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5 string bluegrass banjo photo album slideshare


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5 string bluegrass banjo photo album slideshare

  1. 1. The Completed 5 String Banjo 5 String BluegrassBanjo Photo Album By: Taylor Faulring
  2. 2. Laying out all the banjo’sparts.
  3. 3. The semi-constructionof the banjo’s pot.
  4. 4. The complete pot ofthe banjo sitting ontop of the unfinishedresonator.
  5. 5. This is the unfinishedneck from the side toshow the outline ofthe banjo’s neck.
  6. 6. Applying the first roundof stain to the banjo’sneck.
  7. 7. After the secondapplication of stain theresonator had absorbedthe stain to my liking
  8. 8. The complete neckof the banjo withthe geared tunersapplied. Thebanjo’s truss rodcover is notinstalled at thistime.
  9. 9. The completed potwith the completedresonator andresonatorhardware installed.
  10. 10. The drilling of the fifthstring nut hole, in whichthe string rest on.
  11. 11. The mounting of thebanjo’s neck to the potwith the co-ordinator rods.
  12. 12. The semi-complete banjowithout a setup or finalizingof the banjo.
  13. 13. The setting up of the banjo,in which I was able to set upthe to my personalpreferences of my liking onthis particular banjo.