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A Piece Of Cake


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Learn the basics of creating a sponsorship proposal that is appetizing and appealing.

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A Piece Of Cake

  1. 1. A PIECE OF CAKE: HOW TO CREATESPONSORSHIP PACKAGES THAT SELL INGREDIENTS Sales Letter Fact Sheet Sponsorship Inventory Sponsor Levels & Benefits Sponsor Agreement Creative Packaging
  2. 2. Change in advertising sales promotion sponsorship since 2008North America Annual growth of advertising, sales promotion and sponsorship from 2008 to 2011 (in percent)* Annual growth (in percent) 15 11.4 10 5.9 5 3.9 3.9 2 2 0.6 0 0 -0.6 -3.3 -5 -4.6 -7.1 -10 2008 2009 2010 2011* Advertising Sales Promotion SponsorshipDiese Statistik kann in PPT nur ausschnittweise gezeigt werden. Bitte laden Sie für vollständigeWiedergabe die Exceldatei der Statistik.Note: further information regarding this statistic, such as comments and footnotes, can be found at the end of this Dossier on page 12Source: IEG, 2011 IEG Sponsorship Report, page 2
  3. 3. SALES LETTERBasic IngredientsHEADLINE Statement“Over 5,000 People Save Babies on April 28th”OPENING Sentence“We invite you to WXY Company to join over 5,000 people on April28th in an effort to prevent birth defects and prematurity at the 30 thAnnual March of Dimes March for Babies”.TEASER ParagraphCLOSING Sentence“I will follow up with you by April 1st to discuss your support ofMarch for Babies”.SIGNATUREInclude signature of Event Chair, Board Chair or Honorary ChairP.S. StatementInclude testimony from existing sponsor or notable supporter
  4. 4. FACT SHEET Who -Name of Organization Why -Purpose of the event What -About the event activities and brief event statistics (if available) When -Date, Time and Location Cost Contact Information -Contact Person -Phone Number -Email Address -Organization and event websiteExample: FAMU National Alumni Convention
  6. 6. SPONSORSHIP INVENTORYBasic Event Offerings IDEA:“Swag” Bags Allow sponsorAdmission Tickets to submit “Tips”Printing (tickets, posters, invitations, program) or article forWebsite newsletter,Volunteers website or blogEvent DatabaseCompany logo on printed collateralOn-site Survey OpportunitiesOn-site Product SamplingCompany included on media releases and advertisementMORE, MORE, MORE!Phone Voice Mail MessageEmail SignaturesMonthly Newsletter (print and/or email)Events (receptions, galas, festivals)Board of Directors or Prominent Planning CommitteeRetail Space or Office Complex (high traffic facility) (ie. IMAX “Wall of Stars”)Organization automobiles (ie. Goodwill pick-up truck)Exclusive Meeting Opportunity with Organization/Event Chair
  7. 7. BUILD SPONSORSHIP LEVELSAND BENEFITSBasic Ingredients1. Add unique names for each level2. Equate value to each benefit in the inventory3. Offer a variety of levels (with prices and activities)4. Offer unique activities/areas for sponsor ownership (Reception, Transportation, Silent Auction, Live Auction, Lounge, Kids Corner, etc)5. Include event photos in proposals6. Include testimonials from past/current sponsors and event participants/attendeesExamples: Leon County Sustainable Communities Summit
  8. 8. Allstate Name printed on Chocolate BarAllstate Logo Printed on Napkins
  9. 9. CREATE THEAGREEMENTBasic Ingredients1. Contact Information2. Sponsor Levels Offered3. Additional Tickets/Registrations Offered4. Line for “Total”5. Payment Methods/Options6. Credit Card Information (including Billing)7. Notable deadlines8. “Authorized Representative” Name and Signature line9. Organization Contact Information (Mailing Address, Fax Number and Email Address)
  11. 11. PACKAGING THE PROPOSALDelivery MethodsMail A. Colorful envelope B. Custom Folder or colorful/unique folder with label C. First Class postage or certified mail IDEA:Email Deliver A. PDF Format proposal in B. GREAT Subject Line costumePersonal Delivery A. Unique Packaging B. Great delivery person!Website A. PDF Format (link)
  12. 12. RESOURCES IEG Sponsorship The NonProfit Times BizBash Florida Convention South Google Analytics Expo Magazine The Special Event Florida Trend Magazine 850 (Rowland Publishing) Huffington Post