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Develop Gojek Clone Multiple Services App Under One Platform


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Develop gojek clone app that provides on demand multiple services in a single platform. Start this type of business today. For more detail visit here:

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Develop Gojek Clone Multiple Services App Under One Platform

  1. 1. Develop Gojek Clone Multiple Services App Under One Platform
  2. 2. Gojek WorldWide ● Gojek is a transportation network company and it was founded in 2010 Jakarta, Indonesia. ● First, Gojek started a ride hailing services and later it started providing on-demand transportation and lifestyle services.
  3. 3. ● Gojek’s first international launch was in 2018 when Indonesian unicorn company stepped in Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. ● Then they expanded their business and started food delivery, transportation, on demand services, financial services, payment, etc. ● Currently, Gojek provides four-wheeled ride hailing services.
  4. 4. Gojek App Features and Services Gojek has many services and cool features in one single app. ● Ride Hailing: Go-Ride, Go-BlueBird, Go-Car ● Medical Need: Go-Med ● Food Delivery: Go-Food ● Buy Groceries: Go-Shop or Go-Mart ● Logistical Needs: Go-Box, Go-Send ● Pay Everything: Go-Pay
  5. 5. Other Many Services like Go-Massage, Go-Auto, Go-Clean, etc. Now this all services are available in one single app.
  6. 6. Build Gojek Clone Multi-Service Provider Empire If you are an entrepreneur and you are planning to start a new business and want to earn a good amount of profit then launch gojek clone app which is a reliable and trustable app in the market.
  7. 7. Paid Add-ons Offered by Gojek Clone App ● Call masking ● Rideshare/Carpool ● Corporate rides ● Company dispatch panel ● Kiosk booking app ● Admin roles and rights ● Tracking of the ride ● Social media login etc
  8. 8. Contact Us Gojek clone is a complete solution for your customers to provide taxi service, delivery service, or other many services that all are available in the app. +1 (858) 427-0668 (Worldwide) gojek-clone/