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On Demand lawn Mowing with Lawn Care App Clone


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Get white labeled lawn mowing app that provide lawn care service and other yard work services. For more detail visit here:

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On Demand lawn Mowing with Lawn Care App Clone

  1. 1. On Demand lawn Mowing with Lawn Care App Clone
  2. 2. About LawnGuru App ● Lawnguru was founded in 2014 in the United States. ● Lawnguru provides on demand snow removal and lawn care services. ● This application provides its service in Metro Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Houston & Washington DC areas. ● Lawnguru app is available in android and ios device. ● It connects the customer to nearest outdoor service providers to fulfill their snow removal need and take care of their lawn within an hour of each request.
  3. 3. How LawnGuru App Works Set up your property Set up your property Set up your property Set property and get a fair price & your provider also gets to know about where to work. Let us know what service you need like garden care, lawn, snow, etc. After the job is complete, pay the money to the service provider using the card. and also rate your service provider based on your experience.
  4. 4. Service Provided beyond Mowing Lawn Service ● Lawn Mowing ● Yard Clean Up ● Seeding ● Aeration
  5. 5. Service Provided beyond Mowing Garden Service ● Hedge Trimming ● Mulch ● Weeding ● Tree Work Deck, Patio, Irrigation & More ● Pressure Washing ● Sprinkler Winterization ● Sprinkler Startup ● Gutter Cleaning ● Junk Removal
  6. 6. Service Provided beyond Mowing Snow & ice services ● Snow Cleaning
  7. 7. Customer and Provider app support Customer Support ● Sign Up ● Requesting Service ● Lawn Maintenance Service ● Snow Clearing Service ● Cost of Services ● Payments ● Promo Codes ● Modify Your Service LawnGuru Provider Guide ● Becoming a Provider ● Getting Started As A LawnGuru Provider ● Lawn Service ● Snow Plowing Service ● Autoblow Providers ● Special Jobs ● Preferred Service ● Payments ● Adding Clients To LawnGuru
  8. 8. LawnGuru App Clone ● Planning to start your own Lawn care business then Why to Wait. ● Buy Lawn mowing service app today and grand start your own business.
  9. 9. Contact Us +1 (858) 427-0668 (Worldwide)