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New Media Tools In The Newsroom A Beginners Guide 12


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New Media Tools In The Newsroom A Beginners Guide 12

  1. 1. Use New Media Tools Efficiently, Effectively Rory Moulton Colorado Mountain News Media @roryam Part 1: Browser Configuration I. Properly configuring your web browser now will save you loads of time down the line. The goal is to efficiently incorporate new-media tools into your daily workflow. Plus, it’s like organizing your closet – it just feels good. II. Finding, using Firefox 3.5. a. Why Firefox? Loads fast, cross-platform compatible, fully supported. b. III. Tab setup, saving a. Ctrl or Apple + t opens new tab or click New Tab button b. To save multiple tabs that open when the browser starts: Open desired sites in tabs, then (PC) Tools > Options > Main > Use Current Pages1 (Mac) Firefox > Preferences > Main > Use Current Pages IV. Keeping it all organized using Bookmarks Toolbar a. Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks > Bookmarks Toolbar Part 2: Social Media Tools I. Twitter: A microblog/text message-based communication stream. Twitter is extremely popular with news organizations and journalists who use it to disseminate content and interact with their communities of interest. Considered the best way to break news. Usernames are denoted by @twitteruser. a. Check it out i. ii.Open an account, then Settings > Account: complete bio, location, website > Save > Picture > Browse > Select photo > Save2 b. Manually post using i. ii.Open an account and connect your Twitter account iii.Paste URL in Enter your long link here box > Shorten > Advanced Options > Write post before shortened URL (watch character count), use a #hash tag when applicable in Share box > Choose account from drop-down menu > Post3 c. Automatically post using Twitter Feed i. ii.Open an account. Connect to your Twitter account. Copy and paste the RSS feed URL > Give it a name > Test RSS feed > If OK, Create Feed4 iii.To customize frequency, content, add account > Advanced Settings d. Managing multiple accounts with (also try,
  2. 2. Use New Media Tools Efficiently, Effectively i. Download to desktop. Follow instructions to set up twitter and Facebook accounts. Organize followers into groups; post to multiple accounts simultaneously. e. Building followers i. Follow topics, find people you know and follow them – they’ll be notified and may return the courtesy. ii.Retweet others’ posts by placing RT or via before the @username and then copy and paste their post. iii.Register with directories like and iv.Use #hash tags to make your posts searchable (done by topic, location, people, event, etc.). v.Use to upload real-time photos. II. Facebook: The Internet’s premiere social media site (for now). a. b. Open a Profile account. Search for Friends c. People with Profile accounts can start business pages called Fan pages. Invite your friends to become Fans of your business. Ask them to ask their friends. Promote heavily on homepage. d. Manually post an article with thumbnail image: i. Copy article URL > Sign in/go to Facebook Fan or Profile page > Profile > Wall > What’s on your mind? box > Link > Paste article URL > Attach > Share5 Part 3: Embedded Media “Grab the Code then Go Load” I. Cover It Live: Live blogging with reader interaction, multimedia, polls a. b. Registration required. Can connect Twitter feed to CiL, interact with followers, post photos, videos, live poll readers. c. Tutorial: Homepage > Try It Now > Learn how to use CoveritLive d. In action: 79955/1051&ParentProfile=1001 II. Scribd: Display documents using a digital, page-turning tool a. b. Registration required. Most document types supported. Can make public, private or for sale. Offers embed code and direct URL. Easy upload. c. In action: 089997/1081/NONE&parentprofile=1064 III. Video using YouTube & FreeVideoCoding: Post video inside a story a. b. c. No registration required. Just because you don’t have a videographer doesn’t mean you can’t have video! Rule of thumb: If video has an embed code or a direct link is provided, grab it. If not, ask permission. If a reader watches a 2-minute video, then they’ve doubled their time on our site.
  3. 3. Use New Media Tools Efficiently, Effectively d. In action: IV. Umapper: Insert an interactive map showing hot spots, crimes, etc. a. b. Registration required. User-friendly mapping service. c. In action: S/904239942 Take Home Message: These tools are fast becoming industry expectation for a modern journalist. Once efficiently set up, you don’t need to spend more than 20 minutes a day to run an effective social-media campaign that will generate interest in you and your work and increase your paper’s visibility. Embedding media can take even less time. What you put into it, you will get out of it. Is this a fad? Social media is no fad. But, yes, the sites and applications – Twitter and Facebook – very well may be flavors of the month (but for the next few years). And when something bigger, better and buzzier comes along, we’ll do that too and the next one and the next one and so on. This is the nature of online media. It’s fast-paced, dynamic, but powerful. LINKS About Twitter: About Facebook: General info/articles/blogs: friends SCREENSHOT ENDNOTES
  4. 4. 1 Saving Tabs in Firefox: Tools > Options > >Main > Use Current Pages 2Twitter setup: Settings > Account > More info URL (website) > One Line Bio > Location 3Using to post to Twitter:
  5. 5. Paste URL > Shorten > Advanced Options > Write Post > Choose account (if multiple) > Post 4 Twitter Feed setup: Paste URL > Give Name > Test RSS feed > Change Advanced Settings (if applicable) 5 Post Article to Facebook:
  6. 6. Profile > Wall > Link