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Taskrabbit clone on demand services


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TaskRabbit clone app provides different services to their customers such as- delivery services, house repairs, heavy lifting and many more.

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Taskrabbit clone on demand services

  1. 1. Help your customers to get their work done with TaskRabbit clone app With the growing advanced technology and on-demand applications, it made easier for the common people to get their tasks done in an efficient and effective manner with different on-demand applications. You can easily tackle with the home projects and the home repairs that you have been postponing off due to lack of skill in the particular area. You can get your Television mounted on the wall, or you can ask to assemble a table/desk for yourself. You can also request them for cleaning of bathroom or kitchen and in case if you have planned to shift your heavy boxes, they will also help you in that. Working of TaskRabbit app clone The first and the most important step to get your work done is through signing into the application. You can simply log in by providing your contact name, contact number, email address or any social media platform like Facebook, LinkedIn etc. The second step comes where you have to describe your task. What kind of work you want to be done by your tasker. The third step is to choose your tasker like, if you want to get your bathroom cleaned then you have to choose a sweeper, here he is the tasker who will clean your bathroom.
  2. 2. After going through the various steps mentioned above your tasker will arrive at your location with the help of the GPS and will make your desired work done. Trust, quality and safety is the main priority of TaskRabbit app clone with which the company never compromise. All taskers have to face different training sessions before they are hired. Proper authentication is also done on the basis of their criminal records and then only they are hired. Sometimes, companies conduct a drug test to check whether the employee is under the influence of drugs or not. TaskRabbit provides its services to many different places all around the world like, Toronto(CA), Salt Lake City(UT), Oklahoma City(OK), Las Vegas(NV), Orlando(FL), Memphis(TN), Miami(FL), Detroit(MI), Boston(MA), San Francisco Bay Area(CA), Manchester(UK), Houston(TX), Bristol(UK) etc.
  3. 3. Some paid plugins of TaskRabbit app are mentioned below, let’s have a look  Wallet integration  Schedule bookings  Geofencing  Chat integration feature  Multiplelanguages  Multiplecurrencies  God’sEyeview  Voice calls  Video calls Planning for a business? If you are planning for business and have decided to run an app which provides a number of services to the customers then you can go with TaskRabbit app clone without any hesitation or you can choose any other app which is reliable, credible and holds strong goodwill in the industry. Know Moreabout the Taskrabbit clonescript: