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ICONUK - Requirements Gathering "...or the secret art of mind reading"


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Session slides for our session on Requirements Gathering as given by Femke Goedhart & Tim Clark on September 2nd at ICON UK in Brighton.

Session abstract:
Often forgotten or trivialized, good requirements gathering can make or brake your project. This session will give you techniques and tips on how to effectively get to the core of the requirements, identify ways of prioritizing them and explains some core concepts of Functional and Technical design elements. Based on years of experience gathering requirements (and working with them!) Femke & Tim will take you through some of the real life examples they've come across and a lot of do's & dont's they've seen (and despaired over)!

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ICONUK - Requirements Gathering "...or the secret art of mind reading"

  1. 1. Requirements gathering The secret art of mind reading or
  2. 2. Femke Goedhart Business Consultant & Partner Tim Clark CEO & Project Manager
  3. 3. Requirements gathering steps • Scope • Gather • Analyze • Conceptualize • Check & Balance • Deliver
  4. 4. Requirements gathering steps •Scope • Gather • Analyze • Conceptualize • Check & Balance • Deliver
  5. 5. Scope
  6. 6. Confessions “I worked on a fixed time project, where they spent so much time gathering the requirements there was very little time left to actually write the code. It was a horrible experience.”
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Confessions “I was part of a project where they ‘gathered as they go’ it was like little red riding hood skipping through the forrest hoping not to bump into the wolf. It made me shudder”
  9. 9. Hofstadters law... “It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take Hofstadters law into account...”
  10. 10. Technical vs Functional
  11. 11. Requirements gathering steps • Scope •Gather • Analyze • Conceptualize • Check & Balance • Deliver
  12. 12. Who?
  13. 13. • Interviews • Focus groups • Observation • Documentation studies • RFP Documents • Workshops • Questionnaires • .... TALK