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Launch Your Taxi business with Careem Clone App


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Launch on demand taxi business with Careem Clone App. Careem clone app is a white-labelled on demand taxi app solution. This is highly responsive, trustable & customized solution in the market. For more info visit here:

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Launch Your Taxi business with Careem Clone App

  1. 1. Careem Clone Taxi Booking App
  2. 2. What is Careem Clone Taxi App? Built with the taste of the hit on demand taxi booking app from Dubai, Careem clone taxi app is a white-labelled on demand taxi app solution to ensure that the new taxi business owner can onboard their new ridesharing business without any kind of hassles and at the same time modify the services their solution will offer based on their changing business needs and deliver unique ridesharing services.
  3. 3. How Careem Clone became a Giant Name in the Taxi Business? ● Customizable in nature to ensure business owner can modify services of their new ridesharing business based on changing business requirements ● Built using latest tech stack to ensure fast ridesharing services ● Developed using latest digital marketing techniques to ensure business owner can capture customers faster
  4. 4. Top Taxi Apps Available In the Market ● Lyft ● Cabify ● Curb ● Bolt ● Ola ● Uber ● Gett ● Careem ● Blacklane
  5. 5. Advanced Features of Careem Clone App ● Taxi Hailing ● Ride Taxi with Handicap Accessibility ● Surge Pricing ● Corporate Rides ● Carpool / Rideshare ● Scan Credit Card for Payment ● Wallet to Wallet Money Transfer ● Membership Subscription Plan ● End of Day Trip for Drivers
  6. 6. Benefits of Careem Clone App ● Quick Ridesharing Services for Riders ● Job and Earning Opportunities to the Drivers ● Tool to the Business Owner to make modifications based on changing business needs and keep a record of the earnings they make ● Quick attraction among riders due to adherence to latest marketing techniques ● Fast services due to development in adherence to latest tech stack
  7. 7. How Does Careem Clone App Work? ● Enter the app and provide location details ● Get a list of ride types and tap on the one suiting you and thereupon get connected to driver nearby ● Provide details which include date and time when you need ride, the destination where you wish to go and book the ride ● Get the ride confirmed and track the ride ● Know when ride arrives and enter the ride ● Reach your destination and provide feedback and rating
  8. 8. Thank You! Any questions? You can find us at +1(858)427-0668 (Worldwide)