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Improved PHP development


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Presentation on various techniques and tools to improve your PHP development.

Published in: Technology
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Improved PHP development

  1. 1. Improved PHP development Felix De Vliegher Arteveldehogeschool campus Mariakerke, Gent, Belgium meeting 20/08/2008
  2. 2. Who am I Felix De Vliegher • Software engineer at COMBELL Group NV • PHP developer for about 7 years • Zend Certified PHP5 engineer • Co-founder PHPBelgium • Contributor to the PHP project
  3. 3. Who are you? • Experience? • Background? • PHP 4 - 5 - (6)? • OOP?
  4. 4. Contents •Coding standards •IDE and editors •Frameworks and libraries •Continuous integration •Version control •Agile development •Testing •PHP Settings •Documentation •PHP 5.3 •Design Patterns •Resources
  5. 5. Coding standards