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  2. 2. Overview  Establishing Cendol as a Drink to the World has been our aim for many years. In this regard, the establishment of Cendolah (brand name) reflects the seriousness of G&G Dessert Products (G&G) in pursuing its objective. G&G has been task to further boost the Malaysian Heritage Food agenda in terms of product development and branding enhancement as well as commercial and industry development. 07/04/09 2
  3. 3. Overview  Cendolah products and services are fast gaining Malaysian recognition as heritage food. It sets a new benchmark for food and beverage industry. Cendolah has the potential to become a world associated not only with product quality, but also with international best practices throughout the nation. 07/04/09 3
  4. 4. Overview  In this respect, G&G will continue to raise the standards for food and beverage industry in line with changing global trends building on the existing Malaysian Halal Certification which is already most widely recognized registered Halal Logo in the world. This trend also needs to be capitalised commercially, especially for economic benefit of Malaysia, as the product has the potential to be a lucrative and sustainable industry. 07/04/09 4
  5. 5. Overview  In the spirit of co-operation and collaboration, G&G will leverage and utilize existing Malaysian know-how to build partnerships, around the world and ultimately enable more people to benefit from the positive attributes associated with food and beverage industry. G&G welcomes and will continue to support such collaboration that will bring Cendolah benefits to the World. 07/04/09 5
  6. 6. Food & Beverages – A Fast Growing Global Industry  Food and beverages is today among the world’s fastest growing global industry with a built-in consumer across the world. It is an emerging market force that is attracting all Malaysian with its wholesome, hygienic and contamination-free principles in food production. Cendolah ultimately has a consumer almost nationwide.  The interest and demand for Halal-certified products and services continue to increase across local and global markets, making Cendolah not just a Malaysian obligation, but also a powerful market force. Cendolah is emerging as the standard of choice for consumers in many parts of Malaysia and the World. 07/04/09 6
  7. 7. Cendolah – Good for Business  Cendolah makes good economic sense. It is the answer to many of the consumers’ concerns regarding the safety and wholesomeness of products on offer. G&G offers opportunities for government agencies, bankers, companies, corporative, entrepreneur and individual to join us and be part of us of this exciting emerging local and global market force that is also likely to be one of the fastest growing business arenas in the coming years.  G&G Dessert Products Sdn Bhd has the ability, capacity and strength to provide the best quality products. With the experience, knowledge and expertise, we will build our niche in the local and global food and beverage market. 07/04/09 7
  8. 8. Global Market Economy on Halal Products Halal Food Hub  The global market value for halal food is estimated at about US$547 billion a year. Recognizing this, many countries are undertaking various initiatives to capitalize on the growth potential. Malaysia, as a Muslim nation, has the edge and is well positioned to be the hub for the promotion, distribution and production of halal food and non-food products. As the Malaysian Government is focusing on increasing food production in the country as well as making Malaysia an international halal hub, food- processing companies can leverage on Malaysia’s strength in halal certification and Government’s promotional efforts to capture the halal market overseas. 07/04/09 8
  9. 9. Global Market Economy on Halal Products  In the Ninth Malaysia Plan, Malaysia will be developed as a center for the certification of halal products and the Department of Islamic Development, Malaysia (JAKIM) certification will be promoted worldwide.  In addition, Malaysia will be positioning herself as the reference center for trade and investment promotion of halal products and services by designating Malaysia International Halal Showcase (MIHAS) and the World Halal Forum (WHF) as the international annual platforms for halal trade and create opportunities for strategic collaboration and alliances. Recognizing the potential of the halal industry, the Government has established the Halal industry development Corporation (HDC), as a body to coordinate the overall development of the industry. 07/04/09 9
