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Looking for a new way to reach out to people who don't feel comfortable or welcome in church? What about a Christian rave? Reverence is a team that throws worship events using electronic music and club culture.

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  1. 1. What if Jesus was calling you to do a new kind of evangelism? What if it meant engaging with a culture that was unfamiliar to you? What if it meant a re-visioning of how church buildings could be used?What if it meant that you had the tools necessary to reach out to a whole new generation of un- churched youth and young adults? Would you be willing to take the risk?
  2. 2. Reverence: Electro-MinistryTeam
  3. 3. Reverence: Electro-MinistryTeamWhen we allow the music to take over we are transformed, we transcend . We can create change, challenge the world around us, feel the Spirit, and become united together by the bass that pounds in our veins. We are reclaiming the music, reuniting the scene, and bringing people closer to God one party at a time. Together we will find new ways to worship and change the future of electronic music.
  4. 4. Reverence: Electro-MinistryTeam What is the Reverence: Electro-Ministry Team? Rave culture has become a religion among many people around the world. There is a sense of belonging and hope in the culture that has been defined by its motto of Peace, Love, Unity AndRespect. At the same time, attendance at church has decreased dramatically as people are turning to other outlets for spiritual satisfaction.Despite this growing shift towards secularism, there is a growing subculture of Christian electronic music and events. Reverence is comprised of a group of promoters, DJs and ravers who were involved in throwing secular raves who made a decision to incorporate our spirituality into theparties were throwing. We have taken part in other Christian raves and want to focus on bringingworship to a new generation in a way that is radically different from what you would find in church on Sunday morning yet just as relevant.
  5. 5. Reverence: Electro-MinistryTeam What is Electro-Ministry?It is a ministry which infuses electronic music and “rave” or “club” culture to create a new sort of worship experience. It appeals to individuals who are already involved in these scenes who may find more traditional styles of worship limiting.It incorporates all of the senses in worship allowing participants to have a more visceral experience of worship. It also creates an atmosphere where people are more likely to let their guards down and become more attuned to the Holy Spirit.
  6. 6. Reverence: Electro-MinistryTeam Wait a second! This may sound like a stupid question, but what IS a rave anyway?
  7. 7. Reverence: Electro-MinistryTeam Raves are all-night dance parties that for almost 30 years have used lights, sound, and DJ’s to entertain crowds from a few people to as many as 40,000 people at one time. They have been held in a number of locations including churches, underground parking lots, clubs, fields, forests-pretty much anywhere you can imagine!Raves developed a bad rap as a result of “club drugs” such as MDMA, Amphetamines, and Ketaminehowever, there is strong documented evidence that overall, raves have been peaceful, loving eventswhere people felt free to express themselves without fear of judgement based on their spirituality, sexuality, body size, etc. Toronto was considered a rave epicentre at the turn of the millennium.
  8. 8. Reverence: Electro-MinistryTeam Is anyone else doing this?There are a small number of Christian DJ’s and Promoters putting on church-specific events but the idea is quickly growing as people are introduced to the concept. Let’s look at four examples of Christian events which use electronic music:
  9. 9. Reverence: Electro-MinistryTeamWhat kind of music do you use? There are many different styles of electronic music.We try to incorporate as many as possible in order to cater to a variety of tastes but to also avoid being dubbed as just one genre.
  10. 10. Reverence: Electro-MinistryTeam Can you give me an example of music that might be used?
  11. 11. Reverence: Electro-MinistryTeam
  12. 12. Reverence: Electro-MinistryTeam What can we do for the United Church?We are committed to using our ministry team to help churches engage people with a deeper sense ofspirituality and God’s love. We are available to travel to different churches and throw worship events open to youth groups and the wider community. This is a great opportunity to engage in ecumenical partnership.We have already thrown several parties including a youth group event for a church in Stratford as well as a fundraiser for the Student Christian Movement of Canada.