Toastmasters Transformational Leadership


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That was then this is NOW! How do you lead a volunteer organization? The same way you lead ANY team - find their passion, get their commitment and know your team players better than ever. You can transform their personal goals into YOUR goals. This was presented to several Toastmaster Clubs and leadership events

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Toastmasters Transformational Leadership

  1. 1. Toastmasters Transformational Leadership Presented By Sheryl Nicholson, CSP
  2. 2. Risktaker – Built the First Double Dome on the East Coast of the United States
  3. 3. Transactional work was a series of transactions – 30 = retirement and gold watch Transformational Today must know what talents each team members brings and WHY they work for you and transform their goals to yours Times Have Changed VS. Myth Busters vs. Motivate your staff Solve all the problems The Truth Create self motivating environments Empower people to solve problems and bring solutions
  4. 4. CHANGE
  5. 5. 6 Stages of Change  Oblivion  Denial  Resistance  Acceptance  Embrace  Anticipation
  6. 6. CHANGE Communication
  7. 7. Comunication Jukebox  Passive, Aggressive, Assertive and Passive- Aggressive  Ask Questions – Do YOU KNOW and Use The Sensational Seven?
  8. 8. CHANGE People Puzzle Communication
  9. 9. Connect Your People Puzzle •Tone of Voice, Speed, and Words Chosen •Rub You the Wrong Way? •Team Respect for Differences •Happy and Consistent Customers •Personally TOO (Love and Parenting
  10. 10. It’s All About YOUR Attitude… How do you recognize and reward each other? “Pat on the back”? Names on checks? ABCD pin? Are YOU the owner? THEN Over the fence, phone, TV, NOW internet and camera phones
  11. 11. CHANGE Growth Communication People Puzzle
  12. 12. Seek Out FIRST Time Experiences In the SECOND Half of Your Life!
  13. 13. Dream – Gives You a Creative Eye
  14. 14. CHANGE Growth Life Balance Communication People Puzzle
  15. 15. Momma, do I haft 2 b a cumpuder 2 get u 2 pla wih me? Sara Lee
  16. 16. CHANGE Growth Life Balance Communication People Puzzle
  17. 17. CHANGE Growth Life Balance Communication People Puzzle
  18. 18. How Are You Rolling Through Life TODAY?
  19. 19. 2 Questions…  Where is your weakest spoke in your wheel? GET COACHING! Call me!  Could others benefit? Take Your Plane ONE Commitment
  20. 20. Make ONE Commitment NOW! “Success is ALWAYS in YOUR Hands” Sheryl 727.678.6707