  10. 10. Global Market Economy on Halal Products Food Niche markets – Opportunities  Currently, the key areas for growth and development in the food processing industry in Malaysia are functional food, convenience food, food ingredients and halal food. Convenience Food  With changing lifestyle, convenience foods continued to be the trend. In Malaysia, food manufacturers are introducing new convenience foods with Asian recipes to meet the additional interest in ethnic food. Convenience foods produced in Malaysia are in the form of chilled and frozen, home-meal replacements, ready-to-cook, ready- to-eat and ready-to-drink meal. 07/04/09 10
  11. 11. Promoting Malaysian Heritage Food to The World Special Heritage Food  The National Heritage Department would step up promotions of local food overseas to attract tourist to the country. Some 500 local dishes listed under the national heritage had been picked for promotions abroad.  Cendol is one of the local dishes listed. G&G Dessert Products Sdn Bhd (G&G), a local company base in Johor has the expertise and knowledge in food industry been manufacturing and marketing instant cendol ready to drink called “ Cendolah”. It’s a cordial drink (pati asli cendol) without the noodles and other accessories. 07/04/09 11
  12. 12. Promoting Malaysian Heritage Food to The World Special Heritage Food  We still maintain the characteristic taste and aroma of the drink. A mixture of santan, gula melaka and daun pandan is the key ingredients that leave a savory taste in our mouth that has made them so popular in Malaysia for generation.  By inventing Cendolah as an instant drink is an another way to preserved the traditional way of cendol as one of the special heritage food of Malaysia to the world. 07/04/09 12
  13. 13. Promoting Malaysian Heritage Food to The World Special Heritage Food  By modernizing and producing a quality product and hygienic will definitely popularize Malaysia’s food delights worldwide and create greater awareness and acceptance about the country’s heritage, image and revenue.  Cendolah will also provide with a heritage branding and help to boost business and tourism, giving a special “oomph” to Malaysian restaurants overseas.  Promoting Malaysia’s heritage food can indeed help attract tourist just as they are drawn to visiting the world’s heritage sites. 07/04/09 13
  14. 14. Outlook  There can certainly be predicted a growing demand for premium food items, which is indicated by the increasing living standards and purchasing power of the modern Malaysian population. The food service segment is also interesting from the supply perspective. Competition is not so much about branding but more on price as the supply factor is based on bulk purchase. Apart from widespread fast food chains, coffee bars, wine bars and Western style cafeterias offer a wide range of pastries, confectionaries, and snacks, including Western food menus for lunch and dinner.  In recent times there can be observed a trend towards an organic sub-sector, which is expanding rapidly. As the population is becoming more health-conscious due to growing living standards and purchasing power, the number of organic shops is expected to expand. 07/04/09 14
  15. 15. Outlook  Even though the higher living standard has increased the demand for fast food a change in food consumption is expected due to increased awareness and social progress in the coming years.  Quality food products and low fat products will face a higher demand because of the rapid increase in lifestyle diseases, such as high blood pressure, heart problems due to overweight and change in eating habits. In Malaysia it is essential to be present in exhibitions in order to promote food products. By this, we could probably get the chance to meet the potential and right contacts. 07/04/09 15
  16. 16. CENDOL Key Differences Between Cendolah & Traditional Cendol Cordial Cendol (concentrated) Traditional Cendol 07/04/09 16
  17. 17. The Product  Cendolah is a cordial drink with a taste of santan and gula melaka with the main Ingredient will be gula melaka, santan, pulut, kacang merah and sugar. This cordial (concentrate) gives a good taste which is better than the traditional cendol in terms of consistency in taste and hygienic. It can be served as hot or cold drink. 07/04/09 17
  18. 18. Cendolah – Pati Asli Cendol 07/04/09 18
  19. 19. Cendolah – Nutritional Information 07/04/09 19
  20. 20. Cendolah – Nutritional Information & Lab Test 07/04/09 20
  21. 21. Cendolah Halal Certificate & G&G SSM 07/04/09 21
  22. 22. Vision & Mission Vision To be known as Malaysian drink through out the World. Mission To create employment and establish state of art beverage processing plant;  To develop more Malaysian authentic food products to gain commercial values;  To attract tourist, promote local food products and 1 Malaysian concept;  For all our teenagers to know the country’s history as this way we can instill spirit of independence and love for the nation;  Social contribution to the nation and set exemplary for other Malaysian to follow. 07/04/09 22
