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  1. 1. English Final project Miss Nora 3*F L.N. 29 Syria Sapphira Sánchez Alonso
  2. 2. Introduction In this presentation I´m going to talk about the 3 different projects we worked on along the semester which were: *The autobiography project *The spot and video conservation project *The play I will also mention, how I felt while working on them, what I had to do in order to succeed , and other things too.
  4. 4. Autobiography project In this project what we did was a small power point presentation that talked about your whole life. I included different sections such as: school, family, traveling, hobbies, my favorite artist, and my pet. In the end I included a phrase that showed how I felt about life and explained it to the class.
  5. 5. Conclusion of autobiography As a first project it was really easy to do, because I like talking about myself. It only took me bout an hour to do it and I liked it a lot. Comment I really enjoyed this activity cause it helped me to get to know a little bit more about myself and a lot more about other classmates. It was also very fun to make but really slow to upload.
  7. 7. Video and spot project In this project what we had to do was to make an interview (of course in English) about handicapped people and to make a spot promoting recycling, saving the planet or giving an idea of how to help in the conservation of Earth.
  8. 8. Interview I decided to interview my mother cause she is a teacher and works in two public schools. She had the information I needed in order to do my project. We filmed it in “Galerias Diana” and she happily answered all my questions.
  9. 9. SPOT For my spot I decided to go against using so many plastic bags when you do the grocery shopping. Instead, we should use a reusable bag. I went to Comercial Mexicana and took a bunch of plastig bags. Inside each one I put really small vegetables such as a baby carrot, a chile or a pea, at the end a magical voice tells me not to use so many plastic bags and gives me a reusable one.
  10. 10. Conclusion of video and spot project Of all the projects I really loved this one, because I acted in the spot. It was fun to do, the interview was ok, but I prefered the spot. If we could do more spots in the future I would be really happy to make them. I also learned about the hard life of people with physical disabilities and that there are not enough facilities for them in public places.
  11. 11. GREASE PLAY
  12. 12. Grease Play Project In this project we had to pick up a play that would entertain the audience, and the play we chose was *Grease*. It has lots of songs and it was fun to watch. We rehearsed at Mafer´s house and we memorized the dialogues from the original Grease script. We were the first group to present it and it turned out to be very good. We worked really hard and we improved until the play was almost perfect.
  13. 13. Final conclusion Of all the projects my favorite was the second one: the video and spot project. Each and everyone of the projects were different and I learned different things. I tried to do my best in each one. I hope that you liked them. I am looking forward to next semester so we can work on more interesting projects that can help me grow as a person.