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Shipt Clone Grocery Delivery App Solution

Take a glimpse of our new version Shipt Clone App features that assures seamless functioning of your grocery delivery business. For More Information Visit us at

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Shipt Clone Grocery Delivery App Solution

  1. 1. Shipt Clone App On Demand Grocery Delivery Solution
  2. 2. About Shipt Clone Online grocery apps are time savers. The first thing that crosses your mind when you heard the lockdown is “Groceries”. Well, humans cannot survive without daily essentials and groceries seems to top the list. Life without luxury is possible but not without groceries and food. So, coming back to groceries. All thanks to on- demand grocery apps like Shipt that served dedicatedly in helping people with their daily grocery needs.
  3. 3. Why will people prefer grocery shopping using Shipt Clone App? ❖ Like said before, technology is making life easier and better. Availability of groceries in just a few taps not only saves time but money. These online grocery stores are luring customers with varied promo deals and discounts. ❖ Shipt Clone App entices customers with the USPs like timely delivery, live tracking, discounts, multiple payments, etc. Thus these factors play a vital role in boosting on-demand grocery delivery service sales.
  4. 4. People Transforming Towards Grocery App Like Shipt Post Covid19 People have adapted to the change of shopping for groceries and daily essentials. The pandemic has taught me to live with the bare minimum and making adjustments accordingly. Thus, people are seen doing shopping for their necessities, groceries as well as pharmacies exclusively. Having a Shipt Clone App has made them comfortable, knowing that their grocery delivery will be made with timeliness.
  5. 5. New Version Features To Integrate Into Shipt Clone App Store wise commission The admin can set different commissions for every store. Order cancellation The delivery driver can cancel the order when unable to undertake one because of unforeseen circumstances. 18+ age confirmation delivery The feature asks the user about the 18+ age proof when buying stuff that requires the user to be more than 18 years of
  6. 6. Day wise separate time slots Many countries have different business operations. Thus, the feature enables the admin to set the time slots for grocery ordering and delivering accordingly. Item name searching The feature acts like an auto-complete. It completes the name of the grocery product when the user feeds in few letters in the search bar.
  7. 7. On Demand Grocery App Solutions Like Shipt ❖ Every business will have its low and high peak time. For on-demand grocery app solutions like Shipt, the Pandemic is the right time. A peak time to launch the online grocery delivery app as the majority of the users now has shifted their grocery buying preferences over to the app. ❖ Integrating your Shipt Clone App with the above- mentioned features will provide you with more customers. Thus more customers mean more grocery sales.
  8. 8. Thank You Contact US.. +1 (858) 427-0668 (Worldwide)