del CEIP Al-YussanaLa banda sonora es una adaptación original de Alberto de Paz Mora