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Testing nodejs apps


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Testing nodejs apps

  1. 1. Test, test, test…looking for a great guy to test node.js applications
  2. 2. What am I looking for?• It should be easy!• Browser support• Integrate with CI• Born async
  3. 3. Nodeunit• Pros – Simple and easy to learn – Sandbox feature, great to test client-side code• Cons – Missing high level assertions – Do not allow groups inside groups – Force to call done() for testcases and callback() for setup/teardown every time;
  4. 4. Vows• Pros – BDD Style (clean and meaningful syntax) – Extends the node assertions – The tests could be nested or parallelized – Great output when the test fail. – Play nice with coffee script• Cons – Topic; Batches; Context can drive you crazy when begging – No built-in spies – Do not have browser support
  5. 5. Mocha• Pros – Different DSLs “interfaces” (TDD, BDD, Expect, qUnit) – Browser support – Highlight slow tests – String diff support – Async tests: You don’t need to call “done” every time like nodeunit does. – before[Each](); after[Each](); could be async as well – Play nice with coffee script – Fun reports• Cons – Do not paralyze tests (I’m not sure it’s a bad thing, cuz it can cause false positive)
  6. 6. Jasmine-node• Pros – Long time on the market – Excellent browser support (fixtures and etc)• Cons – WaitFor, although the jasmine-node brings an alternative. – It’s not maintained for the same jasmine team/pivotal
  7. 7. Buster• Pros – Hybrid, node and browser testing. – Shipped with xUnit and BDD style – jsTestDriver like to run client-side tests – It’s doesn’t comes with spies but plays nice with Sinon.JS (created by the same guy. Tks Christian J.) – Clear roadmap• Cons – Beta =/. It might brake your tests before becomes stable.
  8. 8. Misc.• Assertions – Should.js – Expect.js – Chaijs• Spies – Sinon.js• Utils – Async.js• Running client-side tests from your terminal – Envjs; Phantonjs; Jsdom – jsTestDriver
  9. 9. Links• Nodeunit -• Vows -• Mocka -• Jasmine-node -• BusterJS -• Should.js -• Expext.js -• Chaijs -• SinonJs -• Async.js -• Envjs -• Jsdom -• Phantonjs -• jsTestDriver -