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Agile meets IoT: AgileIoT and Eclipse Duttile


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Speech presentation at mini Agile Day Torino 2018. AgileIoT and Eclipse Duttile

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Agile meets IoT: AgileIoT and Eclipse Duttile

  1. 1. @felicepescatore - @vThavo AGILE MEETS IOT 3 Febbraio 2018
  2. 2. @felicepescatore - @vThavo @felicepescatore Felice Pescatore - Disciplined Agile Italy Felice Pescatore Software Engineer Agile Business Coach advisory council member Consortium
  3. 3. @felicepescatore - @vThavo 2013-2015 : Microsoft vTSP Azure 2015: Microsoft p-Seller Azure + ALM TFS + Data 2015: WPC awarded Top 5 best pSeller partner France 2015,16,17,18: Azure MVP Award 2017-2018: Microsoft Regional Director Vincent Thavonekham Microsoft Regional Director @VISEO Azure MVP Enjoy sharing the knowledge and ideas to Communities CERTIFICATIONS / DEGREES: Microsoft Certified Professional ITIL v3, PRINCE2, ScrumMaster, Master IT in Intelligent Systems (distinction & 1st place) Seatle MVP Community Author & co-author : DevOps & Azure (France & international) - Published book, white paper and magazine articles - Round Table panel on live streaming (for Electric Cloud, with Gene Kim, The Phoenix project)Jan 2018: Scott Guthrie, MS corp VP @vThavo _
  4. 4. @felicepescatore - @vThavo IOT & AGILE _
  5. 5. BECAUSE EVERYONE DOES IOT ! IT projects are hard IoT projects are even harder ! Only PoC are easy BECAUSE EVERYONE DOES IOT ! .... But... Without robust methods you’ll most likely FAIL ! 2017: The Internet of Things World Forum 75% failure(*) for IoT projects (CISCO) #Real Industrial IoT ! Playing with Raspberry PI ? or optimizing a 100 M € bill of Gaz ? #Real Industrial IoT ! Monitoring 60 million msg/day ? (*) Survey CISCO : 1845 business & IT decision-makers ; ; #Real Industrial IoT ! Deploying large medical IoT devices worldwide ? @felicepescatore - @vThavo …
  6. 6. @felicepescatore - @vThavo BECOME THE FIRST CHOICE ! Excel in numerous IoT projects and organize with Microsoft Corp the 1st SaaS IoT event worldwide Friday February 16th 2018 : « IoT in a Day » - Microsoft Corp + VISEO - Testimonials : LPG Systems _
  7. 7. @felicepescatore - @vThavo IOT PRODUCTION DILEMMA Go or not to go in production with an Evaluation Kit or create a Manufacturing SMART THING? _
  8. 8. @felicepescatore - @vThavo AGILE IOT
  9. 9. @felicepescatore - @vThavo PROJECT CREW JOIN US
  10. 10. @felicepescatore - @vThavo THE AGILEIOT FUNNEL AgileIoT is a set of Values, Principles and Practices aimed to use Agile philosophy for delivery Internet of Things market solutions.
  11. 11. @felicepescatore - @vThavo AGILEIOT PHILOSOPHY The AgileIoT philosophy is the same as the renaissance workshop one cells where everything needed was made to realize a new handiwork: starting from the design to the marketing, going through the learning and the production.
  12. 12. @felicepescatore - @vThavo AGILEIOT PRINCIPLES It’s not software, hardware or service: it’s about jobs to be done! Think less and do it! Simple is better! If you can’t remember it, you can’t improve it!
  13. 13. @felicepescatore - @vThavo AGILEIOT PRACTICES Fast Prototyping, validate the overall sustainability of the solution Make-Measure-Learn, fast experiment different hypotheses and assumptions Flashback, match the state of the solution with a fast alignment Continuous Improvement, reduce to the minimum the changes to the hardware side Continuous Integration, integrate continuously (and as soon as possible) every changes _
  14. 14. @felicepescatore - @vThavo ECLIPSE DUTTILE Structured Approach to Market Solutions, bound with the Production Context and guided by Economic sustainability.
  16. 16. @felicepescatore - @vThavo ECLIPSE DUTTILE POSTER
  17. 17. @felicepescatore - @vThavo ECLPSE DUTTILE GOALS
  18. 18. @felicepescatore - @vThavo MANUFACTORING FACE: SMART THING PROD LIFECYCLE Create the prototype using a Evaluation Kit (EVK), a breadboard and what is needed Design the Smart Thing through an EVK Design the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) through CAD solutions [eg. Eagle] Define the Prototype-BOM Find the manufacturing team and make the first prototypes Validate and Test prototypes, adapt the firmware and define the final BOM Define the delivery package Order the production of the required number of Smart Things Smart Things and Cloud solutions deploy Prototyping Phase Engineering Phase Workout Phase
  19. 19. @felicepescatore - @vThavo IOT DILEMMA: FROM EVK TO SMART THING Finding a partner for [engineering] manufacturing realization Identify early adopters Receive the Prototype BOM and start outsourcing with the manufacturing partner Monitor the production progress Manage the procurement of prototypes Support test and integration activities Apply the final BOM and start outsourcing actions for mass production Support delivery actions and strategies Prototyping Phase Engineering Phase Workout Phase
  20. 20. @felicepescatore - @vThavo BECAUSE EVERYONE DOES IOT ! Some industrial examples…
  21. 21. @felicepescatore - @vThavo BECAUSE EVERYONE DOES IOT ! IoT Edge – Fog Computing
  22. 22. @felicepescatore - @vThavo TOOLS: BOARD AND TFS TEMPLATE
  23. 23. @felicepescatore - @vThavo RESOURCES @agileiotdotorg
  24. 24. @felicepescatore - @vThavo THANK YOU