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The presentation is ideal for people who needs to know how Bluecoat packetshaper could be beneficial to any organization. Especially with organizations having problems with Data network visibility traversing across WAN/LAN traffic.

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Bluecoat Packeshaper Presentation

  1. 1. Bluecoat Systems: PacketShaper Jerry Paul Acosta Systems Engineer – Data Networking Trends and Technologies Inc.
  2. 2. BLUECOAT SYSTEMS: Solutions Visibility Acceleration Security
  3. 3. BLUECOAT PacketShaper: 3 Key Features Monitoring Shaping Compression IP NETWORK TRAFFIC (Inbound/Outbound)
  4. 4. Key Roles: Application Visibility & QOS Application Performance Monitoring P2P Traffic Shaping Recreational Traffic Control MPLS Migration Bandwidth Management IP Telephony & Video Conf Deployment Bluecoat Systems: PacketShaper
  5. 5. • Key Functionality: – Application Visibility – Application QoS – RAM-Based Compression • Key Solutions: – Visibility & Performance Monitoring – Recreation Traffic Control – Delivery/Acceleration of Real Time Applications – Voice/IPT – Video Conferencing – Thin Client/Virtual Desktop – Transactions Bluecoat Systems: PacketShaper
  6. 6. Not Smart Enough New Demands: Voice, Video Reactive No Ability to Fix Blue Coat Visibility – Overcome Limits Application View, Fix Problems & Deliver ROI • Layer 7+ Autodiscovers 600+ Applications • Find elusive recreation: iTunes, YouTube, etc. • Break down compound Enterprise apps: SAP, Oracle, Citrix Classification • Real traffic, in real time for voice and video conf (RTP) • Quality (MOS, rFactor) and Utilization (peak & average) • Jitter, delay, loss Voice Quality • Track end user experience – network delay, server delay • Set baselines and exception thresholds • Alert, alarm & integrate: SNMP, XML, Email Proactive Response Time Monitoring • Apply Powerful QOS & Compression • Contain recreation, protect mission critical Services/Applications • Integrate with acceleration devices like ProxySG Fix Problems
  7. 7. Bluecoat Systems: PacketShaper Series • PS900 • PS1700 • PS3500 • PS7500 • PS10000| PS10000 ISP • PS12000| PS12000 ISP
  8. 8. PacketShaper Series : Comparison
  9. 9. PacketShaper: Bandwidth Management •Divide user and application traffic into Classes •Guarantee min and/or max bandwidth for a class •Align traffic classes to business priorities Sales Automation App(SAP/Saleforce) Priority 1 Min 400Kb, Max 800Kb Voice and Video(RTP) Priority 4 Min 800Kb, Max 1Mb E-Mail (SMTP/POP) Priority 2 Min 100Kb, Max 400Kb General Web Surfing (HTTP) Priority 3 Min 0Kb, Max 200Kb Proper Partitioning of Bandwidth is important to achieve proper utilization of company resource (WAN/Internet connection)
  10. 10. Deploying PacketShaper for a Successful Video Conferencing/VoIP Video Conferencing – The New Drivers • Real Time Collaboration – Minimize costs (travel) – Minimize carbon footprint – Increase productivity – Increase quality of life • High Quality – Replicates “in-person” experience
  11. 11. Deploying PacketShaper for a Successful Video Conferencing/VoIP Blue Coat for Real Time Applications • Gain Visibility – See video conferencing – Everything else • Monitor Quality in Real Time – Jitter, delay, loss – Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) • Assure Quality – Application level shaping – Per session or call
  12. 12. Deploying PacketShaper for a Successful Video Conferencing/VoIP Picture Perfect Video Requires Management Unmanaged Traffic: Competing Web Traffic Impacts Video Performance Video Conference Bandwidth Allocation: Policy Protects Video 800kbps guaranteed bandwidth allocated
  13. 13. Deploying PacketShaper for a Successful Video Conferencing/VoIP Internet Connected Applications Real Time: Voice, Video Conference & Telepresence Video & Rich Media Web & SSL ERP, CRM, Intranet Different Applications, Different Technologies Required Files, Email & Other Bulk • CIFS, MAPI, TCP • Byte Caching • Compression & QOS • HTTP & SSL • Pipelining • PKI CA for Certs • Object Caching • Adaptive Refresh • HTTP/S • MMS • RTSP • Split Streaming • Object Caching • CDN • RTP-I , SIP • RDP, ICA • UDP Rate Control • Per call shaping • Header compress • Packing • Jitter, delay, loss • MOS Monitoring • Asymmetric HTTP • Asymmetric SSL • Client Certificates • Object Caching • Adaptive Refresh • URL QOS • P2P Services • MMS • RTSP • Split Streaming • Malware protection • URL filter • Authentication
  14. 14. Deploying PacketShaper for a Successful Video Conferencing/VoIP Classification: Basis of Control • Discover Applications on Network • Find Elusive P2P, YouTube, iTunes, etc • Break down Oracle, SAP, Citrix, Microsoft • Align Class Tree to Business – Track business processes – end user response – Monitor SLAs – carrier, internal app – Monitor utilization/budget per application – Limit recreation Classification Metrics Usage RTM VoIP Diagnostics Management
  15. 15. Deploying PacketShaper for a Successful Video Conferencing/VoIP Voice Metrics: Real Traffic, Real Time • For Real Time Protocol (RTP) Voice Video Conferencing • Call Volume • Network Metrics Loss Latency Jitter • Quality Mean Opinion Score (MOS) rFactor Classification Metrics Usage RTM VoIP Diagnostics Management
  16. 16. Deploying PacketShaper for a Successful Video Conferencing/VoIP Troubleshooting Diagnostics • Host Analysis – Real time host/IP address view (below) • TCP Health – Connection state (good, aborted, refused, ignored) • PacketCapture – Targeted Capture TCPDump format • Synthetic Transactions – HTTP/S, FTP, SMTP, Echo & Custom Classification Metrics Usage RTM VoIP Diagnostics Management
  17. 17. Deploying PacketShaper for a Successful Video Conferencing/VoIP Central Management: Legacy UI and Bluecoat Sky Classification Metrics Usage RTM VoIP Diagnostics Management • A new generation UI for Packetshaper (SKY) • Adobe Flash Player dependent Features: • Dashboard • Traffic Management – Policy Manager – Reports (Real Time/ Historical) • Daily, Weekly or Monthly reporting – Settings • Info page
  18. 18. PacketShaper 3500 Deployment Design:
  19. 19. Customer Expectations: Technology Support and Guidance From Network Design and Analysis to Deployment and Implementation of BlueCoat PacketShaper
  20. 20. Thank You! • Questions… • Network Challenges… • Security Concerns… Trends & Technologies, Inc. The leading Solutions Provider and Systems Integrator for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the Philippines. Your premier technology partner today.