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Healthcare On Demand App for the Medical Industry


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Understand the steps you need to follow when building a healthcare on demand app for the medical industry to make enormous profits along the way. For more info visit here:

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Healthcare On Demand App for the Medical Industry

  1. 1. Healthcare On Demand App For The Medical Industry
  2. 2. What Is a Healthcare On Demand App? • To help the health industry keep a record of its patients and the patients at the same time to get connected with health professionals as and when they may be in need the healthcare on demand app has come to their rescue. • Just placing a few taps helps the patients get connected to a medical professional who in turn supports them in restoring them to their normal state and also at the same time earn a good sum of money along the way.
  3. 3. Top Healthcare Apps Available In The Market • ZocDoc • Medisafe • AmWell • TalkSpace • Heal • CareConnect • DispatchHealth
  4. 4. The Rise Of On-Demand Healthcare Apps • To help the healthcare industry automate its daily operations and at the same efficiently keep a record of its patients and support the patients in getting connected to a medical professional as and when they may be in need has led to the overall rise of on demand healthcare apps which also supports the industry to successfully build an online presence and earn a good sum of revenue along the way.
  5. 5. Features Of a Healthcare On Demand App • Upload Prescription • Mark Doctor as Favourite • Membership Subscription Plan • Wallet to Wallet Money Transfer • VOIP Based Call Masking • Real Time Chat with Support Team
  6. 6. Benefits Of an On-Demand Healthcare App For Patients • Access to medical professionals nearby • Information related to the availability of the health professional • Anytime service from the healthcare professional • Quick access to innumerable healthcare services
  7. 7. How Does An On-Demand Healthcare App Work? • Enter the app and get a list of healthcare services • Provide your location details and get a list of medical professionals nearby and tap on the one suiting you • Tap on the services you need and book the services with the date, time and address • Get service confirmed and track the medical professional • Get notified on arrival and provide feedback and rating.
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