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Christmas bureau2011

  1. 1. “Many small people, in many small places, do many small things, that can alter the face of the world.” Let’s Work Together to Help Make a Difference.   It’s that time of year again and we, in Champion Forest, are very blessed. Regardless ofthe economic difficulties over the past couple of years, we have more than many in ourUnion County community! Therefore, we want to offer your family a very easy way tomake a difference in the life of a child or family during the Holiday Season. What bettertime to do this as we kick off the season of Thanksgiving and head into December?The perfect complement for a child’s Christmas gifts would be a stocking filled withsmall toys and goodies just for them. You can help fill those stockings to make a smilelight up a child’s face.We will have Empty Stockings available for pick up for a boy or girl – you choose theage, fill the stocking and return it to Marnie, Margaret or Karen by Monday, Dec 12. Youand your children select age-appropriate items of toys, games, or personal care items tofill the stocking. After you have filled the stocking with items for a specific age child,you will complete the label we provide to you with the gender and age that is mostappropriate for the items you have included in the stocking. There is a great need forstockings for kids age 12-18. These stockings will be given to every child that receivesassistance from the Christmas Bureau. The Union County Christmas Bureau is avolunteer organization that supports families and children of Union County during theChristmas season. Founded in 1979, the Christmas Bureau has been serving those withlow income and great need with food, clothing, and gifts for children at Christmas. Thenumbers have grown from an original 300 families in 1979 to over 2,141 families and8,001 individuals in 2010. More families than ever before are expected to seekassistance this year. Regardless of your budget, you will be able to use this opportunityto teach caring and compassion to your children and help instill these valuablecharacter traits in their hearts this Holiday Season.We know you are very charitable. This project is another opportunity for ChampionForest to make a difference in our community by helping make memories for childrenwho otherwise may not have happy memories during this time of year.Also, the Christmas Bureau is collecting canned and nonperishable food for families andindividuals seeking assistance. Marnie, Karen and Margaret will have a box on theirporches to collect non-perishable food items.Thank you!Karen Wylde Marnie Holland Margaret Hergeden( ( ( 704-243-0405 704-281-5575