10 keys considerations as you integrate social media and mobile in your contact strategy


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10 keys considerations as you integrate social media and mobile in your contact strategy

  1. 1. 10 key considerations as you integrate social and mobile in your contact strategy !1
  2. 2. 1/ Fish where fish are New customer expectations demand rebalancing contact channel mix Social media is rising, reflecting customer preference for fast, asynchronous, textbased channels !2
  3. 3. 2/ Know Social Media characteristics The request is public, the answer can be public or private When a customer service agent receives a message, they must: • Acknowledge it promptly (for the benefit of the sender and of the audience!) • Follow up with an optional private message (on the same channel or by email) to request additional information. • Process the response to this. • Resolve the issue in the back office or otherwise formulate a solution the customer can perform themselves. • Send a final response privately (or publicly, if it can benefit others) • Signal to the “audience” that there’s been a happy ending to the story. The private conversation must resolve the issue; the public conversation seeks to protect or improve the image of the company and its reputation of quality of service. Of course, the holy grail of the social customer care quest is obtaining kudos publicly !3
  4. 4. 3/ Understand channel preferences Each social channel has a particular usage profile: • Facebook is the channel of choice to accelerate acquisition and up/crosssell opportunities. • Twitter is the channel to deal with those "on the spot" complaints and transform detractors into promoters • Communities are a powerful means to manage complexity through peer technical support and targeted escalation to level 2 teams. !4 Source:  Internal  Dimelo  research  based  on  140  000  messages  to  a  mobile  operator.
  5. 5. 4/ Commit on SLAs and enforce them Guaranteed response time on social media is growing in popularity among marketing teams because it becomes a mainstream competitive differentiator. French Bank Societe Generale is advertising Twitter SLA on prime time TV ads. !5
  6. 6. 5/ Optimize social and mobile care with communities Redirect  customers  to  existing  content !6 7x24  support  improves  customer  satisfaction
  7. 7. 6/ Apply your existing KPIs and processes A social media contact is still a contact so: • contact center KPIs (FCR, AHT, NPS) still apply • workflows, canned response, workforce optimisation still apply Integration with IT still applies: • Social media and mobile cases should be referenced in the main CRM system to get a full interaction history • Business intelligence, data mining tools should analyse social media content Social media and CRM systems nowadays are much more agile than legacy systems, so you can come up with an industrial solution quite quickly !7
  8. 8. 7/ Open processes to social and mobile Inbound trafic in the contact center comes from: 1. service requests 2. process activation Your business processes should be open to social and mobile communication Otherwise you’re enlarging the gap between you and your customers !8
  9. 9. 8/ Leverage the fact that social and mobile channels are asynchronous Many conversations can be held in the same time period Media blending and prioritisation is possible between hot, warm and cold media Text analysis/NLP enable real time, adaptative response assistants !9
  10. 10. 9/ Don’t be afraid of new risks Yes, there are negative buzz, social crisis risks But there are many ways to mitigate risks: • Agent selection based on social media savvy • Agent trainings to social customer care best practices • Engagement rules definition • Supervisor validation for newbies • Agent escalation request when a message is identified as risky • Depublishing eventually, or better: apologies “United  breaks  guitars” The best way to learn swimming is to go to the pool • The more your teams practice, the less risk there will be You won’t avoid risk by not going there • Social media amplifies customer messages • Bad handling of customer request on a phone call can trigger a social media crisis too !10
  11. 11. 10/ Choose a future-proof software partner Impending redistribution of channel mix means you should be able to switch seamlessly from one digital channel to another ENTREPRISE SOCIAL NETWORK CRM APPLICATIONS LEGACY CALL CENTER INFRASTRUCTURE !11 Dimelo provides the evolutionary path from existing digital channels (email, web forms) to new ones (livechat, social media, mobile)
  12. 12. Our customers !12
  13. 13. Questions ? • Come  see  us  at  booth  A4/B3  in  Hall  1   • Visit  http://www.dimelo.com   • Send  me  an  email  s.lee@dimelo.com !13