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Human In The Net


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•Overemphasis of technological solutions to social problems
•Chinese netizen culture against Internet censorship, use of shock therapy to treat Internet addiction
•Easy mapping technology which bridges the virtual and the real

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Human In The Net

  1. 1. online activism without getting strung up in tech Human in the Net © Reuters
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  4. 11. Computers don't fix the world. We do.
  5. 12. 'techno-utopianism'
  6. 14. 'technological determinism'
  7. 15. "...not only young people in the Muslim world, but young people across theworld are increasingly disconnected from authority, from government,from all kinds of institutions that have been historically thefoundations of society, because they are so interconnected through theinternet, something that my generation can’t really understand."
  8. 16. "...when you think about the power of this information connection to youngpeople, I don’t think it should cause panic in people my age. I don’tthink we should begin trying to stop it and prevent it. We ought tofigure out how better to utilize it. You go back to the millennia; howwere values passed around? Sitting around a fire, how were valuescommunicated? In the homes by parents and grandparents. Now, values arebeing communicated by the internet, and we cannot stop it. Solet’s figure out how better to use it, participate in it, andparticularly to focus on the needs of young people. They’re oftenlooking for information. They’re looking for answers." —— Hillary Clinton, Jan. 21, 2010
  9. 17. So what works and where to begin? in many cases, illiberal (or worse) discourse goes unquestioned; this online social fabric can be reconstituted. The space needs to be filled.
  10. 20. @CN4Iran #CN4Iran
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  12. 23. A primary human rights issue indirectly receiving mainstream media exposure
  13. 24. • incomprehensible • very few Chinese have independent blogs • Streisand Effect; CCP paints itself into a corner on this one ("harmonization")
  14. 25. • lack of clear focus ("government transparency") • barriers to access ( and • English 'Tweets' really turn people off; high deterrence factor
  15. 27.
  16. 28. Participaction One simple but effective way to get human rights information online in a way that 'netizens' will be able to process, share, and interact with.
  17. 29. Visualize Dissent: Turkish Users Protest Censorship Using Google Maps
  18. 30.
  19. 31.
  20. 32.
  21. 33. Mapping the election conditions in Zimbabwe
  22. 34. War on Gaza
  23. 35. China Freedom Map 1.0
  24. 36. China Freedom Map 2.0
  25. 37.
  26. 38. 1. What issues can be mapped? 2. Where would the data come from and who would post it? 3. How would you expect the project to develop (challenges, obstacles, next stages)?
  27. 39. Internet addicts aren't the only group of people being subjected to electroshock therapy, but they're certainly the loudest.
  28. 40. "It is the future battlegrounds that Human Rights supporters should be identifying and occupying, not wasting valuable time and energy re-fighting old wars." —— Professor Conor Gearty "Can Human Rights Survive?" , Oxford University Press, 2006