Waxhaw Train Benefits Presentation


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Presentation from Ron Zimmerman showing benefits of having an attraction in Waxhaw such as a miniature train.

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Waxhaw Train Benefits Presentation

  1. 1. OVERVIEW
  2. 2. RESULTS FROM THE ARRIVAL OF THEWaxhaw Central Scenic Narrow Gauge Railroad in WAXHAW A Grand Scale, 5/12 Scale, 15 Inch Track Gauge, Railroad Experience an Adventure in Time Travel
  3. 3. People• Kid and adults will love it, age or skill level isn’t a factor for full participation,• Physically impaired persons can enjoy the same unique experience as others• Families can enjoy without paying extravagant theme park admission fees• Membership or coordination not necessary; not a sport or event• Makes every rider a time traveler to another less rushed era• Not a typical park train, which usually are poor replicas and ride around in circles• Minimal travel time to the train compared to other adventures far out of the area• Because of the distance to the train, people will save on gas expenses• Riders can park without having to drive between the downtown and the museum• People will tell their friends and relatives: the best type of town marketing• Experience shows repeat interest in riding• People specifically interested in trains will travel long distances to ride• People will come to Waxhaw who had no reason to stop and visit before
  4. 4. Schools - Education• Field trip “hub” adventure for kids to learn about past North Carolina history• Teaches and reflects on the experience of transportation 60-100 years ago• Tours for schools; learn about the workings of the trains, engines, roundhouse, etc.• Because of the scale size, younger children will relate to it in a special way• Boy Scouts can earn their railroad merit badge• Can help with teaching about Operation Lifesaver• A working illustration of engineering, science and technology of the 1900’s
  5. 5. Town of Waxhaw• Will greatly increase local exposure by providing a unique attraction:• Train can be the backbone of economic development – It will draw visitors like no other entity in town today or currently proposed• Provides town with unique entertainment draw like no other• Waxhaw already draws people to see the train go by• Adds a high-class grand scale miniature train ride adventure to the town’s appeal• Helps maintain the park by ground leasing the right-of-way trail• Operates yearly: a four season adventure (daily-summer, weekends-other)• Creates added tourist travel to the area• Promotes an easily accessible educational tool and field trip site for schools• Have a train attraction, a “Grand Scale” train, without demands of full scale• Town will have truly unique advertising opportunities..parade floats..displays+
  6. 6. Advertising OpportunitiesDisplays-Floats+
  7. 7. Economic Town Impact• At ridership of 150,000 and everyone spent just $12: equates to $1.8 million• Increase foot traffic (train ride plus a lunch, or museum ticket, or gift, or maybe all!)• Bring school field trips to the town• Increase customer base• Increase the image of Waxhaw as a fun destination• Increase merchant register revenue …ka-ching …..ka-ching………………..• Increase city tax revenue based on increased merchant receipts………• New park railway user fee paid directly to the town est. $45,000 +• Park with a train will generate steady park income as % of revenhue• Increase will help town preservation• Increase will help façade program• Increase will help park and tree preservation• Increase will help Museum of the Waxhaws reach financial stability• Help to decrease town merchant turnover• Help to support more store front businesses on Main Street
  8. 8. ACTUAL RAILWAY RIDERSHIP sample CURRENTLY OPERATING MINIATURE TRAINS ANNUAL OPERATES DAILY LOCATION650,000 Daily 1780 Milwaukee Zoo, WI500,000 Daily 1370 Detroit Zoo, MI300,000 Daily 822 McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park, AZ175,000 200 days 875 Pullen Park, Raleigh, NC165,000 200 days 825 Redwood Valley Rwy., Bkly., CA160,000 200 days 800 Train Town, Sonoma, CA150,000 est. 200 days+ 750 Waxhaw Central Rwy125,000 200 days 625 Billy Jones Railway, Vasona Lake, CA 75,000 est. 200 days+ 375 WC. RWY START-UP 75,000 125 days 600 Burke Lake Park, Fairfax, VA
