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Get your stuff shifted easily and safely with Pikkup app clone


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This piece of information will throw light on the importance of Pikkup app clone and also highlights the importance of getting this wonderful app. Know more detail visit here:

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Get your stuff shifted easily and safely with Pikkup app clone

  1. 1. Need to shift your goods instantly? We are here: On-demand moving app Pikkup clone app is an app which provides labour and trucks for customers for their furniture and moving delivery needs. Customers can easily track their deliveries in real time and they can chat and can directly talk with their movers with the help of in-app messenger service. One can do secure transactions and give ratings and tip all in one app. This unbeatable app is easy, instant and pocket-friendly to use. Pikkup clone app is excellentfor-  Craigslist Deliveries- Don't let your inadequate transportation ruin your dreams. Say yes to your important products or things that have to be brought and the company will do it for you.  Store Deliveries- No more problem of missed deliveries or four-hour windows. Now you can get your brand new dresser or couch today!  Simple and small moves- No need to break your bank, back or book a ruck on rent. With few simple touches on your phone, you can get vetted movers on your way who can safely deliver your all the things to your new home.  Litter removal- Customers can send the clicked picture of the old things that they don’t use directly to the company and then the company will be sending muscle and
  2. 2. the means to pick up the junk and transport it to the nearest waste disposal site or recycling centres.  Donations- Feeling noble but conquered with mounting the barricades of stuff set to reach the donation centre? Inform us, we will pick your things and deliver it to the nearest Salvation Army, charity or somewhere else near your place. How to use this app? Using Pikkup clone app is not a tough task but there are few tips that we should keep in mind while using this app, let’s have a look –  Customers have to provide their email address, phone number or any social media platform to register themselves on the app.  After the registration is done, customers have to select the type of service that they want to get according to their need.  After the selection of the service, within a few minutes, a professional worker of the company along with the vehicle will reach at your place to help you out. If we talk about the safety point of view, then this app is perfect for the customers. This app takes full guarantee of the things that have to be shifted from one place to another and also insurance is done to avoid any kind of theft or damage reasons. If you are thinking to start your own unstoppable business, then you can opt for Pikkup app clone which is trustable and credible in the market. You can also go with any other app which holds strong positive goodwill in the market. Read More about Pikkup app clone visit here: