The truth about Psychics


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Psychic readings can be very helpful but don't ask for miracles..

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The truth about Psychics

  1. 1. ==== ====I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks with the Fat Burning Furnace diet and exercise program. I want toshare it with ====Where could I look to find the first subject of my experiment but on the Internet. There seemed tobe a lack (or shall I say none) psychic reading hotlines in my local newspaper. However there wasplenty to choose from on the Internet. A search for Psychic Reading Hotlines produced manyresults in Google, but I came to the realisation that being in the UK it was best to try the psychicsin England.Some interesting results were returned from the psychic reading hotlines. Although most web siteslisted were for psychic readings, some websites were spoofs and just a few about skeptical peoplesubmitting their personal views for all to see. I read a few of the skeptic comments and about theirsupposed experiences with psychics and found most of them to be a rant about the legitimacy ofpsychics.So lets try for myself. I rang the first line I could find. I was greeted by a smooth female voice, itsfunny; the majority of psychics on the hotlines were female. Are they more in-tune with theirpsychic sense? As I expected I had to shuffle through a few questions and a disclaimer about thecost of the call. The lady proceeded to ask me a few personal questions, although I didnt like theidea of giving out personal info, I realised that it was necessary in order to get a personalisedreading, just like how your horoscope is based on your date of birth.Im not sure if this lady was trying to predict my future or telling me what was going on in my life.She seemed to be somewhat accurate although I was crossing my mind if most of what she saidcould be circumstantial?"I see you have had a hard time" she said! She went on to tell me that things will be getting betterbut I should watch out for my health"! Could this not apply to everyone? OK! Fair enough, lets testthe next psychic hotline.I rang another psychic line, this one promised a free reading. I called to be greeted by anautomates system that put me through to a male psychic. He had a much more dominatingapproach, I dont know if he was just like that or having a bad psychic day. As the psychic readingcontinued he continued to ask me the same questions as the last psychic. While going throughthis process I was left wondering if I was getting a free psychic reading or not as I had called apremium rate hotline. When I questioned the psychic about this he claimed that I was getting afree reading and that I was paying a lower cost per minute that the other hotlines, and the low feewas just to cover admin costs. Hmmmmm! I hung up!I proceeded to call a few more psychic hotlines and actually had some good experiences althoughI was paying more. I didnt use any credit card services as I was unsure about giving my credit
  2. 2. details out in the first place. Many of the psychics seemed to know what was going on in my life.Many psychics offered suggestions on how to deal with my situation and what I should look outfor. At this point I am wondering how much I am like the rest of the population and if there is agood CHANCE.... That a psychic can guess my current demeanour (having called them in the firstplace).So here is the final test, I will call a psychic and be a bit more specific about what I am looking for.I called the psychics at the Psychic Reading Hotline. The website looked a bit different that theother websites I had visited. It seemed more business like but was selling much less services thatthe other websites and focused on Psychic Reading Hotlines more than anything else. There werealso some great articles about psychics that made some interesting reading. Some of the articlesgot me thinking about what I was expecting from the psychics and what they really do. Taking thisnew information on board, I gave the hotline a call,The psychic answered immediately, gave the usual disclaimer and proceeded to ask me questionsabout myself. This time I was little more coy about the information I gave about myself but wasmore direct about a particular subject in my life, e.g. business.The psychic knew exactly how I felt and had a good grasp of the problems, yet most importantlythe successes I have experienced. Now this is a strange one! I had recently got some businessadvice from a professional who advised me on what steps I should take. Now the psychicmentioned a few things that matched what the business advisor had told me to do. I asked thepsychic if he had any business experience to which he laughed and replied "I just help people!"(indecently, I paid the businessman more for the same advice).I was intrigued, lets put a twist in this. I gave the psychic a little white lie about making a decisionthat I had not really. The psychic saw straight through the lie. NOTE: when you give your initial infoto the psychic, give the right info, its well worth it!OK, I was hooked!, I had to shake things off before I totally bowed to the prowess of the psychicon the hotline. I wanted to meet this person! More info, more info. I had to slap myself on the faceand pay attention with my original goal in mind. I continued my reading which eventually became adiscussion as I was asking all the questions. I was impressed!I probed the psychic for help & information about my girlfriend who I want to marry. Nowheres me thinking I am a unique person so feel that nobody can guess anything about me. Yet thepsychic was bang on right when he described my reservations about getting married, but moreimportantly talked about how to deal with it.BANG! THATS IT! It dawned on me what psychics are about and just how useful psychic hotlinesreally are.LOOK AT IT THIS WAY! If you want somebody to tell you the future, then maybe GOD is still thebest person to try and get an answer from. If you want to understand your life, look at it fromanother perspective, get advice, and learn what could happen if you dont take action, then aPsychic is for you!.
  3. 3. A psychic can help you see & understand what is happening in your life, they can advise anddiscuss things on subjects that you have nobody else to talk to about. In essence a guardianangel, a person who helps you see your path and how to take the right path in times of distress.The psychics at Psychic Reading Hotline were great and I was very pleased with the result. Dontget me wrong, I now know that the psychics from the other lines were good, its only when I wastalking to the psychics at Psychic Reading Hotline that it dawned on me how valuable theinformation was I got from the psychics.In Conclusion, psychic readings are there to help, they have extraordinary gifts to see what usnormal people cannot see, or could see if we could drop the constraints if seeing the truth outthere. Psychics are not there to solve all your problems, but merely a guide which otherwise youwould not have!Aryan Sharma now donates his time and efforts at helping spread the message of how usefulpsychics are and hopes to bring together all psychics for the common good of man/woman.Psychic ReadingArticle Source: ====I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks with the Fat Burning Furnace diet and exercise program. I want toshare it with ====