  23. 23. Objectives  Sustain the integrity of the product as heritage of Malaysia and Halal Certification process through a constant review of the regulatory framework, standards and audit processes.  Develop the infrastructure for research and development and training to enable those involved in food and beverage production to stay abreast of global developments in food and beverage technology and management procedures  Unify the national food and beverage market participants to form the model for the establishment of global food and beverage community 07/04/09 23
  24. 24. Objectives  Facilitate domestic production of food and beverage products through improved capacity and capability of food and beverage industry  Expedite the establishment of outlets to provide a networked environment for greater efficiency in the production and distribution of Cendolah  Promote Cendolah as a Malaysian drink to the world  Develop Malaysia’s global image as the producer of high quality halal products 07/04/09 24
  25. 25. Branding & Promotion G&G branding and promotion is base on developing effective branding, marketing and promotional campaigns for Cendolah as Halal product and Heritage food of Malaysia is base on the following: Branding: Creating as Halal Product and Heritage Food of Malaysia  G&G will develop a strong Halal brand product and Heritage Food of Malaysia which link to the Halal Development corporation (HDC) and Department of Malaysian Heritage in creating local and global markets. It will cover Cendolah as Halal drink, Heritage of Malaysia and Malaysian Drink to The World. 07/04/09 25
  26. 26. Branding & Promotion Promotions: Enhance as a Malaysian Heritage Drink Promotion Activities  G&G campaign will run with branding efforts as Malaysian Heritage Drink through the promotional activities as food and beverage products from the Malaysian Heritage Department and Tourism Board for local and overseas market;  Participating in the World Halal Forum and Malaysian International Halal Showcase (MIHAS) to strengthen the product as “Halal Malaysia”.;  Several promotional programmes have been planned which include Events, Media Campaign and advertising on Cendolah for local and abroad. 07/04/09 26
  27. 27. Promotional Activities – Gallery of Event 07/04/09 27
  28. 28. Promotional Activities – Gallery of Event 07/04/09 28
  29. 29. Promotional Activities – Gallery of Event 07/04/09 29
  30. 30. Malaysian Heritage Food to The World 100 makanan tradisi Oleh SHANIKA ABDULLATIB Santapan warisan bangsa ke persada antarabangsa National Heritage Department To Promote Local Fare (, 16 Mac 2009) 07/04/09 BUKAN sekadar popular, keistimewaan dan kepercayaan masyakat terhadap sesuatu makanan dapat 30 ditonjokan menerusi masakan. – Gambar hiasan
  31. 31. Malaysian Heritage Food to The World 07/04/09 Cendol 31
  32. 32. Special Heritage to Students Wednesday March 25, 2009 Special heritage tour for students By SALINA KHALID STUDENTS from 18 secondary schools in the remote areas had a chance to learn about the country’s national heritage thanks to the National Heritage Department. Its commissioner of heritage, Profesor Emeritus Datuk Zuraina Abdul Majid, said it was a unique opportunity for the students. “We brought them to stay in Kuala Lumpur and took them to visit the museums, national monuments and other national heritage buildings in the capital city. “Hopefully they will share the information with their friends and everyone in their village,” said Zuraina. She said the programme, which was started in 2007, involved schools located in remote places such as Sabah and Pahang. She said these students would be starting a heritage club, back in their school, where they would share the information they obtained during the visit with their peers. “We want them to know that whatever they read in the textbooks are for real,” added Zuraina. She said the programme would be extended to other schools in the country this year. She was speaking at the media briefing on the activities of the National Heritage Department held at the Menara TH Perdana in Jalan Sultan Ismail recently. Zuraina said the department would step up promotions of local food overseas to attract more tourists to the country. She said some 500 local dishes listed under the national heritage had been picked for the promotion. “All the listed food will be shown in the department’s website in Bahasa Malaysia and will be translated to other languages later on,” she said. She added that the department would be going to London to promote the programme before bringing it to other destinations. She also encouraged local restaurants to help dissiminate information about these dishes and help promote them. 07/04/09 32
  33. 33. Thank You G&G DESSERT PRODUCTS SDN BHD 53A, Jalan Impian Emas 6, Taman Impian Emas 81300 Skudai Johor. MALAYSIA Tel: +6 (07) 5599 446 Fax: +6 (07) 5599 125 Email: Website: 07/04/09 33