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Writer's Workshop for Tampa Bay Business Owners


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Want to know the benefits to self publishing? Technology has changed how to get your book out there and how to use it as a marketing tool. Sheryl Nicholson, CSP is a published author internationally and speaks with authority on how to start with a blog, to articles, to books and to self publish. She has written two 100 page books in 6 days and so shares that and other resources and expertise with private coaching clients. As an Advocate for Tampa Bay Business Owners she speaks often at their workshops and seminars. You can attend one of their events or book Sheryl to speak at Sign up to stay connected to her tips and strategies for FREE

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Writer's Workshop for Tampa Bay Business Owners

  1. 1. TBBO’s Writer’s Summit CSP Sheryl Nicholson
  2. 2. Technology Levels the Playing Field Welcome - Anthony Ramirez a Bayshore High School Senior started writing poems about 3 years ago "From love to fear to hate from my difficulty with cerebral palsy. Gives me a sense of accomplishment”, says Ramirez.
  3. 3. Benefits of Self Publishing You have CONTROL It’s Faster! Protects ALL Rights Customizable – can change your book cover for every audience if you want
  4. 4. Compilation Books Position Yourself Well Everyone Promotes Expand Your Genre Split the Cost Insight Publishing
  5. 5. You MUST Have a CLEAR GOAL Understand WHO will BUY Not Necessarily a GOOD Book Use an Editor - IEG Use an Illustrator
  6. 6. And You Must… Have a Creative/GREAT Title  (cover) Set $$$ Aside 4 Marketing Be Creative And Have FUN!!!!
  7. 7. Resources OutSkirts Press LuLu Book Surge/Create Space Lightning Source Create Your OWN A+A Printing (Tampa)
  8. 8. Getting it $old Pre-$ale BookPro$.com Radio and TV BlogTalkRadio
  9. 9. And Getting it Sold  Amazon Back of Room Negotiate
  10. 10. The Power of Speaking Power Position Power of Connection Power of Sales Power of Retention $$ Beyond the Book BEST Positioning Tool Get COACHED Why sell books one on one when your words can impact hundreds and thousands?
  11. 11. Success is Always in YOUR Hands Call for free consultation 727 678 6707