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Employee wellness: Farce or untapped potential?

Presentation from PENJERDEL Employee Benefits and Compensation Association's (PEBA) 29th Annual Forum

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Employee wellness: Farce or untapped potential?

  1.<br /><br />@femelmed<br />215.922.2525<br />
  2. Employee wellness: Farce or untapped potential?<br />PEBA Annual Forum, April 2011<br />Image:<br />
  3. Where’s the love?<br />
  4. It’s not for lack of interest.<br />
  5. Priorities. <br />Image: Workforce Health Strategies: A multinational perspective, Towers Watson, April 2010<br />
  6. Or lack of proposals.<br />
  7. Plan to! (26%)<br />Doing it! (53%)<br />26% Plan to! <br />Image: Getty images<br />
  8. Enticing… <br />
  9. Motivating.<br />
  10. What gives?<br />
  11. I don’t care! <br />And I don’t think you really do, either! <br />Image: Getty images<br />
  12. How do we design for wellness?<br />Image:<br />
  13. #1<br />Personal<br />
  14. There are many layers of personal.<br />
  15. Life stages.<br />Image: Rob Kopf<br />
  16. Health risks.<br />Image: Rob Kopf<br />
  17. Health<br />profile.<br />Image: Modified from Edelman<br />
  18. Tell my story.<br />Image: Thomson Reuters<br />
  19. Remove barriers.<br />“Reducing copayments for high-value services may provide an alternative to…increasing patient cost-sharing.”<br />
  20. Flex with me.<br />
  21. #2<br />Social<br />
  22. We live online<br />Influence<br />Socially involved = engaged<br />Peer-to-peer communication<br />Feedback loop<br />5 reasons.<br />
  23. Help me connect, learn, share.<br />
  24. Help me have fun.<br />
  25. Test myself.<br />
  26. Find help.<br />
  27. Make a difference.<br />
  28. #3<br />Mobile<br />
  29. Give me tools.<br />Image: Healthymagination<br />
  30. Give me power.<br />“Information has become portable, personalized and participatory.<br />“Once someone has a mobile device, they’re more likely to use the internet to gather information, share what they find and create new content.”<br />Susannah Fox, Pew<br />
  31. #4<br />Emotional<br />
  32. Ease my mind.<br />
  33. #5<br />Financial<br />
  34. 82% of employees are unsure about meeting retirement goals.<br />15% of plan sponsors believe employees will be ready for retirement.<br />
  35. Reduce my worries.<br />
  36. #6<br />Environmental<br />
  37. Nudge me.<br />
  38. #7<br />Political<br />
  39. Affect my world. <br />
  40. Studies, sites, bloggers and more:<br />Working Well: A global survey of health promotion and workplace wellness strategies (Buck)<br />Towers Watson twin study: Employee perspectives on health care<br />MetLife Study of Global Health & Wellness<br />MetLife 9th Annual Study of Employee Benefit Trends<br />APA’s Stress in America Study, 2010<br />Gallup-HealthwaysPartnership<br />Edelman Health Engagement Barometer<br />Pew Internet & American Life Project, Susannah Fox, @susannahfox<br />BJ Fogg,<br />MobiHealthNews<br />Jane Sarasohn-Kahn,, @healthythinker<br />CoHealth community,<br />County Health Rankings<br />More links:<br />
  41.<br /><br />@femelmed<br />215.922.2525<br />