  9. 9. Union County, NC• Provides a unique attraction: will greatly increase county exposure• Provides county with a unique entertainment vehicle• Adds a high-class grand scale miniature train ride adventure to counties appeal• Helps maintain the greenway by ground leasing the right-of-way trail• Operates yearly: a four season adventure (daily-summer, weekends-other)• Creates potential for added tourist travel to the area
  10. 10. State plus• Worldwide appeal—trains are the world’s biggest hobby• Will greatly increase exposure as a fun destination• Will garner exposure in magazines with large circulations• Will garner TV exposure as an item of community interest and adventure
  11. 11. ParkOther possible attractions reflecting compatibility with the train:• Tree preserve and tree save• Hiking trails, nature walks• Horse trails• Bike trails• Lake (small-space permitting)• Play structure• Picnic grounds• Garden-Flower• Garden-Community• Farm animals• Miniature village or track side displays• Historic buildings preservation
  12. 12. Wxw Park & Rec. Master Plan Pub.: Jan. 18, 2012• Connect w/ Greenway & Trail pg. 20, 24, 31 (town wide green-way connects nodes)David Barnes Park >>>..... >>>>>>South Providence School ParkMuseum of the Waxhaw’s < < < < << < < < < < <This is exactly the route the train would travel to transport riders betweenDowntown and the Museum of the Waxhaw’s and visa versa• Central Park pg 23, 31, 34 (would include Barnes Park & S. Providence SchoolHighest priority implementation• Joint use between Public and Private pg. 29 Funding strategies? Non- gov’t.? pg38 The railway will pay a user fee for rail trail usage based on gross income….. If town owns the entire trail, all fees could go direct ly to the town• Museum of the Waxhaw’s –Special-Use Park pg. 24, 32Develop a farmSimilar rides have successfully incorporated farm and petting zoos• Needs of and marketing to Non-Residents/Visitors pg. 32, 33 Train is projected to attract between 75,000-150,000 visitors maybe more!• Work with proposed Waxhaw Central Railway to develop history pg. 32Develop Tour explaining railroad technology and it’s presence in Waxhaw
  13. 13. Possible Park Activities Farm Setting:• Farmers Market• Pumpkin Patch• Hay Rides• Pony Rides• Farm Animals• Horse Rides• Christmas Tree Lot Animals:• Petting Zoo• Zoo, non farm animals (previously proposed) Lake: small (If feasible)• Miniature Sail Boat Sailing Pond• Duck Feeding Pond• Fishing Pond/feeding
  14. 14. History and Waxhaw• ANDREW JACKSON was the first as President of the United States to ride a train• April 1, 1888, FIRST TRAIN ARRIVED IN WAXHAW FROM MONROE• Working Illustration of economic impact trains have had since first arriving• It once took Waxhaw farmers all day to take one wagon load of cotton to Monroe• North Carolina Narrow Gauge Heritage: ET&WNCRR, Linville River, other lines• North Carolina once had over 90 narrow gauge railroad lines• The South, more than any other region, had many different track gauges• Confederate Army was the first ever to use trains to transport soldiers in battle• Arrival of southern troops by train altered the outcome of the 1st Manassas Battle• Park engines: operating example of steam power, 1829-1960, 131 yrs.• Transcontinental Railroad connected the Atlantic and Pacific coasts in 1869• Trains revolutionized travel: 6 days to San Francisco versus 6 months• Railroads more than anything provided the means to expand the nation• Railroads created the time zones by which we set our watches to this very day
  15. 15. NEEDED to achieve BENEFITS?• A PARK from Downtown to the Museum of the Waxhaw’s!• Incorporate the PARK into a Thread Trail GREENWAY• Isn’t Waxhaw going to build a thread trail thru town anyway?Example of a similar project with municipal support:• Charlotte put up over $16 million+ to build the old time trolley line track with the expectation they would re-coop the money after a long extended period. It only took 4 years!
  16. 16. Why support this project?• It will put smiles on everyones face!• It will create a legacy!• It will make a difference!• It will have staying power!• It will be financially advantageous!• It will be a wonderful accomplishment!• It will be a key to Waxhaw prosperity!• It will be something that will create memories!• It will be something that will bring back memories!• It will be something supporters can be proud of!• It will be something meaningful!
  17. 17. For More Information . . .Ron Zimmerman704-843-9116ronzimm@carolina.rr.com ALL ABOARD for FUN