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The five senses felsy


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Published in: Education
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The five senses felsy

  1. 1. The sense of smellThe smell lets us smell our surroundings
  2. 2. The sense ofsmell is in the nose.
  3. 3. We can smell different odors. The nose is theorgan that is used to smell.
  4. 4. The odors can be nice
  5. 5. The odors can be unpleasant
  6. 6. Example: Can you remember the smell of the popcorn in the movie theater ? Delicious!
  7. 7. Taking care of the nose Avoiding strong odors:paint aerosols unknown ubstances
  8. 8. The sense of taste The sense oftaste enables us to identify the flavors of the foods we eat.
  9. 9. The mouthThrough the mouthwe know the taste of food.
  10. 10. The sense oftaste is on the tongue
  11. 11. Savoring foodWe use the senseof smell and taste to taste a pizza,they help identify flavors.
  12. 12. Example: When we eat an ice cream we use the sense of taste
  13. 13. How can you take care of the mouth For a healthy mouth is important to brushteeth and tongue. The dentist is the doctor that takes care of the mouth.
  14. 14. Sense of taste
  15. 15. The sense of sight Permits us see images. We see thecharacteristics by their colors or shapes, distance, read and see other things
  16. 16. The eyesOn the eyes is the sense of sight. This are on the head and are in different colors and shapes
  17. 17. The eyes
  18. 18. The ophthalmologist
  19. 19. The sense of hearingWe can hearthe sounds around us.
  20. 20. The ears Sound travels through the ears.
  21. 21. The soundsThe sounds can be: soft sound strong sound bass sound skirl sound
  22. 22. What sounds tell us?Sounds can give us warning signs of an emergency or action.police ambulance fire truck wake up answer
  23. 23. Example: Listening to music is very nice. It enjoyed through the sense of hearing.
  24. 24. How can you take care of your ears? Escuchando música a No introducir objetos en volumen moderado. tus oídos. Si sientes alguna molestia, debes visitar al médico.
  25. 25. The sense of touch, lets me know theThe sense of hardness, temperature and touch weight of things.
  26. 26. Professionals related to the senses No introducir objetos en tus oídos. dentistophthalmologist
  27. 27. Professionals related to the senses dermatologist otolaryngologist